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J3010 Unit 0


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J3010 - Mechanics of Machines 1

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J3010 Unit 0

  2. 2. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 ii BIODATA OF MODULE WRITERS J3010 Mechanics Machines Name : Zainol Bin Hashim Address : Mechanical Engineering Department Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Mua’dzam Shah, Bandar Darulaman 06000 Jitra Kedah Darulaman Telephone No. : 04-9174701 ext.407 Qualifications : B Sc Mech. Eng.(UTM) Diploma Mech. Eng (UTM) Cert.Education Position : Polytechnic Lecturer Name : Harisa Bt Mohamad Saad Address : Mechanical Engineering Department Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, Bandar Darulaman 06000 Jitra Kedah Darulaman Telephone No. : 04-9174701 ext.822 Qualifications : B Eng. Agricultural (Food and Process) (UPM) Masters in Education (ITTHO) Position : Polytechnic Lecturer
  3. 3. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 iii What Do You Think Of This Module? Title of Module: _______________________ Module Code : ___________ Student’s Name: _______________________ Registration No. : ___________ Course : ____________________________________ Module Writers: ______________________________ Please use the following scale for your evaluation: 4 Strongly Agree 3 Agree 2 Disagree 1 Strongly Disagree Instruction : Please  on the space provided. No. How much do you agree with the following statements? SCALE A. FORMAT 1 2 3 4 1 The pages are organized in an interesting manner. 2 The font size makes it easy for me to read the module. The size and types of pictures and charts used are suitable for 3 the input. 4 The pictures and charts are easy to read and understand. 5 The tables used are well-organised and easy to understand. 6 The arrangement of the Input makes it easy for me to follow. 7 All the instructions are displayed clearly. B. CONTENTS 1 2 3 4 8 I understand all the objectives clearly. 9 I understand the ideas conveyed. 10 The ideas are presented in an interesting manner. 11 All the instructions are easy to understand. 12 I can carry out the instructions in this module. 13 I can answer the questions in the activities easily. 14 I can answer the questions in the self-assessment. 15 The feedback section can help me identify my mistakes. 16 The language used is easy to understand. 17 The way the module is written makes it interesting to read. 18 I can follow this module easily. 19 Each unit helps me understand the topic better. I have become more interested in the subject after using this 20 module.
  4. 4. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 iv CURRICULUM GRID The curriculum grid of this module is based on the curriculum used by Malaysian polytechnics. No. TOPIC UNIT Total Hours 1 General 1 9 Hours Dynamics ( 9 H) 2 Moment 2 6 Hours Inertia ( 6 H) 3 Hoisting 3 6 Hours system (6H) 4 Friction 4 6 Hours (6H) 5 Screw 5 6 Hours (6 H ) 6 Belting 6 9 Hours (9H)
  5. 5. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 v UNIT 1 GENERAL DYNAMICS 1.1 Velocity and Acceleration 1.2 Equation for linear, uniformly accelerated motion 1.3 Relationship between linear speed and angular speed 1.4 Relationship between linear acceleration and angular acceleration 1.5 Work done by a constant force 1.6 Power 1.7 Energy and conservation of energy 1.8 Momentum and conservation of momentum UNIT 2 MOMENT OF INERTIA 2.1 Moment of Inertia 2.2 Theorem of Parallel axes 2.3 Theorem of Perpendicular axes 2.4 Moment of Inertia in a few simple cases 2.5 Torque and Angular Acceleration 2.6 Angular Momentum 2.7 Angular impulse 2.8 Work done by a torque 2.9 Angular kinetic energy 2.10 Kinetic energy of a torque UNIT 3 HOISTING SYSTEM 3.1 Inertia Couple 3.2 Accelerated Shaft 3.3 Shaft being brought to rest 3.4 Load raised and with accelerating upward 3.5 Load falling and accelerating downwards (No driving torque acting) 3.6 Load falling and being brought to rest 3.7 Load rising: Coming to rest under friction only 3.8 Load balancing system
  6. 6. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 vi UNIT 4 FRICTION 4.1 Motion up the plane: pull P parallel to plane 4.2 Motion down the plane: Pull P parallel to plane 4.3 The angle of friction and total reaction 4.4 Application of angle of friction to motion on the inclined plane UNIT 5 SCREW 5.1 The square thread screw 5.2 The V- thread screw 5.3 Raising Load 5.4 Load being lowered 5.2 Overhauling of a screw UNIT 6 BELTING 6.1 Length of an open belt drive 6.2 Length of cross belt drive 6.3 Power transmitted by a belt 6.4 Ratio of tensions 6.5 Centrifugal tension
  7. 7. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 vii MODULE GUIDELINES To achieve maximum benefits in using this module, students must follow the instructions carefully and complete all the activities. 1. This module is divided into 6 units. 2. Each page is numbered according to the subject code, unit and page number. J3010 / UNIT 1 / 5 Subject Unit 1 Page Number 5 3. The general and specific objectives are given at the beginning of each unit. 4. The activities in each unit are arranged in a sequential order and the following symbols are given: OBJECTIVES The general and specific objectives for each learning topic are stated in this section. INPUT This section introduces the subject matter that you are going to learn. ACTIVITIES The activities in this section test your understanding of the subject matter. You have to complete this section by following the instructions carefully.
  8. 8. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 viii FEEDBACK Answers to the questions in the activity section are given here SELF-ASSESSMENT Self-assessment evaluates your understanding of each unit. FEEDBACK ON SELF-ASSESSMENT This section contains answers to the activities in the self-assessment. 5. You have to follow the units in sequence. 6. You may proceed to the next unit after successfully completing the unit and you are confident of your achievement.
  9. 9. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 ix GENERAL AIMS This module is prepared for students in the third or fourth semester who are undergoing the Certificate/Diploma programmes in Malaysian Polytechnics. It aims to expose students to the mechanics of machines concept in each unit and to lead them towards self-directed learning or with guidance from their lecturers. PRE REQUISITE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE The pre-requisite for this module is at least a pass in Mathematic at the SPM level and the successful completion of the Engineering Science module in the first semester. GENERAL OBJECTIVES At the end of this module, students should be able to: 1. know principles and fundamental concept of general dynamics. 2. know method and procedures to solve problem of mechanics machines. 3. understand facts and principles all of these topics. 4. solve problem in relation to hoisting and friction. 5. solve problem of raising and lowering load for square and Vee threaded screw. 6. find the values of Belting by using a calculator. TEACHING AIDS AND RESOURCES NEEDED 1. Calculator
  10. 10. J3010 MECHANICS OF MACHINES 1 x REFERENCES 1. John Hannah and M.J. Hillier (1971). Applied Mechanics; New Zealand Pitman: Publishing Limited. 2. W. Madill (1984). Applied Mechanics Level 3; Longman Inc., New York: Longman Group Limited. 3. D Humphrey and J Topping (1971). A Shorter Intermediate Mechanics; London: Longman Group Ltd. 4. George E. Drabble (1971). Applied Mechanics; London: W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. 5. R.S. Khurmi (1988). A Text Book Of Applied Mechanics;New Delhi: S. Chand & Company (Pvt) Ltd. 6. R.K. Mullis (1983). Engineering Mechanics; Longman Cheshire Pty. 7. S.B.Mathur (1979). Applied mechanics; Delhi: Khanna Publishers. 8. L.Bostock and S.Chandler (1979). Applied Mathematics; Scotland: Thomson Litho Ltd.