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Hunter's creek elementary


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Hunter's creek elementary

  1. 1. Meagan Stratton EDF2085 Hunters Creek Elementary Teacher Observed: Barbara Meisel PK Handicapped
  2. 2. 2009 - 2010ESLNationally Recognized Program ESL Teachers Helping Regular Classroom English Language Teachers “Meeting the Needs of English ! Countywide ESL training workshops are Language Learners, Collaborating with Learner Parent open to regular classroom teachers 6 times Regular Classroom Teachers and Meeting Center during the school year. Supporting the Local ESL Parents” Home Help Tips for ! ESL teachers present at faculty meetingsThe Shelby County Schools ESL Program currently Shelby County Schools has an ESL Parent Resource Center Parents of ESL Students and also offer workshops open to any more than 1,300 English Language Learners available with plentiful resources for parents to use at ! The Shelby County Schools ESL Passport(ELLs, T1s, T2s representing more than 50 Newsletter is distributed bi-monthly to all home. This center is located ! Use the Internet at home or the locallanguages). Our local ESL program has been at Bon Lin Elementary. local schools. library to access ESL practice. Manyrecognized at both the national and international activities are available at ! The Shelby County ESL Website islevels for its excellence in student programming. ESL Teacher internationally recognized. ! Practice vocabulary daily with studentsWhat We Offer Professional Library using household objects. The Shelby County Schools ESL ! ESL Services to Students ! Read to your child daily in your native Staff strongly believes in … language or English. Shelby County Schools has an ! ESL Adult Classes ESL Teacher Professional ! Practice good study habits daily. Set aside a Helping English time for students to study on a regular Library open to all ESL Language basis. teachers and regular Learners ! ESL Summer Camps classroom teachers at Bon Lin ! Have family meetings where your child is Elementary. ESL material may the leader of the discussions. Allow the ! Interpreter Services be checked out at this child to speak in either English or the native Collaborating location. language. With Regular ! Meet with the child’s ESL teacher for Classroom ! ESL District Website ESL Teacher suggestions for home practice. Teachers Contacts ! Visit the ESL Parent Resource Center at Bon ! Teacher Training Lin Elementary School. Offering Support Please contact Todd Goforth to ESL Parents for ESL teacher contacts at ! ESL Parent Workshops anytime. Send email to 2 This is an ESL Program brochure that I believe is very well done.
  3. 3. WRITING MEASURABLE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES LEARNER PERFORMANCE QUALITY CRITERIA CONDITIONSAlphabetize Identify Independently Frequency LocationAnswer Include With prompting __ x each day During lunchArrange Initiate – Verbal __ x in __ minutes each day In a large groupAsk Imitate – Visual __ consecutive days In a small groupBring Label – Physical Fewer than __ minutes each In a 1:1 settingChart List – Gestural week During free/play timeChoose Maintain – Limited Whenever it appears Across environmentsCompare Make In the correct order Duration During time readingsCompile Match With correct capitalization For __ minutes In a sharing routineComplete Name With correct punctuation of For __ repetitions in __ In the communityCompose Organize periods, questions marks, (amount of time) GivensContrast Outline commas… Accuracy Given __ paragraphsContribute Paraphrase With a main idea and (#) of __% of the time Given pictures supporting details __ our of __trials Given unfamiliar materialCorrect count Point Legibly No more than __ errors Given words or lettersCreate Pronounce Without assistance With __ errors Given a topicDecode Provide With minimal assistance No more than random error Given a story starterDefine Read Instantly and correctly (define) Given CVC wordsDemonstrate RecordDescribe Retell On the first attempt Latency/Speed Given a calculator At a level judged satisfactory __ words per minute Given a modelDetermine Say by teacher __ letters per minute Given a writing promptDifferentiate Select With no more than one In less than __ minute MiscDiscriminate Self correct redirection __ seconds or less With typical peersDoes not ___ Share With a score of ___ from the __Complete work in __ With adultsEdit Solve __ grade writing rubric minutes With __ software (do not useExplain Speak Within __ minutes of a verbal brand names)Follow Spell prompt With __ grade vocabularyGenerate Summarize Intensity With two handsGive Type With __ pounds of pressure/forceGreet Volunteer With L/R hand With a (#) key hit sequence through use of __ (AT) Through use of __ NON-MEASURABLE: comprehend, strategy/behavior Enjoy, feel, increase (from what to what?), know In (type of) writing listen, learn, manipulate (how?), participate In (grade level) test/material (how?), realize, understandAdapted from HCESC Smart Sheet, Chalfant and McGraw, 4/2004
