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Andrian Hon, Six to Start


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Andrian Hon, Six to Start

  1. 1. Zombies, Run! Designing, funding, and creating a running game and audio adventure Adrian Hon Six to Start
  2. 2. THE IDEA
  3. 3. Fixed Points Runners want more than being told they’re good at running Runners don’t want to look at their phones every 30 seconds Runners already have a route (and they don’t want to run through Finsbury Park after dark thanks very much)
  4. 4. TRAILER:
  5. 5. The Press ReleaseA game with players collecting items as they run in thereal world to help build up their baseAn epic story with over 30 missions, supported byonline and transmedia extensionsA fitness app that tracks speed, distance, time, andcalories via GPS and accelerometer
  6. 6. How it Works Players download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android Single-click start to the story Work-in-progress
  7. 7. How it Works As players run in the real world, they hear story and game updates through their headphones Players also automatically collect items (e.g. batteries, medicine, gear) as they run When they finish, they can assign their items to build Work-in-progress their base
  8. 8. How it Works Hospitals, barracks, training centers, comms - all can be leveled up Players unlock more missions as they grow their base Each item and mission has an entry in the ‘Codex’ with extra information and links to the web Work-in-progress
  9. 9. FUNDING IT
  10. 10. Why was it so successful?It’s a good ideaPeople understood the idea quickly and easilyPeople think “I need this”Hyperactive community interactionRewards
  11. 11. Why was it so successful?It’s a good ideaPeople understood the idea quickly and easilyPeople think “I need this”Fanatical community interactionA cunning reward scheme
  12. 12. THE STORY
  13. 13. Basically, it’s a Novel 30 missions: 3+ hours of audio 15 radio episodes: 1.5 hours Extra in-world content (book, blogs, Codex, story, viral stuff): 10-20k words Two writers (one of whom is sound director)
  14. 14. User-Generated ContentBut in a good way!Name in the game (as dead person)Name a placeCreate a characterCreate a missionComing soon: get your voice in the game
  15. 15. ExperienceIt helps that we know what we’re doing Perplex City, We Tell Stories, SmokescreenConstant communication and editing via Google Docs,Skype, and weekly in-person meetingsHigh degree of trustSmall team
  16. 16. CHALLENGES
  17. 17. ExpectationManagement
  18. 18. Release DateFebruary 2012 for iPhone and iPod TouchQ2 2012 for AndroidExtra mission packs delivered throughout 2012‘Season 2’ in development
  19. 19. @zombiesrungame @adrianhon