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Learning Activities in Personal Learning Environment


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Presentation at World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Victoria, Kanada

Published in: Education, Technology

Learning Activities in Personal Learning Environment

  1. 1. Learning Analytics inPersonal Learning EnvironmentMartin Ebner, Behnam Taraghi, Selver Softic, Laurens De Vocht
  2. 2. What is a PLE ?
  3. 3. to Stephen Downes a PLE is ...a future learning environment
  4. 4. to Stephen Downes a PLE is ...not an institutional or coporateapplication but a learning center
  5. 5. to Stephen Downes a PLE is ...where content is reused andremixed
  6. 6. to Stephen Downes a PLE is ...according to thestudent‘s ownneeds and interests
  7. 7. Why we need a PLE ?
  8. 8. a closed castle?
  9. 9. (Scott Leslie, PLE Diagram)But how can we integrate the WWW ...
  10. 10. combine it with university‘s services?
  11. 11. The general concept
  12. 12. Comparable to iGoogle
  13. 13. First Design
  14. 14. Former WorkflowWidgetZoneDashboard FullScreenWidget ZoomMashup ofWidgets
  15. 15. Usability Tests
  16. 16. Conceptual Design: App-like GUI
  17. 17. TextMain new GUI Elements:Spaces (Personal Desktops)Space ManagementWidget StoreSettings
  18. 18. Space Management
  19. 19. Widget Store
  20. 20. „Slideshare“ Widget (full sized view)
  21. 21. Inter-Widget CommunicatiounCMS widget <=> Exam Planer widget
  22. 22. Inter-Widget CommunicatiounArticle Reader widget <=> Vocabulary Book widget
  23. 23. Personal Learning Environment - Graz University of TechnologyNext Steps towards UbiquitousnessMobile PLENative AppsUbiquitous PLE Desktop widgets
  24. 24. PLE Mobile start page and space view
  25. 25. PLE Mobile widget store
  26. 26. PLE Mobile widget Geolines
  27. 27. Summary after second launch- ... more than 4000 registered users- ... about 30% of active users- ... observed more activity, resemblance to mobile apps- ... learners classify their widgets using spaces- ... widgets can send notifications- ... Inter-Widget communication actively used.
  28. 28. Top most used widgets out of 75 totally- consist of university services:Zid news (>2000), TUGMail (>1000), TUG online(>1000), Exam planer (>200), TeachCenter(>1000), TUGraz Newsgroups (>1000)- further top most used 10 widgetsWeather forecast (>200), Culture calendar of Graz(>200), Google Maps (>200), Widget DevelopmentGuide (>100)-,, TU Graz calendar, Facebook
  29. 29. ...- most used widgets vs. most installed widgets- known services are installed mostly- widgets can be embedded now in any environment- PLE statistics are public NOW via a twitter channel@PLETUGraz
  30. 30. Analysis of widget usage- @PLETUGraz twitter channel used as data set- 4000 users over two years- Data include:- Users- Timestamp- Activity- Widget
  31. 31. !Dimensions of PLE measuring confidence
  32. 32. Semantic based approach- used to enrich dataset for further processing in PLEAnalytics Dashboard- RDF is used for interchange between modules- LearningContext Ontology used from IntelLEO EUproject- SPARQL as query labguage
  33. 33. !PLE Analytics DashboardVisualizes the PLE confidence (widgets, activities, users)
  34. 34. PLE Analytics Results (activities)
  35. 35. PLE Analytics Results (widgets)!
  36. 36. !PLE Analytics Results (users)
  37. 37. !PLE Analytics Results (users)
  38. 38. Analytics Dashboard helps to- monitor the behavior of individual users- analyze (un)popular activities => overall users‘ interest- measure the quality / implicit rating of the widgets- recommend widgets to users (collaborative filtering)Future plan- Apply PLE Analytics for specific courses- Analyze learner‘s behavior in detail- Map users‘ monitored actions to their learning results
  39. 39. Graz University of TechnologySOCIAL LEARNINGComputer and Information ServicesGraz University of TechnologyMartin Ebnerhttp://elearning.tugraz.atTU Graz Personal LearningEnvironmenthttps://my.tugraz.atSlides available at: http://elearningblog.tugraz.atmebnerGraz University of Technology
  40. 40. Graz University of TechnologySOCIAL LEARNINGComputer and Information ServicesGraz University of TechnologyMartin Ebnerhttp://elearning.tugraz.athttp://elearningblog.tugraz.atSlides available at: http://elearningblog.tugraz.atmebnerTU Graz Personal LearningEnvironment