  6. 6. ELL Name: ______________ Grading Period: __________Date: ______________Federal law requires that teachers of second language students provide accommodations and modifications to enable students to succeed in the classroom.Documentation of accommodations/modifications is recommended.You may use this as a checklist to document your modifications each nine weeks. __Give tests orally__Give instructions/directions in writing and orally__Assign a peer tutor, same language or English speaking__Allow use of a bilingual dictionary__Provide summaries of text or study guides of particular chapters__Shorten reading assignments__Highlight key vocabulary (Recommended for all assignments)__Reduce amount of work required__Assess comprehension through demonstration or other alternative means (gestures, drawings,retellings)__Allow open book tests__For each question, indicate page number in textbook where answer is found__Rephrase questions, directions, and explanations__Use group projects rather than individual work__Reduce multiple choices to two__Provide study guides and/ or outlines and word banks__Provide video on subject__Allow extended time for test/project completion (Recommended for all assignments)__Use books on tape/CD__Use reduced text, so that print is not dense__Adapt homework to reflect language proficiency__Adapt homework to reflect home support__Provide hands‐on activities and explanations (Recommended for all assignments)__Allow extended time to answer questions, and permit drawing, as an explanation__Accept participation at any level, even one word__Use of translation dictionaries to locate words in the native language__Use Graphic organizers (Recommended for all assignments)__Use story retellings to assess comprehension__Use anecdotal records as a form of assessment__Keep portfolio of work as a form of assessment__Use visuals/pictures throughout lesson/unit/assignment (Recommended for all assignments)Other accommodations used – Please list: _________________
  7. 7. Teacher: Meisel Date: 4-1-13 Activity MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAYArrival & 8:45 –9:05 8:45 –9:05 8:45 –9:05 8:45 –9:05 8:45 –9:05PAW T.V. · Collect Planners, · Collect Planners, · Collect Planners, · Collect Planners, · Collect Planners, Lunch Money and Lunch Money and Lunch Money and Lunch Money and Lunch Money and Folders Folders Folders Folders Folders · Restroom Break · Restroom Break · Restroom Break · Restroom Break · Restroom BreakSpecials 9:05 – 9:45 9:05 – 9:45 9:05 – 9:40 9:05 – 9:45 9:05 – 9:45 SPLIT SPLIT SPLIT SPLIT SPLIT 9:45-10:15 9:45-10:15 9:45-10:15 9:45-10:15 9:45-10:15Snack & · Snack · Snack · Snack · Snack · SnackCalendar · Daily Reminders · Daily Reminders · Daily Reminders · Daily Reminders · Daily Reminders · Weather · Weather · Weather · Weather · Weather · Days in School · Days in School · Days in School · Days in School · Days in SchoolWhole group 10:15-10:45 10:15-10:45 10:15-10:45 10:15-10:45 10:15-10:45Reading · Theme 8 - On the · Theme 8 - On the · Theme 8 - On the · Theme 8 - On the · Theme 8 - On the Farm – Week 2 Farm – Week 2 Farm – Week 2 Farm – Week 2 Farm – Week 2 · Read The Enormous · Read Mouse’s · Read Mouse’s · Read Who Lives on · Read The big, big Turnip Birthday Birthday the Farm? box · Comprehension · Comprehension · Comprehension · Comprehension · Comprehension Focus: Noting Focus: Noting Focus: Noting Focus: Noting Focus: Noting Important Details Important Details Important Details Important Details Important Details · Alphafriend Mr. X-Ray · Alphafriend Mr. X-Ray · Alphafriend Mr. X- · Alphafriend Mr. X- · Alphafriend Mr. X- · Initial Consonant Xx · Initial Consonant Xx Ray Ray Ray · Word family -ox · Word family -ox · Initial Consonant Xx · Initial Consonant Xx · Initial Consonant Xx · HFW – the · HFW – the · Word family -ox · Word family -ot, ox, · Word family -ot · HM pg. 234, 235 · HM pg. 236, 237 · HFW – the ig · HFW – the · HM pg. 238, 239 · HFW – the · HM pg. 237, 238 · HM pg. 240, - 242Small Group 10:45 – 11:30 10:45 – 11:30 10:45 – 11:30 10:45 – 11:30 10:45 – 11:30and Stations · Book Station · Book Station · Journals – HFW · Book Station · Book Station · Starfall · Starfall sentence writing · Starfall · Starfall · Writing Station · Writing Station · Handwriting – first · Writing Station · Writing Station · Teacher Station – · Teacher Station – and last name · Teacher Station – · Teacher Station – Leveled Reader Leveled Reader Leveled Reader Leveled Reader
  8. 8. Language Arts 11:30 – 12:08 11:30 – 12:08 11:30 – 12:08 11:30 – 12:08 11:30 – 12:08with Social · Observe what the · List descriptive words · St. Patrick’s Day · Review Spring · Weekly ReaderStudies wind looks like. for wind observations.IntegrationLunch 12:05 – 12:30 12:05 – 12:30 12:05 – 12:30 12:05 – 12:30 12:05 – 12:30 ABC Order ABC Order ABC Order ABC Order ABC OrderIndividual 12:33-12:45 12:33-12:45 12:33-12:45 12:33-12:45 12:33-12:45ReflectionMath 12:45 – 1:45 12:45 – 1:45 12:45 – 1:45 12:45 – 1:45 12:45 – 1:45 · Topic 10 –Lesson 8 · Topic 10 – 9 Ordinals · Topic 10 – 10 Use · Topic 10 –PLC · Fun Friday Stations Ordering Numbers to to twentieth Logical Reasoning Assessment 20 on a number line · Math Animation · Math Animation · Math Animation · Math Animation · Math Games · Math Games · Math Games · Math Games · Computer Games · Computer Games · Computer GamesStations/ · Computer GamesIndependent · Songs · SongsPracticeScience / WIN 1:45-2:05 1:45-2:15 Early Dismissal 1:45-2:05 1:45-2:05 · What Do Animals · How Do Animals · How Do Animals · Review Need? Grow? Change?Recess 2:05-2:20 No recess 2:05-2:20 2:05-2:20Planners, 2:20-2:40 2:20-2:40 2:20-2:40 2:20 -2:40Pack–Up,SafariMontage &Dismissal Common Core Standards: MATH READING MAAC.K.CC.1.3 RF.K.1 RL.K.3 W.K.1 RF.K.2.(a) MACC.K.CC.2.4.b MACC.K.CC.2.4.c SL.K.5 L.K.1.(b) MACC.K.CC.2.5 RF.K.3(c) RF.K.2 RF.K.3(a) W.K.8 ESOL SL.K.3 RL.K.5 Simplified Direction Cooperative Learning Peer Tutoring RI.K.2 RL.K.1 L.K.6 RF.K.1(a) Categorize, Classify Discover Learning SL.K.6 L.K.2(b) RF.K.1.(b) Centers Multiple Methods of Evaluation RF.K.2(e) SL.K.1 SL.K.4 SL.K.5 L.K.5 SL.K.2
  9. 9. This station in the classroom is calling the “Listening Center”. The students were doing an activity where theyhad to listen to the teacher and do what she was asking.
  10. 10. This picture is of a “Word Wall” in Mrs. Meisel’s classroom
  11. 11. This station of the classroom was for computers.
  12. 12. Exceptional Education Field Observation Teacher InterviewName of Teacher: Barbara Meisel School: Hunter’s Creek Elem. Grade: VE Pre-KPurpose: To assist future teachers with gaining greater understanding and insight into the expectations andresponsibilities toward children with Special needs.What exceptionality do the students have? What grade level and what age are they? The class is separated into two sessions. The morning sessions are the three year olds and the afternoonsessions are the four year olds. There are a range of exceptionalities. All students are labeleddevelopmentally delayed. However, they have separate titles that are linked. They include: Down Syndrome,Autism Spectrum and Language Impaired.What needs do the children seem to have that are unique to this group? Common to other children? Whatmodifications in instructional approach are made?Both groups of VE (varying exceptionalities) need a great deal of visuals. The visual aids that accompanymost of the teacher’s lessons help to enhance and promote effectiveness in everyday instruction. This isespecially true for reading. The teacher’s assistance will hold up story cues as the read aloud progresses. Forexample, when the setting is mentioned, the TA (teacher’s assistant) will hold up a tree. When the maincharacter is speaking, the TA will hold up a star. These strategies help the VE children identify importantinformation.This is a strategy that is common among general primary classrooms. Visual aids are great accommodationsthat can be used for any and all students, regardless of ability. The modifications that are made are specificto the student with Down Syndrome. This student is visually impaired. Therefore, some of the tasks that arewritten or drawn, are modified into an oral activity to give the student are greater chance for success.
  13. 13. What recommendations does the parent have for you, regarding what you might provide for children who have special needs? Many of the students are come into this classroom enter in with prior knowledge of what their child needs. A great deal of them have already been receiving outside services. The VE teacher works in conjunction with the parents in trying to create the best learning environment possible for the children. The language impaired childcame to the classroom with a basic knowledge of sign language. The teacher incorporated these techniques into the classroom setting. It has been a great enhancement to all of the students.How have you been affected by the education policy directed at children with special needs. What modifications has the teacher made in teaching? What do you as a teacher still feel is needed?Hunter’s Creek Elementary School has a very supportive group of leaders. The IEPs have changed quite a bit this year. It has been difficult transitioning over with the students who had a previous one from the three year old session. The accommodations that have been incorporated are a lot more visuals to support the reading curriculum. The curriculum has been modified to align with the new Common Core Standards. A big emphasis on differentiated instruction needs to be implemented. With the Common Core Standards being included this year, it is difficult to challenge and enrich your independent students while finding the time tointervene with your struggling learners. While differentiating instruction is in the schools, it needs to be an even more prominent structure. What type of assistive technology do you use to accommodate the special needs of your students?We are privileged enough to have an abundant amount of technology resources at our disposable. We have the use of Promethean boards and Digital Process Visualizers that help with my visual and language impairedstudents. With this technology, I can project work in a larger format. I also have the use of audio technology that projects my voice and other audio functions throughout the entire class from the speakers system.