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Adam Schneider


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Adam Schneider

  1. 1. Print to Mobile: How Publishers are Building the Best 2D Barcode Campaigns Hillary Tisman-Adam Schneider- BDM Atria Books
  2. 2. Microsoft Tag: Momentum
  3. 3. Magazine Publishing Highlights+ Conde Nast has the dual distinction of being our first million scan publisher AND first million scan publication- ALLURE+ Meredith became the first publisher to standardize all of its 2D campaigns around Tag+ Multiple Tags are running in 8 out of 10 - top 100 US magazines+ In ‘09 and ‘10 we had 1 issue drive over 100,000 scans. In the last quarter alone, we’ve had 5…with 2 more on the way+ Secondary metrics are fast forming the basis of an ROI analysis+ Publishing continues to be a highly successful and crucial vertical Innovation is Key!
  4. 4. A Complete System Black & White Tag Standard Color Tag Tags can point to: + Standard/Mobi web content Customized Tags + Mobile landing pages + Video + App downloads + Display text Downloaded for free at + Social Media and more… The Tag app is available for all of the top mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry + Online service to create and manage Tags + API allows bulk Tag creation and management Visibility into most effective uses to enhance planning
  5. 5. Microsoft Tag, QR …and the others “Custom” QR Code Microsoft Tag
  6. 6. + Customized to virtually any design, brand, look & feel
  7. 7. Allure Best Practices Tip: Offer content with universal+ Tag-based editorial promotion appeal “Free Stuff is a Snap Contest”- August 2011+ Built on the same architecture as last year’s success: 444,000 scans New All-time scan record holder: 576,000
  8. 8. Shape Magazine: 30th Anniversary Issue + 30 Tags in edit and ads with contest that crosses both + The more you scan, the more you win + Result: 400,000 registrations or 66% of total activity
  9. 9. This Old House: The Great TOH Giveaway + 28 advertising tags driving to win prizes valued at over $178,000 + Check to win prizes of interest -Paint cans to power tools + Total Scans: 234,000 + Total Tag Entries: 156,700 + % of total: 23%
  10. 10. Meredith’s: + Fall 2011: Largest activation to date - 90 Tags
  11. 11. App Content Hyper-Local Option Full Recipe Library Mobile Banner to Monetize
  12. 12. Martha Stewart Weddings + 17 tags appear on advertisements + List of all sponsors featuring tags w/ page # increases probability of use. + Clear instruction on how to download and use reader + Cohesive sweeps “remembers” a user’s device for quick multiple entries + Repetition draws the reader through the whole issue BEST PRACTICE TIP: More Tags = More Scans
  13. 13. Martha Stewart Weddings: 17 Ad Tags- 1 Contest Best Practice Tip- Unique ID: Fewer steps = More value to reader + Uses Device ID to allow for a single sign-up + The more you scan the more chances you have to win
  14. 14. Martha Stewart Weddings + After the initial form submission, the data is “remembered,” and all tags lead directly to branded Thank You pages
  15. 15. Woman’s Day: Submission leads to customized thank you page
  16. 16. Woman’s Day: Sweeps Tags lead to Variable Outcomes Best Practice Tip: If you build it…they will scan
  17. 17. Entertainment Weekly: 2010 Activation + Scan to view preview hosted on YouTube + No visibility or secondary experience
  18. 18. Entertainment Weekly: 2011 Activation + Central page provides instructions for scanning + Tagging film reviews progresses to video previews Response Data: Last 3 Tag + Each film has a custom landing page with sharing campaigns: 240,000 Scans + Link returns you to EW mobile and allows you to subscribe
  19. 19. Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2011 Watch more videos or view current results Sharing Page: to FB, Sponsored Landing page to Twitter or Email video gallery and voting page Best Practice Tip???
  20. 20. SDK: Customized Companion Apps- Lucky Shopper Lucky built their own app using our SDK- allowing users to DL a single branded app that scans multiple formats
  21. 21. Tags in Newspapers Using the new App-Tag Feature
  22. 22. New Use Case: Scan to Buy
  23. 23. Publishers ARE doing the best 2D…How?+ Consistently applying industry best practices – More is better – Clear instructions on DL, how to use Tag and above all, THE PAYOFF + NO “NAKED” CODES ALLOWED! – Always tying the payoff to content that readers value- SI Swimsuit, EW Video, WD Contests+ Tagging editorial and ad content for a truly integrated experience+ Using customized Tags to speed reader and advertiser adoption+ ALWAYS optimizing for mobile and placing a premium on UX – Takes campaign beyond the scan and into peripheral data points that matter most= ROI! + …and of course, they’re using the FREE Microsoft Tag solution!
  24. 24. Simon & Schuster: A Sample of the Many Books Using Tag
  25. 25. Simon and Schuster: Tags Used on Jackets, Covers and Ads Full Black + Tags on book jacket, print ads and outdoor ads. Michael Vey The Timeless Swing The Prisoner of Cell 25 + Tags used in book to + First audio book using Tag. enhance instructional content. + Tag resolves to an excerpt from the book.
  26. 26. Case Study: Full Black digital campaign + Tags integrated on the book jacket and throughout advertising + Tags in ads allowed consumers to read excepts (“Try before you buy”) and in jackets allowed for supplemental video
  27. 27. Simon and Schuster: Case Studies in Advertising + Content can be targeted by campaign segment + Tags allow for conversion trackability and for enhanced content Presented 11/14
  28. 28. Simon and Schuster: Case Studies in PromotionalMaterialsPresented 11/14
  29. 29. Simon and Schuster: Audio Books Home page holds Resolves to audio excerpt audio player
  30. 30. Simon and Schuster: Atria uses Tags to Enhance BookContent True Spirit + Reading experience is enhanced through the use of tags linking to author videos ERJ7SV8&feature=related
  31. 31. THANK YOU! Print to Mobile: How Publishers are Building the Best Hillary Tisman-Adam Schneider- BDM 2D Barcode Campaigns Atria Books