Instant Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication


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Instantly deploy and use single sign-on (SSO) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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Instant Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

  1. 1. Instant Single Sign-On and 2FA How to make it happen? “How to provide instant Maarten Ectors Director, Cloud Strategy, Canonical single sign-on?”
  2. 2. What problems are we solving? Each enterprise wants SSO Each security expert wants Two-Factor Authentication [2FA]
  3. 3. Why are SSO and 2FA so important? Single Sign-On - Because Corporate Life is Ever More Complex - Forbes Gartner Says Through 2016, Federated Single Sign-On Will Be the Predominant SSO Technology, Needed by 80 Percent of Enterprises Adobe’s Security Breach Shows Why Two-Factor Authentication [2FA] is the Answer Enterprises need SSO for efficiency reasons and 2FA for security reasons...
  4. 4. What if Instant SSO and 2FA would be possible? How?
  5. 5. Instant Integration via Juju Juju allows instant integration. Try it yourself, drag and drop “demo:instant…” and hover over the 15 next to Ganglia-Node
  6. 6. Instant SSO and 2FA SAML/OpenID Juju could allow instant SSO and 2FA in the same way...
  7. 7. One main difference with SSO / 2FA Each integration is different...
  8. 8. Each SSO/2FA integration is different Tomcat, Hadoop, Apache, MySQL, Mongo, Wordpress, OpenERP, etc. all need a different way to integrate SSO/2FA. What if an expert builds it one time and anyone instantly reuses it?
  9. 9. Use a Github Repository for Reuse SAML/OpenID SSO/2FA Reusable Components: ● Tomcat ● Apache ● Hadoop ● MySQL ● Mongo ● Wordpress ● OpenERP ● ... When SSO & 2FA Agent is deployed, it pulls the adequate SSO/2FA Reusable Component from Github. Expert builds it 1 time. Anyone reuses it unlimited...
  10. 10. Not One SSO/2FA Solution but All* SSO/2FA One SSO & 2FA Agent with Standard Interfaces but potentially all SSO/2FA Solutions. Diversity means innovation... * Only a random subset of SSO/2FA solutions are shown. A random subset are shown in random order and random exclusion of other solutions in the image is by no means exclusion from the final solution...
  11. 11. Juju Labs Instant SSO/2FA 1. 2. 3. 4. 1 Month Max - Find >5 Contributors 2 Months - Build Minimum Valuable Solution 1 Month - Find 100 Early Adopters Instant SSO/2FA Generally Available Juju Labs is Like Crowdfunding. Meet the Milestones and it happens. Otherwise it gets killed. We need you to make it become reality...
  12. 12. Help us make the world a safer place... More Information