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T7 scanning texts


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T7 scanning texts

  1. 1. Scanning for information<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. What is scanning?<br />Scanning is not reading every word in the text.<br />Scanning looking at a text and quickly finding information.<br />For example. As quickly as you can find out from the following text how big a<br />Redfin fish grows. When you have found the information raise your hand. Your<br />teacher will time how long it takes.<br />Of the original ten English Perch or Redfin as they are known here, received <br />from England in 1868 only seven survived. From these seven have come the <br />Countless millions of Redfin found in Australia today.<br />The Redfin’s popularity as an angling fish stems from the fact that it is found in <br />a wide variety of waters, grows to a large size, has excellent eating qualities, <br />and can be caught on wet flies, spinners and baits.<br />
  4. 4. Lets try again!<br />This time scan the text for the names of the two British legends mentioned.<br />In modern times many people live in cities or Urban areas. Although people<br />Have many books to read and films to view, stories about strange events <br />and happenings in city life are still sometimes passed on by word of mouth. <br />Such stories are called ‘urban myths’ or ‘urban legends’. Like the old British <br />legends of King Arthur or Robin Hood, they have no known author and have been passed on by word of mouth. <br />
  5. 5. A challenge!<br />This is a competition to see who can scan a text for information the fastest.<br />When you have found the information raise your hand and turn your page over.<br />Look at the text you have been given. (English Mosaic p48 Bushfires).<br />Scan the text to find the following information. <br />When should people leave their house if a bushfire happens? <br />What is it very dangerous to store near a house?<br />In which paragraph does it mention the fire brigade?<br />What should people do with their lawn?<br />What should people do with their cars?<br />
  6. 6. Scanning your own book<br />Partner challenge<br />Using the book you are reading, set a scanning challenge for your partner.<br />Find some words or events that happen on a page of your book. Decide on three <br />words or events on that page that your partner must find. For example:<br />In which paragraph does the word Norway appear?<br />What was the taxi driver wearing?<br />Write out your three questions then give them to your partner. Time how long it <br />takes for your partner to scan the text and find the information.<br />Can you beat your partners time?<br />