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Assignment #7 narrative & film theory


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Assignment #7 narrative & film theory

  2. 2. Narratives The definition of a narrative can be seen as the way in which things (scenes) are put together and delivered to the audience. The way in which a film story follows there are different types of narratives
  3. 3. Tvzetan Todorov  For him the story (film) begins with an equilibrium in where that everything is balanced and straight forward  Then to which in the middle there is something that sets everything up to fail/ a disruption  By the end all is well again and harmony is restored
  4. 4. Some Examples are... The kids lifes are fine until the middle when They find out there a twin and disorder is caused As they find out why the didnt know about each other Harmony is restored as they bring there parents back togetherLife is good as the character lives life in Vegas as aSinger with a rich boyfriend is harmony is accusedWhen she finds out her boyfriends is a killerAt then end harmony is restored as she helps a churchRegain popularity and bring her boyfriend to justice
  5. 5. Claude Levi-Strauss He tells us about Binary Opposition This depends on how the/ or a word is taken i.e Dead- Alive, Warm –Cold Something that has two possible outcomes
  6. 6. Vladimir Propp  He gives us the story narrative of a hero .i.e.  The Villain –Causes harm to members/ family members  The Dispatcher- Hero leaves Home  The Receipt- Hero acquires use of a magical agent  The Princess-Person that needs to be saved  The False Hero – the Person who clams to be able to save  The Hero – Swoops in at the end to create harmony
  7. 7. Some Examples are... Batman leaves is harmony occurs when The joker arrives but harmony is restored at the end As the batman saves the people in dangerThere is harmony until the which putsBeauty to sleep to which a the end charmingSaves the day with a kiss