Geo-Medical HIPAA Compliant Audience Targeting


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Review data sources, privacy and applications

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Geo-Medical HIPAA Compliant Audience Targeting

  1. 1. 1<br />
  2. 2. Geo-Medical Targeted Consumer Advertising <br />Medicx Media Solutions provides consumer health information and technology-driven data solutions for leading OTC, Pharma, and CPG health brand advertisers to increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition, retention and branding programs across online and traditional marketing channels.<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Hyper-Local Targeting<br />Medicx maintains the largest HIPAA compliant claims database used to identify specific Zip+4 geographic areas that have well above average propensity or prevalence to align to a certain set of diseases and health related characteristics. <br />Our goal is to minimize waste and enable delivery of highly targeted hyper-local audiences that perform for our clients online and offline campaigns.<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Effectiveness of Targeting Zip+4 <br />Using the power of automated predictive modeling and HIPAA-certified Zip+4 aggregated health insurance claims and self-reported medical survey data, Medicx connects you to the highest prevalence areas.<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Databases Available<br /><ul><li>mScores™
  6. 6. Zip+4 Aggregated Health Claims Data
  7. 7. De-Identified & HIPAA Certified
  8. 8. mScores Plus™
  9. 9. Self-Reported Health and Lifestyle Surveys
  10. 10. Opt-in/Permission only
  11. 11. mScores Enhanced™
  12. 12. Zip+4 Aggregated Registration & Operational Data
  13. 13. Zip+4  JAVA Script Codes (Cookies)
  14. 14. Zip+4  IP Address</li></ul>5<br />
  15. 15. mScores™<br /><ul><li>Zip+4 Aggregated Health Claims Data
  16. 16. The only HIPAA certified, privacy safe Geo-Medical TargetingTM & consumer health analytics database derived from U.S. medical and prescription insurance claims.
  17. 17. Over 3 billion+ medical and prescription claims
  18. 18. Hyper-locate high prevalence medical conditions, brand and generic treatments, health behaviors, insurance coverage and wellness interests and more</li></ul>At no time does mScoresmaintain, store or have access to any personally identifiable information or personal health information (PII or PHI) that can be directly linked to an individual<br />6<br />
  19. 19. mScores Plus™ <br /><ul><li>Zip+4 Aggregated Survey Responder Data
  20. 20. Over 20 million self-reported surveys, aggregating medical ailment and treatment data.
  21. 21. Can also be used at individual responder level for direct marketing campaigns…email, postal, data appends
  22. 22. Collected from subscriber (Opt-In) completed general lifestyle surveys
  23. 23. add audience scale
  24. 24. extend reach into CPG & OTC </li></ul>health related conditions <br /> OTC brands<br /> CPG health foods, etc<br /> Fitness, diet supplements, etc <br />7<br />
  25. 25. mScores Enhanced™<br /><ul><li>Zip+4 Aggregated Registration and Operational Data
  26. 26. Collected from Opt-in subscribers who complete a lifestyle survey and from profits and not-for-profits who license their registration data to third parties
  27. 27. 200 million online opt in registrants
  28. 28. Medicx only licenses the link between registrant cookie or IP address & Zip+4</li></ul>At no time does mScores Enhanced maintain, store or have access to any personally identifiable information or personal health information (PII or PHI) that can be directly linked to an individual<br />8<br />
  29. 29. Create More Efficient Media Buys<br />Accessing our data allows the brand to drill down to Zip+4’s to identify prospective patient audiences and be more efficient with their media buys<br />9<br />
  30. 30. Geo-Medical Targeting Connects to Your Target Consumer<br /><ul><li> Highest Prevalence Hyper-local Target Areas
  31. 31. Medical or health condition & treatment specific user segments
  32. 32. Audiences aggregated by zip+4 scored segments</li></ul> Interwoven and modeled<br /><ul><li>Consumption Patterns & Related Health Attributes
  33. 33. Medication compliance
  34. 34. Co-morbidities
  35. 35. Insurance coverage
  36. 36. Co-pay tiers</li></ul>10<br />
  37. 37. Our Data Applications<br /><ul><li>Build Audience Centric Targets
  38. 38. Inform media plans (pre-planning)
  39. 39. Targeted Direct Marketing</li></ul> Email<br /> Direct Mail<br /> Targeted inserts (newspapers and magazines) <br /><ul><li>OnlineDisplay Ad and Broadband Video Targeting
  40. 40. Medicx partners with a number of ad networks, online publishers and exchanges that have integrated the data into their cookie targeting platforms
  41. 41. The database platform has been installed or has equipped the top networks, exchanges and publishers</li></ul>11<br />In discussions<br />In discussions<br />
