Assignment #8 Individual Presentations (Draft 1)


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Assignment #8 Individual Presentations (Draft 1)

  1. 1. The speed at which its EXPLORING TOPICS growing, should it be What we have feared or embraced deemed Why women acceptable and men don’t Domestic Violence Society speck about it From full body and the rising clothing to short and number it Technolog revealing clothingIts evolution Comics y Fashionfrom being a How they will dealsmall followingto its growth into Culture Youth with our economic problemsfilms anddevelopment Are they really free to public Food Topics Media what they want or are they puppets to a high order ?Do our troops still need Are the youth the soul reason for the rise ofto be out at war War Crime crime, or is it a distraction Government Films from the real issues From controversial films to the rom- Religion coms how and whyGrowing followers, films help usgovernment and Homosexuality Ethics escape from realityreligion communitysviews How it runs the world ? Should Euthanasia, why is it up to religion have such big say in the government to decide government if you live ?
  2. 2. RELIGIONEvery episode would bring to light what hand religion as in the worlds problems (40 minutes)Title – ‘Religion, The End of The World?’Episode 1 – Middle East – Islam, Judaism & Christianity Inheritance from before the rise of Egypt, Is the word of God evidence enough ?Episode 2 – Homosexuals – Government & Christianity For how long can Christianity stand against homosexuals? Is it not discrimination ?Episode 3 – Western World Vs. China Gods free will gives us democracy while china believes in a one man state, will a time come when they wish to teach everyone this?
  3. 3. ETHICSEach episode will bring a case forth of a person suffering and who wishes to under go euthanasia, we get professors views and reasons why is the choice up to the government. (30 minutes)Episode 1 – Euthanasia, do we really have free will? Why is up to the government to choose if I die or not ? What happened to free will or is it only for people in power?Episode 2 - Why will I be jailed for assisting euthanasia ? Why are aiders in euthanasia prosecuted when it was meant with no pain or bad intent, let alone pleaded for by an unable person
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGYEvery episode will give a incite to the background the popular devices we use today. (40 minutes)Episode 1 – IPhone, Tracking devices or connecting the world How the iPhone gained its popularity and is it used to keep us logged or helping us have access to things easilyEpisode 2 - Icloud, easy access for the government or for safe keeping Is this a way for the government to know more about us or an easy cheap way of keeping our lives documentedEpisode 3 - Wi-Fi, fraudsters play ground or on the move internet In our economic troubles Wi-Fi is a shower of rain in a drought but if we are protected by anti-virus are we safe enough to share our card details and personal lives online
  5. 5. YOUTHEver episode will have interviews of the youth of today and their views and opinions of how the county should be ran and what they think they need from the government (40 minutes)Episode 1 – Knife crime, Blame the youth ? After the riots youth were branded as violent and reckless. But why? Was it not the government that has neglected the next generation? How can we expect them to know betterEpisode 2 - Kids having kids, Ignore it ? 14 year old pregnant… Why ? Because her mother is not around to teach her wrong from right or because she wants kids ? Has the next generation lost our valuesEpisode 3 - Let the next generation fix our messfrantic aims to fix them, is the With our counties economic state and government underestimating our solutions and capacity to understand current affairsEpisode 4 - Education - Push up the grade boundary = failure Most uneducated youths are on the streets with no job, no motivation and opportunitys. The riots screamed this … what can be do to stop this reoccurring ?. Government , “ Throw them in jail for discipline”. What happened to listening ?
  6. 6. FINAL TWO & REASONS WHYRELIGION YOUTHSIts more hard hitting The 2011’s summer with current riots was an affaire issues that overwhelming cry are the for attention from fundamental the youths with a causes for war problem of and nuclear neglect, labels power and underestimation
  7. 7. RESEARCH
  8. 8. RESEARCH
  9. 9. INSPIRATIONDispatches (Channel4): has no presenter, only voiceover with detailed explanations for the views to understand the topics or scenesHuman planet (BBC One):• Real life setting & no actors which distinguishes documentarys from films• Also with lighting , its not to bright not to dark enough to see clearlyWe hope to implement this into out documentary also
  10. 10. INSPIRATION Human Planet (BBC One): • For its range of different angles and shots which makes it three directional, eye catching and interesting • Its better than it having long shots with mid-shot all way through
  11. 11. INSPIRATION Panorama (BBC One): • Has a presenter but not for the whole show • Which allows the presenter to give information but also through voice over so the visual matches the audio to give a clearer message • The side mid- shot allows the view to focus on the presenter and the information given
  12. 12. TARGET AUDIENCE - RELIGIONAge :18 – 40• No younger as they would lack interests and sub sequential knowledge to fully grasp the information• Older views may watch but its an informative documentary to make the next and existing generation try to make a change to the situationsMiddle class & Upper class• They are more educated and interested in these types of topics concerning the economyGender• More males than females would watch the documentary but this does not rule out the amount of women that would watchLifestyle• People who are more work and education driven would find this intersting
  13. 13. TARGET AUDIENCE - YOUTHAge : 16 – 25• Maybe some 15 year olds would watch as they are teens so the topic does concern them• 25 as the issues raised still concern them and collectively they are the next generation and can make a differenceRace & Gender• Mainly black & mixed race people would be drawn in as its this race that is constantly branded with negativity from the media• To gain other ethnicitys in the ad show a range of ethnicitys• There is no targeted gender
  14. 14. CHANNEL & TIME - RELIGIONThis would go on channel 4 has they do more hard hitting and controversial topicsThis documentary should be aired 9pm to ensure children are asleep and the working class’s day is over and at home to watch
  15. 15. CHANNEL & TIME – YOUTHThis would go on BBC Three as its more teen and young adults based and this topic is surrounded their generationThis could possibly air on BBC One also at a later date if popular on BBC Three so the audience that wouldnt have seen it on BBC Three would now see it on BBC OneThe both documentaries would air at 9 to ensure children are asleep and the working class’s day is over and at home to watch
  18. 18. PLAN
  19. 19. PLAN