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Brent Chudoba Presentation


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Scaling a Freemium Business - Growth and International Expansion

Published in: Technology, Business
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Brent Chudoba Presentation

  1. scaling freemium brent chudoba VP, business strategy @SurveyMonkey
  2. topics • background and surveymonkey intro • getting to scale – discipline and simplicity – virality – capital • taking scale to the next level – internationalization – optimization – product expansion
  3. brent & SurveyMonkey
  4. freemium at scale
  5. discipline and simplicity • from the perspective of a user, what makes a service/product the “best” in its category? – application speed? – simplicity? – feature-richness? – service? – price?
  6. virality • inherent virality comes in multiple flavors – network effects: applications can become more useful and powerful with usage and more users – viral loops: usage of the application spreads the brand and demonstrates new use cases to potential users • seeding virality is really hard – a disciplined approach toward pricing, product innovation and capital raising innovation is critical
  7. capital • at scale – why? – when? – who? • in order to scale? – why?
  8. taking scale to the next level
  9. internationalization • north america represents <15% of the global Internet population – over 50% of Google’s revenue comes from international markets • what prevents international customers from purchasing your service? – language – currency – payment formats
  10. optimization • if you could increase one metric in your business, what would it be? – users, virality, conversion, activity, engagement.. • optimization isn’t just page testing – opportunities exist throughout the customer and product lifecycle and experience – a great data team can uncover lots of opportunities
  11. product expansion • expand where your existing business gives you inherent advantages • reinforce the value of your core product • de-risk decisions – let data and your user feedback guide your decisions – you don’t have to build everything yourself
  12. closing thoughts • think about data early • engagement drives conversion – active users are happy users • breaking down international product barriers can dramatically increase your addressable paid user base