Website search engine optimization


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Website search engine optimization

  1. 1. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality Internet marketing home basedbusiness success depends on search engines finding/indexing your website. Your Website Pages andKeywords must be top 10 ranked vs. competing sites for organic traffic.
  2. 2. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality•There are 7 fundamental internet marketingstrategies. Optimizing is one of the keys.•The term is "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO)and it refers to the techniques needed by yourwebsite to be very friendly to the search engines.•The Search Engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing andmany others must be able to locate your websiteand "index" your pages.• Once your site has been discovered, "indexed",the search engines will begin to rank your website.
  3. 3. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality•The first is to make sure you have the basic corePages set up on your website and in the site headertool bar.• These include; Blog page, About page, Contactpage, FAQ page, Sales pages (depending on yourwebsite Theme/purpose) and sometimes Article(s)page.•This is very important. The search engines rateyour website higher if you have these Pages set up,with internal Links (e.g. you create your Aboutpage and add a link in the content of that Page toyour Contact page and FAQ page, etc.
  4. 4. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality•Next is website "Content“. This refers to the textand information you include on your website.• The search engines want to rank sites on the firstpage of any Search based on the value andrelevancy of the information provided.• An internet marketing website uses a "blogging"format with 3 - 5 or more unique Blogs to theirwebsite every week.• These Blogs must be unique, interesting andKeyword rich for SEO ranking scores. There are anumber of resources available once you getstarted.
  5. 5. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality•Making your Pages and Blog-posts "KeywordFocused" is needed but it must be balanced andrelevant.•You can not just stuff your Blogs/Articles with abunch of keywords that are not relevant to thecontent of your post.• Include your Keywords in the following; In theTitle of your Blog/article, in the text of your Blog &in the Closing paragraph.• Keyword/phrase at 5 -8% of the total words. For a400 word Blog, that would about 3 times.
  6. 6. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality• Add what is called a "Resource Box" at thebottom of every Blog-post or Article at thebottom of each post.•Link content to other information on yourwebsite.•The Blog resource Box would have a link orreference to your website "Opt-in" forpeople to sign-up for your mailing list.• Offer a Free report or other valuableinformation.
  7. 7. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality•These key techniques are fundamental toSEO and important to getting your website-pages ranked high by the search engines.•The more you can learn about SEO, andwork to implement SEO on your website thebetter.•The process is something any aspiringinternet marketer can learn and utilize tobuild a relevant and attractive website
  8. 8. Website Search Engine Optimization: Myth vs. Reality• SEO is the first of the 7 Fundamentals forInternet marketing Success.• The other 6 fundamentals may surpriseyou! To Find out More… And get Your Complimentary Internet Marketing Library, visit>