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Aviation History for People


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This document is prepared by Mehmet Kır. It includes history about World and Turkish aviation history.

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Aviation History for People

  1. 1. Aviation for People People studied carefully birds throughoutcenturies,and they designed heavier than a vehichle at theend of 18th century. To started this story with balloons,thenit turned back to production of aircrafts.In the course of19th century, specialists and creators worked on theessential axioms of flight,probing with gliders and gracelesssteam-forced flying vehicles and quintessence. But it tookthe interminable endeavor of the Wright brothers,inresearch and development among 1899 and 1905, to inconclusion work out feasible powered aircraft avigation. In June 5,1783, the Montgolfier brothers carried on the incipient communal display of a hot-air balloon,and the following November François Pilatre de Rozier built the first reinforcement Wright Brohers raise. The Montgolfier Brothers made the next flight across the crowded including Benjamin Franklin in Paris.Also, they putted a rooster and sheep in the basket. Ballons were only limited to move on by the winddirection. Eventhough, it was produced many remoted-balloonsduring 18th century,the first flight with this vehichles wasachieved by Alberto Santos Demont who is a Brazilianaviatior.He developed an air vehicle which has piston engine.In1901, he flew the half hour his air vehicle on Eiffel Tower, acompetition held in Paris.Aviation History1.Process Period / 1903-1938 Wright Brothers flew the first time in North Carolina,December 17,1903, were adhering to the theory of aerodynamicsound.This airplane has two propellers.In the first test, Orvillehad flew just 12 seconds and logged to 37 meters. WrightBrothers produced a volant aircraft but they don’t know how it will fly. Gleen H.Curtis who was aCanadian aviator,made the first U.S. offical flight in 1908. 1 Aviation for People | Mehmet KIR - 2012
  2. 2. Louis Bleriot, who is a French aviator, is the first person to flew at English Channel in June 25,1909. Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman who used a heavier-than-air airplane,so she received pilot license as being a woman in the world. The first airline service open cockpit and the aircraft began to be issued landing teams taildragger. Then the aircrafts which has landing gears were devoloped. Aircrafts was used in the war. Firstly, Bulgaria used aircraftsLouis Bleriot is the first person against Ottoman Empire during World War I.With World War II,to flew at English Channel. producing aircrafts was developed. Many countries bought big and powered aircrafts to add their inventory. Although the civil airtransportation started in 1903 with the civil purpose , aviation has become a sector in fieldmilitary due to the political crises and wars in the early 20th century. World countries tookadvantage from from aviation in the wars. Commercial Air Transportation and Aviation industry starts with the American PostalService. British Airways, KLM , Sabena and Air France is the first airlines companies in Europe.The first convention was prepared in 1919 held in Paris. This has to be under the rules of theinternational aviation activities after the convention. The first international passenger transporthas started in 1919 between London and Paris. The first airport built in this term. The firstpassenger plane with 22 passengers capacity DC-3. It is made of metal, and this aircraft range900 miles long and stretches from the period. Process stage remained limited to transport mail.The brink of the Second World War,1938 late interest with air transport activities slowed and this period has ended. 2.Growing Period / 1938-1958 Aircrafts which designed in growing term, was long-range , the big load capacities andmore safer because Second World War was the war that to be intercontinental and orientaviation sector. In this term, navigation system were developed such as DME and VOR. The growingperiod ended with the first jet-powered aircraft to enter service. 3.Maturity Period / 1958-1978 In 1969, the first wide-body aircrafts ,which is Boeing B-747 has 550 passenger seats,was produced. With the using wide-body aircrafts, marketing and costing problem was started.The air transportation was more developed with improving technical skills. The maturity periodended with USA opened their inside air space.Deregulation Period is the final period in aviation history. 2 Aviation for People | Mehmet KIR - 2012
  3. 3. Aviation is not a dream for Turkey Flying at the sky is a passion for Turkish people.When the world met the aviation, Therewas no energy of the sky facing the people of Anatolia. People of Anatolia was unable to fathomthe propeller object which flies upper of their because of collapsed an empire,wars andnonexistence. That’s why this people called it as “Tayyare” ,that is “iron bird” as a Turkishmeaning. Whereas this iron bird would irrevocable of the life when the war return the peace.Firstly, Ottoman Empire was tailing the development of aviation. 3 Aviation is not a dream for Turkey | Mehmet KIR - 2012
  4. 4. In 1912, It was established two hangars and small aerodrome in Yesilkoy,Istanbul without having an aircraft. We can be see more important development after founded Turkish Republic. According to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is founder of Turkish Republic, this iron bird should uncage.In 1925, Turkish Aeronautical Association wasestablished in Turkey led by Atatürk. During the time, Aviation was very developed in the worldespecially the United States and Europe,but this development was irregular. While the world wasflying irregularly, Turkey enacted the first aviation law inSeptember 9,1925. When the world polarized in 1933, young the TurkishRepublic was developing yourself from day to day.The first airtransportation in Turkey was started with “Türk Hava Postaları” -has 5 aircrafts- in order to transport news andannouncement.Then, this cooperation turned to “GeneralDirectorate of State Aiports Authority/ Devlet Havayolları İşletmesi” . In 1936, Nuri Demirağ who is a strong business man in Republic time, established an aircraft factory in Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who is founder of Turkish Republic Istanbul. He also built an aerodrome like Amsterdam Airport. It was necessary to set up an Aviation school for to educate new pilots,so Nuri Demirağ Gök Okulu was founded. 290 pilots were graduated from this school in a decade. In 1956, Turkish Airlines wasfounded. It has 60 million Turkish Liras when the company was established.Then, Turkishaviation development were decreased. The government invested the building new road andrailways. But, Turkey did not neglect aviation because Cyprus dispute was started. In 1984,Lütfü Renda who is an entrepreneur, founded Istanbul Airlines. In 1998, this company was a bigparticular partnership in Airlines business sector in Turkey. Today, Turkish Aviation sector is devoloping from time to time. Building new airports andnew airlines company support by government. Turkish Airlines is still big airlines company inTurkey. This company is a sponsor in many sporting activities such as football,basketball and 4 Aviation is not a dream for Turkey | Mehmet KIR - 2012
  5. 5. tennis.Turkish Airlines is a main sponsor football teams as Barcelona F.C. and Manchester Unitedin Europe. 5 / | Mehmet KIR - 2012