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Residential Solar: Lessons Learned


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Kent Baake of Continuum Energy Solutions shares his expertise of powering homes using solar electricity.

This presentation was given December 4, 2009 at the Solar Energy Focus Conference: Fall 2009 hosted by the Maryland, DC, Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA) in Gaithersburg, MD.

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Residential Solar: Lessons Learned

  1. 1. Residential Solar: Lessons Learned xxxxxxxxxxxx October 12, 2009
  2. 2. Residential Trends in Solar • More groups of customers buying – enabling discounts • Solar Hot water systems selling well • Micro-inverters popular – Many benefits • Many are attracted to solar for environmental reasons and buy as the economics are deemed to be attractive • Several have made the connection that environmental effects from climate change and mercury pollution in our food will hurt us economically. The price of rice is expected to double next year • Recent Virginia incentives have boosted sales • Dynamic Pricing coming to Virginia • Higher level of professionalism and ethics desired
  3. 3. New Technology! - Enphase Microinverters •One inverter behind each panel- many benefits! •Cheaper to install with no central inverter location needed •Reduces the effects of shading •Cheaper to expand systems •Excellent individual panel data monitoring •Enables quicker repair and troubleshooting
  4. 4. Enphase Data Monitoring
  5. 5. Solar Powered Cars •Electric cars coming soon from Nissan, Chevrolet, Tesla.! •Purchasers are willing to invest in technology and are discovering they can fuel their new electric car with free clean energy from the sun!
  6. 6. Current economics leading to sales • Hot water has lower price point and faster “payback” • Photovoltaic prices are down 30% last 12 months • Current incentives are one time / declining • Concern about rising energy costs • Concern about rising system costs if economy recovers or strong national legislation occurs • Limited improvements in efficiency expected
  7. 7. Spread the word – Solar is unique! • Solar Energy is FREE! • The Solar resource in the DC Metro area and most places on earth is tremendous! • Solar Creates Jobs, Offers Income, increased value and risk reduction for System Owners, and Increases our National Security • Solar is good for our community & America!