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Spending Money Wisely Essay


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Spending Money Wisely Essay
M. Dzaki Albiruni

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Spending Money Wisely Essay

  1. 1. LBPP LIA PRAMUKA 1 Muhamad Dzaki Albiruni Higher Intermediate 4 Saturday / 15 – 19 / 408 Topic: Spending Money Wisely Mode: Argumentative INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH: Thesis Statement: Spending money wisely can be done by making plans for shopping, avoid the promotion, and wait for sales and discounts. BODY PARAGRAPH: 1. T.S: Make the plans for shopping regularly S.D: - List all primary consumption and expenditure once a week - Buy anything that we need, not what you want 2. T.S: Avoid every promotion if we don’t need it S.D: - Show the respect for sales, but make sure that we’ll not buy it - Think twice before we take the item or stop in the front of them 3. T.S: Wait for sales and discounts if we want to buy what we want S.D: - Don’t visit the mall regularly or open the shopping website on free time - Great sales often happens on last month of year CONCLUDING PARAGRAPH: Concluding Sentence: Making plans for shopping, avoiding the promotion, and waiting for discounts are ways to reduce our expenditure in order to spend the money wisely.
  2. 2. LBPP LIA PRAMUKA 2 Money Management In the modern time, money is energy for life because we can purchase and get everything with money. Proverb said that “It’s more comfortable to cry in a Porsche more than on a bicycle”. In fact, if we have no money, we will not spend our life easily. Money is as well as blood in our body, so don’t spend our money on vain ways. Although we cannot stop our daily expenditure, we still can spend our money wisely. Spending money wisely can be done by making plans for shopping, by avoiding the promotion, and by waiting for sales and discounts. First, make the plans for shopping regularly. If we make a decision at the moment when we’re in store, we could balloon our expenditures because we will buy anything that cause us to buy. The more focused we are in order to make a list, the more effective we are to buy necessary things only. Sometimes we have to anticipate the unpredictable expenditure, but make sure that we buy everything that we need, not everything that we want. Make the list of all primary consumption like our daily needs at least once a week, so we will balance our account naturally. Thus, plans for shopping regularly can reduce our expenditure by making us “Think before we buy it.” Second, avoid every promotion if we don’t need it. If we visit the mall and pass the stores, the salesman will attract us to come to his store by giving an attention, giving the product sample for free, and asking for our needs. When we give an attention for him, he can promote their products as well as his goal. We cannot avoid those things, because it’s his strategies to attract the consumers in order to buy the products. However, we still can avoid his promotion by not taking his free sample, not looking at his stores or just by saying “Thank you” if he asks you a question. Just show our respect for the salesman, but make sure that we will not buy it. Think twice before we stand on his store. Thus, we can easily say no to the product offered and save our money by avoiding the unnecessary promotion. Third, wait for sales and discounts if we want to buy what we want. As a human, we have the primary, secondary, and tertiary needs. Sometimes if we have completed the primary one, we want something that looks modern and suitable as our hobby like sport shoes, jersey, notebook,
  3. 3. LBPP LIA PRAMUKA 3 smart phone, and many more. However, don’t waste our money if those items just being launched to the public, because the price might be expensive. Bookmarks for item that we want to buy, and don’t visit the mall regularly. Open the shopping website on our free time also might attract us to buy the item directly, so we should wait for great sales and discounts especially on the last month of year. As a result, waiting for sales and discount for items that we want to buy could save our money effectively. Making the plans for shopping regularly, avoiding the promotion, and waiting for sales and discounts are ways to spend our money wisely. Money is one of important things on our life, so think twice before we spend it. By doing these simple programs, we can save a lot of money and manage it as well. Therefore, we can maximize the essential of money by spending our money wisely.