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The national science fair comm fair v3 for slideshare


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Planning the 3rd National Science fair Community Fair at the PSHS Main Campus

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The national science fair comm fair v3 for slideshare

  1. 1. rd 3 The National Science Fair presents: The Community Fair another way to build a culture of science
  2. 2. What to expect?
  3. 3. PSHS-Main Campus Map ASTB: Ribbon cutting of SAMSUNG DIGITAL LAB GYM: Registration and Main Exhibit Area GRANDSTAND: Science in Action FRONT LOBBY: WebDevelopment FIELD: Food Sale Research, Video games, Robots and more! Guardhouse Agham Road
  4. 4. Registration and main Exhibit Venue
  5. 5. NSF delegates’ exhibit: 17 schools 64 research projects explained in layman’s terms
  6. 6. Robotics and Interactive exhibits: From all the PSHS Campuses
  7. 7. And more!!! Main Campus Research Awardees, Photography, Bio meets Art…
  8. 8. We need help with registration and
  9. 9. EXHIBIT SET UP!!!
  10. 10. It’s a big endeavor and we need the help of the whole community: STUDENTS 
  11. 11. Sounds exciting ASTIIIG !!! so Is there an Econ bonus for this?
  12. 12. AND TEACHERS “Ma’am, sirs, sign up na po kayo…”
  13. 13. VIP RECEPTION, USHER SUPERVISION, TEACHER-MARSHALLS REGISTRATION TEACHER-CHAPERONES for Batch 2014 and 2015 viewing ROVING/GROUNDS MARSHAL EXHIBIT SET-UP EXHIBIT selection and preparation “Ma’am, sirs, sign up na po kayo…”
  14. 14. Who to expect? Our campus directors
  15. 15. Who to expect? Our favorite VIP: DOST Usec dela Peña
  16. 16. Who to expect? VIPS from FPLA (First Pacific Leadership Academy) and the Manny Pangilinan group of companies, SAMSUNG, distinguished Scientists, and other high ranking Government employees
  17. 17. and LOTS OF STUDENTS 400 guests/batch 5 batches expected total number of guests: 2000
  18. 18. Schedule Exhibit selection and preparation: ongoing up to final set-up Exhibit set-up Thursday to Monday, Feb 6 to 10 Registration table opens at 7:00 am on Tuesday, Feb 11 Ushers and marshalls on duty VIPs are expected to arrive starting 8:30 am
  19. 19. Schedule Opening program 9:00-10:00 am VIP viewing of the NSF Exhibits 10:00-10:45 am (VIPs move to Ribbon cutting at the ASTB at 11:00 am) Exhibits close at 3:00 pm
  20. 20. What to expect? Events: NSF Community Fair – Delegates’ Output Robotics and interactive exhibits Food concessionaires (Batch 89) Exhibits from the PSHS Main Campus: Science in action outdoor demos Asstd. static exhibits at the Gym and the ASTB Video Games and Web Design Special Event: Opening of the Samsung Digital Laboratory
  21. 21. NSF Posters: Technical and layman’s posters Q: demo on stage? Interactive/set up?
  22. 22. PROGRAM / SPOTLIGHT 4 DEMO AREA 3 INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS AREA EXHIBIT AREA 6 5 7 1 Certificate distribution 2 POOL AREA 1 on banner stand : Interactive Exhbits label 2 on banner stand : Research Exhbits label 3ceiling-hung: Demo area1 4 ceiling-hung: Demo area2 5 ceiling-hung: Interactive exhibits 6 ceiling-hung: research exhibits 7 ceiling-hung: research exhibits
  23. 23. A5 S T A G E B5 C5 D5 E5 A4 D4 E4 B3 C3 D3 E3 A2 B2 C2 D2 E2 A1 EXIT C4 A3 A R E A B4 B1 C1 D1 I N T E R A C T I V E E1 18m x 30m E X H I B I T S ENTRANCE
  24. 24. Emcees!!! NSF Posters: Technical and layman’s posters Q: demo on stage? Interactive/set up?
  25. 25. photos from other exhibits: NSTW 2013 and Pisay Expo
  26. 26. NSTW 2013 - Registration
  27. 27. NSTW 2013
  28. 28. NSTW 2013
  29. 29. Pisay Expo 2013
  30. 30. Pisay Expo 2013 – Photography Club
  31. 31. Pisay Expo 2013 – LEDEX
  32. 32. Pisay Expo 2013 – Wild Bird Club
  33. 33. Pisay Expo 2013 – Art Club (Wand Totanes)
  34. 34. Pisay Expo 2013 – lots of people
  35. 35. Pisay Expo 2013 – lots of people
  36. 36. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES NSF COMMITTEE for the COMMUNITY FAIR Ana Chupungco Mark Ayaay Ralph Hipolito (CLC) Monica Xavier Logistics Boss: Aline Mendoza
  37. 37. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES VIP RECEPTION; STUDENT/TEACHER USHERS AND MARSHALLS Chair: Joselito Englatera Ma. Luisa Capundag Eileen Sarmago (special job: VIP plaques) Carrie Gicaraya Carmela Bonifacio (special job: meals of service crew) CAT Corps Commander 3rd and 4th year Batch Advisers Coordinate with everyone, especially with Gene and Aline
  38. 38. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE (including Certificates table) Chair: Jerrica Alzate Bick Lloren SARS students coordinate with Rommell Oba
  39. 39. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES EXHIBIT SET-UP AT THE PSHS GYM Chair: Ana Chupungco Franel Infante Paolo Apolinario Mark Ayaay Ghie Magpantay + Math Club students Jonathan Javier Terence Gaffud + Basic Robotics students Bio Meets Art Photography Club
  40. 40. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES MAIN CAMPUS EXHIBITS SELECTION, DISPLAY AND QUALITY CONTROL Chair: Monica Xavier Ayn Manuel Bernard Llaguno Pie Ferrer Marivic Morata Renan Ortiz
  41. 41. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES EXHIBIT SET UP AT THE PSHS OVAL AND ASTB Chair: Marivic Morata Bernard Llaguno Pie Ferrer ATOM Family ASTROSOC/Problem-based Physics Students
  42. 42. ASSIGNED COMMITTEES SAMSUNG SPECIAL EVENT Chair: Jayson Bingcang Francis (Kiko) Serina Lody Pabello Jahan Castro Note: Catering for VIP lunch in charge is OED c/o Francico (Kiko) Reyes
  43. 43. SIGN-UP SHEETS FOR 1. VIP RECEPTION 2. Usher supervision and marshalling shift for Exhibits 3. Teacher Chaperone for Batch 2014 viewing 4. Teacher Chaperone for Batch 2015 viewing 5. Registration shift 6. Roving teacher/Grounds marshal shift 7. Help with Exhibit set-up in the Gym 8. Help with Exhibit set-up outside the Gym
  44. 44. Masaya, promise, maski nakakapagod!