  42. 42. Analytical Solutions<br /><ul><li>ActuatoRx™ Matchback Analysis & ROI Measurement
  43. 43. Transforms anonymous online user information by linking to their registration information from previous opt-in
  44. 44. Integrates 200 million plus CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses & over 110 million household names & postal addresses
  45. 45. Enables comprehensive ROI Measurement with pre and post test analyses for display ad or broadband video campaigns</li></ul> Links to offline prescription sales databases <br /><ul><li>Analyze Rx sales lift for measured ROI via Medicx partner</li></ul>12<br />
  46. 46. Summary: GeoMedical Targeting Minimizes Waste and Improves ROI<br />Hyper-Local Targeting in High Prevalence or Treatment Areas<br /><ul><li>Zip+4 targeting pinpoints the highest prevalence and consumption areas for diagnosed sufferers and treatments.
  47. 47. Privacy protected and HIPAA certified
  48. 48. Delivers more relevant audiences with evidence of higher likelihood to respond to your offers and deliver improved ROI</li></ul>13<br />
  49. 49. 14<br />PERFORMANCE<br />*<br />OPEN RATES<br />*<br />CLICK RATES<br />*Mailer Mailer Email Marketing Metrics Report 2009<br />
  50. 50. Brands Working With mScores <br />15<br />
  51. 51. APPENDIX<br />16<br />
  52. 52. Zip+4 Claims De-Identification Process – Patent Pending<br />Health Data Provider <br />HIPAA <br />Certified<br />Irreversible <br />Removal of all PII<br />HIPAA Certified<br />HIPAA <br />Certified<br />Zip+4<br />Claims Database<br />Pharmacy Claims<br />Physician Claims<br />Hospital Claims<br />Non-PII<br />Health Data <br />Repository<br />Proprietary De-<br />Identification<br />Technology<br />Common data de-identification of <br />Consumer Database PII protects Consumer privacy <br />and allows Zip+4 append & linkage to Health data<br />Third Party Data <br />Integrator<br />Match & Link<br />Healthcare Data to <br />Zip+4 to output file<br />Health Data <br />Repository<br />Consumer Database<br />DE-IDENTIFIED<br /> Consumer Household Database<br />Unique ID Replaces:<br />Last Name<br />First Name<br />DOB <br />Gender<br />Address<br />Zip+4 is retained <br />DE-IDENTIFIED Healthcare Claims Database<br />Unique ID Replaces:<br />Last Name<br />First Name<br />DOB<br />Gender<br />Address<br />Z<br />Automatic Predictive <br />Modeling Engine<br />& Zip+4 Scoring<br />
  53. 53. ROI Measurement Via Closed Loop Technology<br />A prospect who views an ad and doesn't interact with it or “clicks” then abandons may still take some action and may likely seek out the advertiser through search or conclude a sales transaction in a Pharmacy. By measuring the ”pre and post-impression actions" the influence on Rx fulfillment, patient starts and share lift can be quantified and an ROI determined.<br />mScores Target<br />DATA <br />MANIPULATION<br />Cleanse<br />Match<br />De-identify<br />Integrate<br />Append<br />EXPOSURES<br />Rx ROI <br />Measurement<br />In<br />180+ Million<br />Web Site registration with Online <br />Addresses <br />Linked to <br />Zip+4<br />Offline <br />De-identified<br />Rx <br />Transactional<br /> Database<br />CLICKS<br />Rx lift for Test and Control <br />Group by Rx and Patients in a Pre/Post test measurement<br />An "outside in” measurement approach by collecting data from the edge of the Internet (anonymous opt-in co-reg data gathered from interactions with users) to map online addresses to postal data and anonymous prescription claims data<br />CONVERSIONS<br />18<br />18<br />
  54. 54. Tactical Applications<br />Field Force & Physicians<br /><ul><li>Target consumers within a radius of high decile prescriber geo’s (or sales territories), or low Brand Z share areas to drive consumer awareness, physician interactions, voucher redemptions, and adoption
  55. 55. Target practitioners online across Internet by specialty, group practice, decile prescriber rankings</li></ul>Managed Care <br /><ul><li>Target consumers within a radius of high Brand X share plans with high copays, low Brand Z share plans with low copays, or by co-pay tier and formulary status to drive consumer awareness, physician interactions, voucher redemptions, and adoption</li></ul> Insurance Coverage<br /><ul><li>Target un/under insured with free trial and/or co-pay offset vouchers and patient assistance programs </li></ul>Medication Compliance<br /><ul><li>Target consumers that are “average compliers” of drugs as they will be your most cost-efficient responders to compliance and persistency related efforts</li></ul> Co-morbidities<br /><ul><li>Target conditions that are risk factors or known drivers of your target diagnosis</li></ul>Seasonality<br /><ul><li>Example: Higher incidence of target diagnosis during certain times of the year</li></ul>National Awareness Events<br /><ul><li>Examples: Healthy Lung Month (October), Respiratory Care Week (Oct. 25-31), Great American Smoke out (November 19)</li></ul>19<br />