case study starwood hotels and resorts worldwide discuss


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AllFacebook Marketing Conference, June 5 in San Francisco

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  • Hotels worldwideOver 1,000
  • Tie the next few slides back to the Starwood objectives.Access to all Starwood social pages. Admins can see what’s happening across the companyMultiple promo types that work for Starwood. This is actual a subset of Votigo’s capabilities based on our needs.
  • Easy to use with only 4 steps to a live campaign Multiple language optionRules template and limited prizes. Workflow and permissions that offers oversight and limits admin access to Facebook pages.
  • Rich and easy to use analytics The platform measures engagement and reports on demographics, mobile vs desktop access, responses to trivia questions, traffic and more.
  • case study starwood hotels and resorts worldwide discuss

    1. 1. Case Study:Social Promotions at Scale
    2. 2. IntroductionsJustin HolmerudGlobal Social Media Manager, Starwood Hotels& Resorts, @SPGMike La RotondaCo-CEO & Founder, Votigo, Inc., @votigo,@larotonda
    3. 3. Votigo Social Marketing Platform3ConfidentialComprehensive solution reaches across social networks and device platformsSocial ContactsConversationManagerPromotions& AppsAnalytics
    4. 4. Services available:• Dedicated Project Manager & Account Manager• Official contest or sweepstakes rules (US &International) and translations• Graphic Design• Moderation, winner selection, notification &verification• Prize fulfillmentPromotions & AppsPay As You Go (Full & Self Serve) / Unlimited SubscriptionPromotion Types:• Sweepstakes: Traditional, Trivia, Viral, Instant Win& Photo• Contests: Photo, Video, Essay• Instagram Promotions• Twitter Promotions• Cross Platform: Facebook, microsite and mobile
    5. 5. Starwood BackgroundBrandsHotelPagesHotelPagesHotelPages
    6. 6. What is a Social Promotion?POSITIVE OUTCOMES NEGATIVE OUTCOMESIncreased fan base and reach New fans expect promotions anddealsSweeps winner can become anevangelistIncreased potential for negativefeedback at the conclusion of thepromotionEmpower your fans to market onyour behalfVarying results can be expectedDrives engagement with fans Potential for fan loss after contestThere are key differences in promotion types, socialnetwork capabilities and potential outcomes
    7. 7. Promotion GoalsIt’s important to define goals prior to yourlaunch. Some of these may include:- Building a fan base- Launching a new location/product/service- Celebrating an event or anniversary- Building more social interactions- Generating more UGC around a hashtag ortopic
    8. 8. Promotion Checklist What is the purpose of this? Is there an event or reason to have a promotion? Do I have someone who can answer fan questions? Do you have a marketing strategy to promote it? Do you have a post-promotion marketing strategy for newfans?
    9. 9. The Problem
    10. 10. Starwood ObjectivesWhen we approached Votigo, we had several key goals:- Identify a partner that offers platform and termsindemnification- Decrease the workload for our legal team- Develop a self-serve platform that allows for quickdevelopment- Limit prizing and networks to ensure compliance- Develop criteria to ensure hotels have a strategy- Handle promotions focused on engagement but also apartner that can handle customized campaigns- Establish oversight and approvals
    11. 11. Solution
    12. 12. • Multiple promotion types• Access and oversight for all Starwood social pages
    13. 13. Promotion Creation• Simple creation flow• Design customization• Multiple language• Rules template• Workflow & permissions
    14. 14. Analytics & Reporting• Engagement• Demographics• Viral impact• Web metrics• Mobile vs. desktop• Custom questionbreakdown
    15. 15. Sheraton Maui: 50 Years of Aloha Trivia SweepsResults• 725 Entries• 425 New Fans• Significant sharing & discussion on FacebookObjectives• Support the 50th Anniversary of Sheraton Maui• Establish deeper connection with gueststhrough trivia• Reward loyal guests, find new fans
    16. 16. Sheraton Toast Around the World Instagram SweepsResults• 366 Entries• 1,153 New Fans• Significant sharing & discussionon FacebookObjectives• Support global Sheraton initiative• Aggregate UGC from around theglobe• Build awareness of brandprogramming
    17. 17. Success Metrics• Track the number of fans at the start of thepromotion• Set reasonable goals for fan acquisition andentries• Monitor progress throughout the promotionand ramp up marketing efforts as needed• Analyze demographic information of entrantsto match with typical customers• Monitor post-promotion fan loss
    18. 18. Success Metrics• A well executed campaign typically leads to300-700 entries and over 1,000 new fans• A poorly executed campaign typically leads to10-100 entries and very few new fans• On average we saw between 10-60 shares ofan individual campaign
    19. 19. Just Because You Build It…..Doesn’t Mean They Will Come
    20. 20. Key Learnings• Don’t make the barrier of entry to difficult• If you don’t hit expectations, tweak thestrategy and try again• Ensure you have a marketing plan in placeprior to launch• Sweeps vs. contests generate very differentfeedback
    21. 21. QuestionsJustin HolmerudGlobal Social Media Manager, Starwood Hotels& Resorts, @SPGMike La RotondaCo-CEO & Founder, Votigo, Inc., @votigo,@larotonda