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Terry Wohlers Keynote

  1. 1. Inside 3D Printing – April 2013 in NYC Copyright 2013 by Terry T. Wohlers1Terry WohlersApril 22-23, 2013New York, NYTrends and theFuture of 3D Printing Note:Note:Most images have been removed fromMost images have been removed fromthis presentation because permissionthis presentation because permissionwas not granted to distribute them. Otherwas not granted to distribute them. Otherelements of these slides also differelements of these slides also differfrom those presented.from those presented.What makes 3D printingWhat makes 3D printing specialspecial??How itsHow its transformingtransforming entire industriesentire industriesIndustryIndustry growthgrowthMythsMyths and misconceptionsand misconceptionsTheThe futurefutureExcitement is at anExcitement is at anall timeall time highhigh2011: ~1,6002011: ~1,6002012: ~16,0002012: ~16,000TerminologyTerminologyadditive manufacturingadditive manufacturing 3D printing3D printingformal standardformal standardtechnical mediatechnical mediascientific communityscientific communityde facto standardde facto standardmainstream mediamainstream mediaeveryone elseeveryone elseWe use the termsWe use the terms interchangeablyinterchangeably
  2. 2. Inside 3D Printing – April 2013 in NYC Copyright 2013 by Terry T. Wohlers2formative:formative: molding, casting, forging,molding, casting, forging, ……subtractive:subtractive: milling, drilling, turning,milling, drilling, turning,grinding,grinding, ……additive:additive: material extrusion, materialmaterial extrusion, materialjetting, powder bed fusion,jetting, powder bed fusion, ……Manufacturing processesManufacturing processesGrowthGrowthHealth of industry?Very good29.4% growth in 2011Source: Wohlers Report 2012Source: Wohlers Report 2012 Source: Wohlers Report 2012Source: Wohlers Report 2012Industrial system salesIndustrial system salesCAGR 1988CAGR 1988––2011201126.4%26.4% Production partsLow-cost systemsAM
  3. 3. Inside 3D Printing – April 2013 in NYC Copyright 2013 by Terry T. Wohlers366 355181659782326505000100001500020000250002007 2008 2009 2010 2011Personal 3DPersonal 3Dprintersprinters23,26523,265PersonalPersonal$500$500––$$5,0005,000IndustrialIndustrial$5,001$5,001––$1M+$1M+Source: Wohlers Report 2012Source: Wohlers Report 2012Industrial AMIndustrial AMsystemssystems6,4946,494IndustrialPersonal$$$Myths andMyths andmisconceptionsmisconceptionsPush buttonPush buttondata preparationdata preparationfile repairfile repairsetting of build parameterssetting of build parameterspreheatingpreheatingbuildbuildsupport removalsupport removalfinishingfinishingcoolingcoolingJust as inexpensive to buildJust as inexpensive to buildone part at a timeone part at a timeeconomy of scaleeconomy of scaleAM willAM will replacereplaceconventional manufacturingconventional manufacturingAM can printAM can print gunsguns
  4. 4. Inside 3D Printing – April 2013 in NYC Copyright 2013 by Terry T. Wohlers4EveryoneEveryone will own andwill own andoperate a 3D printeroperate a 3D printerSource: Ian Campbell, Loughborough UniversitySource: Ian Campbell, Loughborough Universitywritepresentcommunicatecalculatelisten to musicorganize picturesmaintain recordsresearchMost consumers willMost consumers willengageengage onlineonlineFutureFuture3D contentKeyKey gating factorgating factor to growth of 3D printingto growth of 3D printing2.92.9 million commercial CAD solidmillion commercial CAD solidmodeling seats from Big Four:modeling seats from Big Four:Autodesk, Dassault, PTC, and SiemensAutodesk, Dassault, PTC, and SiemensSource: Wohlers Report 2012Source: Wohlers Report 2012ThousandsThousands of new companiesof new companiesManyMany new business modelsnew business modelsISO TechnicalISO TechnicalCommittee 261 on AMCommittee 261 on AMASTM Committee F42 onASTM Committee F42 onAM TechnologiesAM TechnologiesBoeing, DePuy, GE, Goodrich, Honeywell,Boeing, DePuy, GE, Goodrich, Honeywell,Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Siemens, U.S. ArmyLockheed Martin, Raytheon, Siemens, U.S. Army
  5. 5. Inside 3D Printing – April 2013 in NYC Copyright 2013 by Terry T. Wohlers5AustraliaAustraliaSouth AfricaSouth AfricaGermanyGermanyChinaChinaUSAUSANational effortsNational effortsSingaporeSingaporeInterest is at an all-time highConclusionsCompanies are changing the waythey design and manufactureGrowth is strongDetermining what’s fact vs.fiction, challengingThe future is brightwohlerswohlersassociates.comassociates.com