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Stephen Welch


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Published in: Technology
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Stephen Welch

  1. 1. APP MEANINGFUL USE:ACCP-SEEK CASE STUDY ON USERWORKFLOWS AND APP INTERFACEStephen J. WelchSr.VP, Communications &Executive Editor, @rocketsurgery99Publishing App Expo, NYCDec, 2011
  2. 2. American College of Chest Physicians Organization of 18,000 Physician Members • Practicing clinicians, specializing in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine Mission (Nonprofit) • To promote the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research.
  3. 3. 76 Years in Publishing 1935 1999 Print Online 2009 Mobile
  4. 4. Overview Why Apps, and Which Platform? How We Adjusted the Interface to Address User Workflow Where We Are Today Lessons Learned
  5. 5. Rule #1: NO FEARDon’t be afraid to jump into the pool.What’s the worst that can happen??
  6. 6. Rule #2: KEEP MOVING FORWARDIf you stop moving, one way or another, you’re dead meat.
  7. 7. Rule #3: LEAD, DON’T FOLLOWDo you want to be the shark, or the little guys fighting for the scraps?
  8. 8. Why AppsAnd which platform?
  9. 9. Why Build An App? Convenience of mobile access: provide content 24-7, in the palm of your hand “Just in time” information Interactive “touchy-feely” interface Take advantage of micro-purchase economy Create new advertising/sponsorship opportunities Because MOBILE IS THE FUTURE
  10. 10. Smartphones and Tablets OutpaceComputer Sales
  11. 11. Which Platform to Choose?Many devices / OS to choose from• iPhone• Android/Droid• Blackberry• Windows Mobile• Others
  12. 12. iOS ramp up: Biff! Zap! Pow!
  13. 13. Consider your audience
  14. 14. Then along came this thing called aniPad….. iPad then went on to sell 3 million units in 80 days!!
  15. 15. iPads RULE!
  16. 16. Choosing the Platform/DeviceYou need to develop for the the device(s) that best fit(s)your users/customersGet data on your target customer baseWe surveyed our members to see 2 things: What they currently have What they plan to buy in the next 12 monthsApple devices = 70% vs 30% others
  17. 17. Case 1: Select app-worthy content ACCP-SEEK Granular format Rich images Built-in “actions” ACCP-SEEKSelf-Education and Evaluation of Knowledge
  18. 18. Use Case: Print Workflow Read question View figures Choose answer (A, B, C, D) Turn to back of book for answer, discussion List of journal, book references for further study • Had to go boot up computer and look online or find hard copies at the library!
  19. 19. Transition to App Workflow Make it interactive Make it fun Make it useful Not just a “reader app”
  20. 20. Develop interface and functionality
  21. 21. Maximize the User Experience This product is used by people who are studying for the Board Exams What do people who are studying need to be able to do? • Assess the visual components (tables, figures) • Take notes • Research related info or background info • Focus on subject areas they might be weak in • Know that they are studying the relevant topics • Keep track of how they are doing
  22. 22. Provide Enhanced Functionality Touch screen interactivity
  23. 23. Provide Enhanced Functionality Figures • Scroll through consecutive figures • Perfect for reviewing serial radiology • Pinch and zoom allows view of fine detail
  24. 24. Provide Enhanced Functionality Taking notes • Text notes • Record audio notes • Highlight text and mark favorite questions
  25. 25. Provide Enhanced Functionality Immediately check data against normal ranges for laboratory values or other patient characteristics
  26. 26. Provide Enhanced Functionality References link to Medline via in-app view or via device browser
  27. 27. Provide Enhanced Functionality Multiple taxonomies for study areas • Overall keyword index • Board review topics list • ACCP education curriculum Keep track of right and wrong answers
  28. 28. Special challenges Q: How do you let people know about all these cool features? A: Create a video that showcases the features and shows the customer how to use the app!
  29. 29. We continue to monitor what usersare doing on their mobile devicesBy the end of 2010, an estimated 22 percent of U.S. physicianswere using iPads, according to Chilmark Research.
  30. 30. Monetization Opportunities Download app for free, give some content In-app purchases of additional content Advertising and Sponsorships • Splash screen ads • Banner ads • Interstitial ads • Rich media ads Use app to advertise/promote other products Promote permission/licensing • Our CHEST app has integration with our RightsLink platform
  31. 31. How Has Our App Done? Since Oct 2009: “Graphically stunning! Simple to • 24,000 downloads use, great research tools within • Global reach in iTunes the app, the user of Apple web browser is just brilliant for • Revenue positive references.The ability to record voice notes adds something the • Reviewed on printed version could never have. Definitively thumbs up!” • Contributed to ACCP reputation as an innovator
  32. 32. How Has Our App Done?
  33. 33. Lessons LearnedA brief rundown before your important questions
  34. 34. App development 101 Approach development Market heavily and strategically (in-house vs educate your users outsourced) Prioritize download and Know your target performance speeds audience (and their Plan to incorporate devices) usage statistics Allocate time for testing Prepare to respond to (and re-testing and more users (and new devices) testing) with updates Price with caution, apps are expected to be CARDINAL RULE: cheap BE FLEXIBLE
  35. 35. App development 101 Apps will set you apart from your competitors Apps will enhance your reputation as a “cutting edge” publisher Utilize international stores (if on iOS) Be patient on $$; they will likely be long-tail revenues Whatever platform you choose, you will hear from owners of the other devices
  36. 36. Thank you!…Questions? Search iTunes for: ACCP-SEEK or CHEST Journal