Internet marketing training vol 2 unique content


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Internet marketing using Blogging involves getting your website ranked and creating interesting visitor content. There are 5 key Tips that can make this process fast and effective.

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Internet marketing training vol 2 unique content

  1. 1. Volume 2Learning How To MarketOnline Involves 5 Tips forUnique Blog Content
  2. 2.  Creating your website for marketing promotion, in your effort to build your own home-based organization, involves the production of appealing content. For SEO purposes, “Content is King.” Having a system to do this right and fast involves 5 Steps.
  3. 3.  Pinpoint exactly what each Blog’s Goal Will the Blog focus on interesting content to create re-peat visitors? Is the intent be to post a main Blog that will have Teaser articles created for Syndications that link-back to main Blog? Will this Blog be intended to persuade your visitors to Opt-in to your e-Mail list or go to a Squeeze Page for this purpose? Make sure you know the intent for each Blog.
  4. 4.  Create Blogs that integrate the basic Search Engine Optimization foundation. Start by creating your template pinpointing what your Blog must contain. Then, follow it! Use your document software and set-up an template that shows: • Heading with Keyword, • Introductory paragraph with Keyword, • Content subject related to the Keyword (contextual), • A list of additional internal resources with Links, • A resource Box containing Anchor Text for your keyword and a link to your website.
  5. 5.  Outline Your Article Theme/purpose. Have a brief outline of your Main point, supporting sub-points and conclusion. You can research each point faster and uncover material that relates to each so you can write your own unique content. This saves a lot of time. No matter what writing style you may choose, you need to encompass these points.
  6. 6.  Determine what “Blog-style” is appropriate for your purpose Have at least 5 types to regularly use. Saves time and allows a quick review to select Blog type for the Blog’s purpose. For example, a simple 5 – 7 paragraph style with; introductory paragraph, 3 -4 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. You can use a” Top XX style” (e.g. Top 10 Reasons…”) with the sub-points numbered. For an in-depth review of writing styles you can visit Ezine Articles and look at their training references.
  7. 7.  Make Your Blog Interesting & unique Usecontroversy, expert opinions, humor, the “wow” factor, or timely news, etc. Blogs of 300 – 400 words are fine Stimulate people to think about your topic Includepictures and some formatting to make your Blog worth reading.
  8. 8.  Consistently publish interesting and unique content to you Blogs. Follow these 5 steps to develop the content as quickly and effectively as possible. Be organized & follow the templates you create to keep you focused and on point.Marketing on the internet through Blog to improveyour page rank and create traffic is about good Content.The search engines want to send people to websites that give them the information they are interested in and your Blog must support this intent.
  9. 9.  Internet marketing using Blogging involves getting your website ranked and creating interesting visitor content. There are 5 key Tips that can make this process fast and effective.Grab your complimentary copy of our 7 volume Internet marketing library. Click Here > 7 Essential Internet Marketing Library You can also visit our website at: