Morton Salt Research and Development


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A re-branding/study of Morton Salt.

By: Marie Jeanne Dupuch and Nikki Crozier

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Morton Salt Research and Development

  1. 1. Morton Salt
  2. 2. WhyMorton Salt? Morton Salt is a multi-generational and highly nostalgic brand that carries fond memories in many households. While people use the product on a daily basis, the brand and its rich history often goes unrecognized.
  3. 3. Current BrandStatus Jennifer the Traditionalist  Owns her own home.  Shops at discount outlets.  Cooks at least four meals a week.  Clips coupons.  Reads magazines related to living a healthy lifestyle.  Maintains an interest in politics.  Doesn’t have children.  Follows trends in home decor.  Would like to make minor improvements to her house.  Owns a mobile phone. Jennifer is a single woman. Although she does not have a college degree, has managed to maintain a relatively high income. Jennifer does not have any kids of her own but comes from a close knit family where tradition has played an important role. She has created her own practices and a daily routine. Jennifer finds joy in cooking and loves entertaining, keeping up with modern trends in home decor and improvements. She gathers a lot of this information, advice and ideas from television programs, magazines and various online resources. User Goals:  Reliable brands. Although Jennifer is interested in new technology and advances in science, she mainly  User friendly media. relies upon traditional media to guide her to appropriate sites. She is comfortable using new technology but is admittedly not as skilled in navigating as her younger coworkers,  Information on “how to”. but is open to learning.  Community. Jennifer makes a decent income, but knows how to get the best bang for her buck.  Convenience. She frequents coupon sites, clearance racks at retail outlets, and has invested online. However, she does use some caution when using the internet, visiting well known and Brand/Client Goals: established sites, rarely venturing off the beaten path.  Consistency of Identity.  Expand demographic Personal Information without losing current. Age: 51 yrs. Favorite Shows: Law and Order,  Use alternate forms Location: Phoenix, AZ Rachael Ray, CSI, Curb Appeal. of media successfully. Status: Single Favorite Authors: Danielle Steel,  Connect more with Hobbies: Reading, antiquing, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham. existing audience. cooking, old movies, and gardening. Shops: Target, Herbergers, Macy’s, Favorite Food: Italian Sears, Ace Hardware.  Create a platform. Favorite Artist: Joni Mitchell Online stores:, scott trade, Radio: Easy listening/Classic rock.,
  4. 4. Current BrandStatus
  5. 5. Current BrandStatus
  6. 6. Current BrandStatus Morton Salt’s competitors are more geared toward gourmet kitchens, and are generally not well known.
  7. 7. Current BrandStatus
  8. 8. Insight
  9. 9. Insight Morton Salt regularly performs good environmental deeds that go unnoticed. They need to gain credit for these actions.
  10. 10. Insight Morton Salt has a young audience that is celebrating and embracing the brand, taking it to the next level without even knowing it. Morton salt needs to acknowledge and catch up to this upcoming demographic. Lisa the Food Enthusiast  College graduate.  Shops mainly online.  Cooks at least four meals a week.  Bargain hunter.  Reads magazines and blogs related  Interested in pop culture. to fitness and fashion trends.  Follows current world issues.  Doesn’t have children.  Owns a mobile phone and laptop.  Member of a gym. Lisa is in a long term relationship and works for the local government. She has been out of school for four years and is currently interested in finding a new career. Lisa is from a small but traditional family. Her mother works in the food service industry and her father is an electrician, and she currently rents an apartment twenty minutes from her parents home. Lisa is interested in fitness, living a healthy lifestyle but enjoys going out to the bars. She has User Goals: a large social network of friends online and maintains regular contact through Facebook and text messaging. Lisa likes to search the web at work, find new information, blogs,  Unique branding. video media, online games, recipes and humour. She feels knowledgeable and comfortable  Creative use of media. navigating online and does a lot of research and shopping in this space. Lisa enjoys “stumbling” on Google and loves finding new creative media and products related to her  Mobility and convenience. interests.  Community. Lisa does not have cable in her apartment and actually shares internet access with  Experience. her neighbor. Therefore, she streams episodes online and rents movies from the nearby  Supporting a cause. redbox. She shops organic when she can afford it and frequents the international food markets. Lisa will spend a bit more for high quality products and values unique/modern packaging. Brand/Client Goals:  Consistency of Identity. Personal Information  Expand demographic Age: 26 yrs. Favorite Shows: Top Chef, Project Runway without losing current. Location: Miami, FL. Down Home with the Neelys, Paula Deen,  Use alternate forms Status: In a relationship Jersey Shore, The Daily Show/Colbert Report.. of media successfully. Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, hanging Favorite Podcasts: This American Life, out with friends, and shopping. Savage Love, Stuff you should know.  Connect more with Favorite Food: Vietnamese Shops: Target, Marshals, TJ Max, Vintage existing audience. Favorite Artist: Lady Gaga Thrift stores.  Create a platform. Radio: Independent radio, NPR, Online stores: Perez Hilton, Food network, Popular. TMZ, Amazon.
  11. 11. Insight
  12. 12. Insight
  13. 13. The Morton Salt girl has been adopted as a vintage fashion idol by the brand’s modern youthful audience.Insight
  14. 14. Consumers have interpreted the logo in their own way through various fine art forms.Insight
  15. 15. Consumer brand tattoos are a slowly growing trend, particularly for a nostalgic brand such as Morton.Insight
  16. 16. Strategies
  17. 17. Strategies Get Morton Salt to acknowledge and celebrate the youthful energy that this younger audience is raising for the band. Use the youthful energy to appeal to this generation, and turn nega- tive connotations of salt into positives.
  18. 18. Strategies Develop a consumer reward system to celebrate the consumer’s interest and ingenuity.
  19. 19. Strategies Give the brand a modern face lift that reflects their consumer and the consumer’s interests.
  20. 20. Tactics
  21. 21. Tactics The brand can set up and participate in community gardens and bar- beques and donate and/or participate with soup kitchens, preserving local communities and family values.
  22. 22. Tactics
  23. 23. Tactics Create a dialogue via guerilla tactics with their consumers through spray paint projects, legal tagging, salt art in the communities, etc.
  24. 24. Tactics
  25. 25. Tactics Morton Salt can reward consumers for adding their “flavor” and in- genuity to the brand the and the community, whether the consumer intended to or not. Morton Salt can feature specific people and projects on their Facebook, Twitter, and website. The company can sponsor a gallery showing for the individual and any work they would like to showcase, whether they are designers, painters, musicians, etc. The piece they created that caught Morton’s attention would be displayed as well. The artist gains community recognition and Morton Salt becomes a relevant brand again.
  26. 26. Tactics Like coffee or herb dispensers in grocery stores, Morton Salt can cre- ate a salt dispenser in grocery stores. Reusable plastic or glass contain- ers would reduce consumer cost and product waste. The package wrapping will be simplified and modernized to remain rec- ognizable but not mundane. A decal will go on the new packaging, stating the brand’s environmen- tal efforts and adding transparency to the brand.
  27. 27. Tactics
  28. 28. Tactics
  29. 29. Thank You