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Assignment #10 film distribution companies


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Assignment #10 film distribution companies

  1. 1. Assignment #10:FilmDistribution Companies BY JOANNE
  2. 2. Some Companies we looked at... Lions Gate Momentum Pictures Film4 Warp Films
  3. 3. Lions GateWhy Lions Gate?... We are Making a Thriller They distribute This could work for us as our Thrillers Sequence would have the backing Of two companies They are in collaboration with Film4 The have distributed successful films
  4. 4. Lions GateBudget: Plot: A group of $1.5 million friends to on a trip to a cabin but as the fun of a trip sets inBox Office: so does a disease which is caught by $30,553,394 one of the friends but it soon spreads . Who will survive the Cabin Fever
  5. 5. Momentum Pictures R Momentum PicturesWhy Momentum?... Which means it has the same Its also a British Advantages and disadvantages distribution company As Film4 would have. They have distributed Insidious, The Crazies, Hobo with films such as .... A shotgun
  6. 6. Momentum Pictures  Plot  A man whose life seems to be going nowhere soon discovers a drug that gives him a life and more. But with his new drug comes the trouble of where is the supply?.. Budget $27,000,000 Opening Weekend $18,907,302 Gross $79,249,455
  7. 7. Film 4 Films they haveWhy Film 4 distributed They are a British based distribution company They help distributed independent films They could also help us do dvd