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Think Mobile April 2010_Michael Gartenberg


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Think Mobile April 2010_Michael Gartenberg

  1. 1. Social Ubiquity – The Disruption When Mobile and Social Networks Intersect Michael Gartenberg April, 2010 #thinkmobile
  2. 2. Context is the Key to Social Ubiquity Enablement The PC moved from the desktop to the pocket & consumers are always connected Persistence Consumers now access people & content relative to them at any given moment Trusted Ubiquity Information can now be both real time and trusted
  3. 3. Four Aspects to Social Ubiquity
  4. 4. People – My Networks
  5. 5. People – Trust Matrix Business Personal Public High Trust A business contact who A friend who you trust as Public Expert, columnist, is credible in their space they may be like you analyst, scientist. Low Trust Someone you may work Someone you don't have Celebrity with distantly and may a close relationship with, not know or they are not 'like you'
  6. 6. Time
  7. 7. Time – Trust Matrix Historical Immediate Intention Trust Rating Highest High Lowest Value and Opportunity Low High Highest Rating
  8. 8. Place
  9. 9. Hierarchy of Mobile Needs
  10. 10. Some Scenarios as a Result
  11. 11. Crossover Matrix People Activity Time Place People X Real Time Status Friends Bread Community ratings Crumbs Activity X X Historical behavior Real Time Status Time X X X Personal Bread Crumbs Place X X X X
  12. 12. Consumers Empowered • Communication Moves to Collaboration • A Global Collective Reference Memory is Created • Communication is One to Many Not One to One • Social networks & Relationships Reinforce Behavior Consumers are empowered to never make mistakes
  13. 13. Consumers Influenced Beyond their Physical Surroundings Prior: My Decisions Based On - • Personal historical behavior • External influences. Ads, Friends Now: My Decision Process Now Includes - • Real Time Information • Contextual Data • Social Factors Beyond My Physical Sphere of Influence & Reach The Result? I Make Better Decisions. Fewer Mistakes
  14. 14. Brands, Sellers & Companies Severely Impacted Companies trying to reach consumers in their mobile space must embrace the following changes: 1. Can't rely only on personal history, social influences must be factored. 2. Experiences both good and bad are exaggerated and magnified in real time. 3. There are no more secrets - Brands can no longer sweep bad experiences under the carpet.
  15. 15. Brands, Sellers & Companies Severely Impacted Companies trying to reach consumers in their mobile space must embrace the following changes 4. Brands can't focus on individual reviewers. Collective memory is important. 5. Companies can no longer ignore real time. Must monitor -- and respond. 6. Reputation inertia is a powerful force. How your perception initially tracks, will be hard to deviate from. 7. More data doesn’t make for better information.
  16. 16. 16 16 Thank you Michael Gartenberg Twitter: gartenberg For slides, send an email to
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