How blogs work for business


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A step by step tour through blogging for business. The benefits of business blogging and how to improve your marketing and ROI by the development of a good company blog.

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How blogs work for business

  1. H ow Blogs work for business
  2. Firstly. What is a blog? And hands up if you thought online dairy!
  3. Well what ever you thought, your right That is just one use of what is a very powerful marketing tool
  4. <ul><li>daily pulpit </li></ul><ul><li>a personal diary </li></ul><ul><li>collaborative space </li></ul><ul><li>political soapbox </li></ul><ul><li>breaking-news outlet </li></ul><ul><li>own private thoughts </li></ul><ul><li>Memos to the world </li></ul><ul><li>A promotional gold mine </li></ul>So .. what is a blog?
  5. How can this benefit my business?
  6. Positions your company + staff as authorities
  7. It enhances your core brand identity
  8. Increases your reach
  9. Allows you to communicate directly with users
  10. Enhances your existing marketing strategy
  11. Captures more search traffic via ‘the long tail’
  12. Improves relevant internal linking to your website
  13. Humanizes your business
  14. Positions you next to industry thought leaders
  15. Encourages feedback from users
  16. Makes the most of your everyday activities by vocalizing them
  17. How to achieve blogging success
  18. Carry out competitor analysis with tools like to find out what the competition are doing
  19. Get to know words again, indulge in them.. They are now your sales team!
  20. Write engaging titles that grab readers attention
  21. Sum up your entire post in a title
  22. Think how punchy news titles are
  23. Advertise your blog on areas of your website
  24. Use calls to action throughout your posts
  25. Maximize your RSS feed subscriptions by including a large or prominent RSS icon
  26. Make it easy for users to share your content by adding ‘share this’ buttons so that they can post your content to Digg, Yahoo buzz, Twitter, Delicious and Reddit.
  27. Make sure your blog is integrated into your website , thus any links into the blog with benefit your site also
  28. Comment on other industry blogs and forums to expand your authority and lead users back to your website
  29. Make sure your blog visitors can easily navigate back to your website
  30. Post often to ensure the search engines are returning regularly to index your content
  31. Help the engines out by adding your RSS URL to a number of respected RSS directories such as Technorati
  32. Include product shots in posts to reinforce the users journey from your site to your blog
  33. Use keywords and phrases to optimize your posts
  34. Consider opening a netvibes page to track everything going on in your industry via RSS feeds
  35. What subject is at the top of Digg or Twitter search, what are people reading about?
  36. Be interesting and informative
  37. Use top 10 list, breaking news and how to videos
  38. Video content should be utilized as it stimulates users interest and they can easily embed it on to their site or social space
  39. Make good use of categories to help users navigate to the content that is important to them
  40. Utilize the notoriety of others for your own benefits with Guest blogging and interviews
  41. Create substance with high resolution images within posts
  42. Remember the basic blogging mantra
  43. Short and simple
  44. Be a thought leader
  45. Fresh and often
  46. Ask for help
  47. Have an opinion
  48. Be authentic
  49. Don’t sell
  50. Be generous
  51. A few things to ask your webmasters / web designers to action on your blog
  52. If your using a CMS like Wordpress, make sure that you don’t get any duplicate content issues with permanent index.php urls
  53. Set-up webmaster tools on your blog and make sure your site map is active
  54. Set-up google analytics on you blog
  55. Try to get an automatic plug-in to ping ever post your make to loads of nice RSS directories
  56. Set-up google analytics on you blog
  57. The value of Blogging was brought to you by & Claire Stokoe and images creating using: