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Strengthening National M&E Systems for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs


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Presented by Prisca Mgomberi from MEASURE Evaluation’s Tanzanian Associate Award as part of the August 2015 webinar on Strengthening National M&E Systems for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs.

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Strengthening National M&E Systems for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs

  1. 1. Îq ‘ma’; a ‘mgiî; i a l? Sì, ‘É-flg: A4- ‘In ìvL ‘fid[ ‘ [bi I €11 k4“ ‘ 53 x c: fisflj‘ Îîifigìîflfiìîîîîîî Prisca Mgomberi, Senior Community Care M&E Advisor MEASURE Evaluation Tanzania August 4th, 2015 A _ _ ’ E ‘d’ wiîîxîgzr U {Ai D PEPFRR eì-zuumaon ‘fz IIOH O4! Ari n.354 non:
  2. 2. Background: Tanzania - iwainlancî ° MEASURE Evaluation supporting DSW Mainland since 2010 with focus on strengthening the National MVC M&E System * In February 2013, DSW Iaunched the NCPA II for MVC interventions ° NCPA Il new focus on strengthening households and communities; and child protection ° Hence need for a new M&E plan
  3. 3. Background: Taiìzaiìia - Zanzibar - MEASURE Evaluation supporting DSW Zanzibar since 2012 with focus on strengthening the National MVC M&E System * M&E System to align with DSW's Costed Plan of Action for MVC (ZCPA 2010-2015) (supported by USAID TZ) ° MEASURE Evaluation and DSW identified the following gaps: ° A national MVC electronic data base existed but had MVC identification data from only 2 districts ° No national routine data collection tools were available ° A national MVC M&E plan was Iacking; partners had own, unlinked MVC M&E plans
  4. 4. Background on the System: DiViS In 2007, USAID through FHI supported DSW to develop DMS ° Data is collected at the Community level by the Most Vulnerable Children Committees (MVCC) using MVC register ° Data entry at the district level ° Data storage on a server located at DSW HQ Since development of DMS in 2007, - New social problems such as child protection have emerged, and ° New areas were recommended in the revised National Plan of Action. GOT requested USAID/ TZ to conduct an assessment of the DMS USAID requested MEASURE Evaluation to conduct the assessment Main objective ° Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current system from an IT perspective, user perspective and data quality
  5. 5. Developing the National MVC M&E Systems rwaaera , . — i i "item? ù. ‘ex’
  6. 6. 1. Assess existing WIVC wicîî-JE systems * Start with assessments of existing MVC M&E systems to: ° Gather information to inform interventions ° Collect baseline information to monitor progress The assessments conducted inc| ude*: ° National MVC DMS & ICT capacity assessments ° National and sub-national MVC M&E systems assessment using the 12 Components of a Functional M&E System Framework ° National and sub-national DDU assessment (Zanzibar only) " Assessments conducted using MEASURE Evaluation toois: — ICT and M&E capacity assessment tool — M&E System Strengthening Assessment Tool. ada pted for OVC I child protection - DDU Toolkit
  7. 7. 2. Form/ revitalize MVC I. /I8-. E TWGs ° Form/ revitalize MVC M&E Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to support the entire MVC M&E system strengthening process. ° Zanzibar - MEASURE supported DSW to form a new TWG: ° 11 Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs, 3 sub-national representatives, 3 international and 3 Iocal organizations) * Mainland — MEASURE supported DSW to revitalize the M&E TWG established in 2011: ' 8 MDAs, 12 international organizations, 2 Iocal organizations
  8. 8. . Engage staneholcîers in exzrery step MEASURE Evaluation supported DSW to engage the TWGs to: ' Draft and review the MVC M&E plan outline ° Draft indicators ° Review and develop data collection tools MEASURE Evaluation formally presented the draft M&E plans to DSW staff for inputs, ownership and buy-in. MEASURE Evaluation supported DSW to host a stakeholders’ meeting to review draft M&E plans: * MVC stakeholders from Iine ministries, implementing partners, development partners and District Social Welfare Officers
  9. 9. MEASURE Evaluation worked with DSW and the MVC M&E TWGs to establish criterìa to ensure indicators are: Relevant to the strategie objectives of the NCPA Il Clear in what their purpose is and how they would be interpreted Aligned with national and international standards Practical for stakeholders to collect information on and use Feasible based on current or easy-to establish data sources The initial Iist of 50 indicators, reduced to 36 Stakeholders thought that there are too many indicators Final selection based on the mandate and priority of DSW
  10. 10. 4 a 5. U n cîerstan ci the context of the electron ic sijstem to acta pt a n c! stre n gthe n The DMS from the government's perspective: - What worked well ° DMS helped capture, store and analyze MVC data ‘ Used data from DMS to plan for service provision by districts, lPs and MVCCs - Used data from DMS for annual planning and budget by DSW HQ and districts - Some challenges associated with the use of DMS ° DMS was not functioning at fuII capacity and only captured identification data ° Staffing: No national officer with designated MVC DMS function; no staff at the district level assigned with specific data entry responsibilities * Poor internet connectivity in some districts ° Poor-quality data ° Some districts not reporting
  11. 11. Developing the National MVC M&E Systems RESULTS AND NEXT STEPS
  12. 12. ° Mainland and Zanzibar National MVC M&E Plans; officially approved and Iaunched, 2015 ° 10 data collection tools (7 for MVC and 3 for child protection) ' Next steps: national MVC M&E plan training materials then training LGAs and lPs
  13. 13. ÌVÌVC information ivianagement System — DHlS2 * Integrating MVC into DHIS2 ° Formally approved by MoHSW Mainland; advanced discussions in Zanzibar (2 ministries - MOH & MESWYWC) ° Contracting with UDSM to build pilot module - Advantages to DHlS2: ° Existing funds, expertise and infrastructure (w/ MOHSW) ‘ Data use at the national and district levels ° Promìsing way to handle MVC data ‘ USAID is supporting DATIM - variant of DHlS2
  14. 14. a‘ u: a: ' n —. r _ e, g a — b N A-a- — G‘ un’ ' 2,4. r For the MVC M&E system to work ° Strengthening of data management responsibilities for MVC committees (MVCCs) is critical * AII these depend on the capacity of DSW and districts to take on M&E responsibilities
  15. 15. m! * i 5 v: iI iîàii i: una: i- Îî i: ‘una: = I H3! rCijI i (q “Si-tilt I I nei | | l li}! 5c: i: i" I I 1:: :| "'»4: ‘, v| ma 131i “ H. ‘ ‘ | |l il I I I u: m lira ‘i Î i; .: I ‘h r. ' I I Iìcm i . :u 1m, l iwzi : .ì* l" ‘w I Ì‘ si IÎI r: :I sci '31 iil I r: | _ 1:4 : ,’ u u-‘i I’ | u: . I i’ i i322 mi: I mi‘ n l i . u ‘un i l N.5! tîlwlîìl nei i . nei I a: I i mziÎp : | l | ;:| i; I r-‘zi til i i: ‘izà-u‘: .7; I 25:13:134 I l}: I zmei | .:| 'i I i l l m : :.‘<. :.: | ìiv : i‘i: i ‘ ’ i: -'i: &u«': l’ . u i: I (in: ., :I‘; ;s: _i n'a i usi I wvvw. measureevaluation. org 4 ‘Ì h x? 7x ‘ -. " M iyxsuziz ÀR Evaluation TZ USQLÀHD PEPF MOH TH A? » I ‘ZAN’ 51071!