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  2. 2. Unmet Healthcare Need• Fax technology is still prevalent – outdated, inefficient and time-consuming• Primary Care doctors need a tool that reduces the time required to read and sign referral paperwork every day in their office• Lack of effective two-way communication results in the loss of an estimated 7% - 10% of referrals, costing Specialists and Ancillary Service Providers significant referral revenue
  3. 3. meddocpro is the solution!
  4. 4. What is meddocpro?• meddocpro delivers secure, efficient, easy to use document exchange between healthcare professionals, saving them time and money.• meddocpro is a breakthrough application of SaaS technology that takes current e-faxing capabilities to a higher level – real-time communication.• meddocpro is the affordable bridge from the chaotic document handling of today to the streamlined EHR of tomorrow.
  5. 5. Website Home
  6. 6. Fax Cover • Easy to create Fax cover page • Desktop applet for non- members • Unique bar code technology allows the system to categorize and sort incoming faxes
  7. 7. Portal Page • Password protected • Able to access from home, work, or on the road • Physicians can communicate with each other without altering office procedures
  8. 8. Inbox • Follows all HIPPA guidelines • Receiving party opens their mailbox and either prints or saves the image for future • Members have ability to send, receive and manage records without the complications of interoperability, cost and conversion
  9. 9. Electronic Referral • Able to track referrals easily and effectively • Provide better patient care • Faster and more convenient
  10. 10. Referral Dashboard • Facilitates non-proprietary document exchange between healthcare professionals • At-a-glance views assist doctors in managing their practice • Streamlining of EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  11. 11. Pending Referrals • Time and date stamped • Patient scheduled and seen indicator • Referral status indicator: pending or completed • Referral details include physician information, patients name, and DOB
  12. 12. Sign & Return • HIPPA compliant digital signature • Sign all documents with Quick Sign • Categorized for easy reference
  13. 13. Signature Stamp • Digitally signed with time and date stamp • Increased ease for doctors to participate in a centrally managed Health Information Network
  14. 14. Forward Page • Securely forward notes to one or multiple physicians • Add a free form note or pre- program notes for quick response
  15. 15. Secure Message • Provide confidentiality and convenience for each patient • Delivers secure and efficient information exchange
  16. 16. Patient Look-Up • Patient chart electronic accessibility • Able to view sender, subject, and date • Patient’s name and social security number viewable for identification purposes
  17. 17. Security
  18. 18. Non-proprietary Interoperability Hospitals Home Health/DME Pharmacies simple. sec ure. Imaging Centers Labs Doctor offices
  19. 19. Summary• Physicians need a tool to help them communicate securely and enhance patient care relative to managing referrals• MedDoc Pro is the only solution currently available