How to increase your klout score


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Klout is the measure of your online influence.Your Klout score can affect you in many ways and can help you positively.Read these points to increase your Klout Score,just as i did .Learn how it works & how you can increase your score!

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How to increase your klout score

  1. 1. How to Increase your Klout Score By : Abhijit Mahida Geeks Laboratory
  2. 2. Well,What is Klout? • Klout is an Online web service which analyses all your social media accounts like twitter, Facebook,YouTube Instagram, StumbleUpon and then gives you a score,which is known as Klout Score.More the Engagement of you with your readers,more is your Score.
  3. 3. And,how do you increase that ? • Well,Klout focuses only on social media campaings and so you shoud increase your engagement on are my ways of Increasing Klout score on different Social media’s
  4. 4. Go onTwitter.. • If you are onTwitter,you should link it to your Klout profile.More the mentions,retweets and favorites you have on your tweets,more is your klout score.Also,if a more popular twitter celeb (Tweeple) will mention you,more will be your jump in score.
  5. 5. Be on Facebook (C’mmon Everyone is) • Facebook Impacts my Klout Score the most because this is the platform on which I am most active and remain engaged.My klout score increased by 11 when I linked my Facebook account with Klout.
  6. 6. And then Google+ (Don’t tell me you don’t know G+) • If you are active on Google Plus and if you have a considerably large Circle of friends and followers,linking it with Klout will surely increase your score.Also +1’s are very crucial in determining your klout score.
  7. 7. MyTip (Exclusive ) • Use Buffer : Buffer analyses your twitter account and sends your tweets at those times when your followers are the most engaged ,hence increasing your visits,Retweets and mentions and thereby increasing your Klout Score.
  8. 8. Finally.. • So,now I would say that Klout is just a tool which measures and shows you your online presence. Don't take it it a negative way and start comparing it with others.Just create content which people like to read and share and see,you score will increase.
  9. 9. • So,what do yo do to increase your Klout Score? • Answer it at Geeks Laboratory or Contact me personally atTwitter, Facebook