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Assignment #2 as coursework analysis


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Published in: Education, Business, Art & Photos
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Assignment #2 as coursework analysis

  1. 1. Assignment 2: AS Coursework Analysis By Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. What Did I Do?• Looked at Kayleigh Howlin• Alexa Runussi• Compared similarities and differences.
  3. 3. What Went well?... The Close up shot was captured nicelyThe use of basic colours worksefficiently .
  4. 4. Would Have Been Better If…..The Quality of the scene wasbetter. The Light was captured in this frame.
  5. 5. What Went Well?... White stylish writing stands out perfectlyThe quality is significantly bad.
  6. 6. Would Have Been Better If… The writing blocks the actress in the shot.The plaster is not a good use ofnotifying the audience of a bruise.
  7. 7. Thank You For Your Time