Assignment #7 TV Channel Research


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Assignment #7 TV Channel Research

  1. 1. Assignment 7: TV Channel Research BY JOANNE
  2. 2. The Channels that will be discussedITV Channel 5BBC One Channel 4
  3. 3. ITV Some shows theyGeneral knowledge broadcast Its the Third national  71 Degrees North terrestrial analogue network (after BBC One &  Who Wants To Be A BBC Two) Millionaire ITV is a commercial public service TV network  A Touch of Frost Its sister channels are ...  Red & Black ITV2, ITV3 & ITV4  X Factor Their online service allows ITV to be portable on the  You’ve Been Framed move, ITV Player
  4. 4. Channel 5 Some shows theyGeneral knowledge broadcast Its the last national  The Gadget Show terrestrial analogue network (after BBC  Fifth Gear One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4)  Neighbours It has to sister channels  Big Brother ... 5* & 5 USA  Home and Away It airs only in the UK This channel also has an  CSI: Crime Scene on demand website, 5 on Investigation demand
  5. 5. BBC One Some shows theyGeneral knowledge broadcast Its a flagship channel  Doctor Who Its funded my TV Licence  Eastenders  Merlin It has many sister channels …  The One Show BBC Three, BBC Two, BBC  Strictly Come Dancing Four, BBC  Come Fly With Me News, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC  Crimewatch Parliament, BBC HD  New Tricks They also have BBC iPlayer on  Holby City demand making it portable  Casualty They broadcast original shows  Match of The Day and is well known for  Have I Got News For You documentarys  Mock The Week  And many more …
  6. 6. Channel 4 Some shows theyGeneral knowledge broadcast It’s a public service channel  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding It also has sister channels  Skins …  Misfits E4, Film4, 4seven, More4,  Shameless 4Music, Heat, Kerrang!, Ki ss, Magic, Smash Hits! &  Countdown The Box  8 Out of 10 Cats It airs 24/7  Big Brother It Also has 4OD on  Hollyoaks Demand making it portable  The Simpsons Well known for  And many more documentarys
  7. 7. ITV – Target Audience Ranges from babies in the early morning to the stay at home mother past 9 and late teens & adults past 7. This can vary on weekends as their are family shows that start at 7 and go till 10 i.e. X Factor, You’ve Been Framed
  8. 8. Channel 5 – Target Audience Like ITV early mornings are for babies and youth children. i.e. Banana In Pyjamas Past 9am is directed to at home men i.e. The Wright Stuff , Robson’s Extreme Fishing Through out the rest of the day programs are aired to bring in male audiences with action movies late night and programs . i.e. Police Interceptors
  9. 9. BBC One – Target Audience Unlike ITV & Channel 4 BBC mornings are reserved for news from 6am – 10am which draws in adults and people in their late teens 10 onwards is directed to older people or those who are interested in antiques i.e. Antiques Roadshow 1pm-2pm is housewife aimed with soaps and sit- coms i.e. Doctors
  10. 10. BBC One – Target Audience 3pm-5pm goes to kids back from school and later directs then to their sister channel CBBC i.e. Tracy Beaker Returns 6pm onwards is directed at housewives and sometimes older teens i.e. Waterloo Road, The One Show Past 10 is directed to adults with news and late night movies
  11. 11. Channel 4 Unlike all three channels mornings are reserved for early teens, late teens and views who like current music and sit- coms i.e. Freshly Squeezed & Everybody Hates Raymond 7am- 9am 9am-12pm belongs to housewives i.e. Come Dine With Me & The Renovation Game
  12. 12. Channel 4 12pm-4pm has a predominantly male audience as of i.e. Channel 4 Racing & Countdown 6pm is for teens and over with cooking and Simpsons 7pm and onwards is for people in their late teens and later just adults i.e. Shameless & News
  13. 13. ITV – What time is it most successful  Weekends in the afternoon 7pm is the most successful as its family orientated with the ‘X Factor’ & ‘You’ve been Framed’  Also Sundays 8pm with ‘Downton Abbey’ that had not only gained in popularity here but overseas winning awards
  14. 14. Channel 5 – What time is it most successful  9pm 7days a week ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ brought in high ratings with it celebrity cast with arguments and lies  6pm weekdays, Home & Away brings in soap lovers with its twists and turns over friendship and love
  15. 15. BBC One – What time is it most successful  Weekend afternoons 8pm with shows like Strictly Come Dancing with a celebrity cast  Also 7pm Doctor Who is a Hugh fan base both kids and adults of all ages for the fantasy factor and adventure
  16. 16. Channel 4 – What time is it most successful  During the week 9pm with Dispatches with undercover topics of fraud and current issues  Weekends 9pm with family shows i.e. Millions Drop & The Bank Job with suspense and entertainment nothing complex
  17. 17. ITV – What Documentaries They like Channel 5 show documentaries about peoples lives, hopes & struggles But do occasional show a news structured piece or investigation
  18. 18. Channel 5 – What Documentaries They show documentaries that make you think twice i.e. ‘Extraordinary People- Fastest Man No Legs’ & ‘Extraordinary People- Girl With 90% Burns’ 9pm is the slot given as kids are asleep and leave adults to apply the attention and understand and form an opinion
  19. 19. BBC One – What Documentaries They tend to show nature documentaries at 7pm i.e. Animal planet for naturists But also ones with current affair & issues at 9pm i.e. Paranorma on unemployment
  20. 20. Channel 4 - – What Documentaries They tend to do hard hitting documentaries i.e. Dispatches But also ones on devastating events 9/11 : The Miracle Survivor These documenters come on at 9pm ensuring kids dont watch unless with parent discursion
  21. 21. How The Channels Compare ? ITV : It has a little bit for Channel 5 : Its more directedeveryone but more for adult to men more than women butand people in their late teens does not rule them out BBC One: Again like ITV It Channel 4 : Its has a little ofhas a little bit for everyone but everything but more adult and more for adult and people in late teens driven their late teens
  22. 22. How Do Documentaries Compare ? Channel 5 : Their ITV : They like channel 5 documentaries are about lifeshow documentarys about life and peoples struggles and but have the occasional. Out triumph with also historical of the group is the weakest documentaries Channel 4 : Their BBC One : Their documentaries are thoughdocumentaries vary from soft provoking and does in-depth (Nature) to questioning to allow views to construct an(Paranorma) it has flexibility opinion
  23. 23. My Choice I would choose BBC One as is seems to haveflexibility to accommodate and documentary be it historical or current