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Exploring the future of work in drama workshops


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Presentation on drama workshops and future of work. Held at the Futures Conference 2017:

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Exploring the future of work in drama workshops

  1. 1. VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD Exploring the future of work in drama workshops Futures of a Complex World 12-13.6. 2017 Mikko Dufva, VTT oy @mdufva
  2. 2. 11/06/2017 3 Diversion from the seemingly predetermined?
  3. 3. 11/06/2017 4 Why work is changing? Digitalization Globalization Aging
  4. 4. 11/06/2017 5 What is the context for the change? Economic crisis Crisis of politics Environmental crisis
  5. 5. 11/06/2017 6 What changes? Work content and practices Employer- employee relation Earning a livelihood Learning and competences Societal meaning of work
  6. 6. 11/06/2017 7 Two discourses on the future of work in Finland Increasing productivity Redefining work Work as controlled, linear production Work as meaningful interaction and problem solving Focus on taxation, legislation, welfare structures, export… Focus on ways of working, competences, organisations, networks Creativity and community as the bridge?
  7. 7. 11/06/2017 8 Demystifying the future of work through drama
  8. 8. 11/06/2017 9 From vision walk to workshop exploration Internal workshop for producing a story frame for the personas Expert workshop exploring work futures and creating personas Picture: Leo-Setä / Flickr
  9. 9. 11/06/2017 10 Writing down the personas from the futures of work Platform hustler Official Experi- mentor Actor Tycoon Nurse Down- shifter Searching for new direction Experiments accelerate Newlyfound communality Grand- mother Integrator Dis- placed
  10. 10. 11/06/2017 11 Redramatization of the personas
  11. 11. 11/06/2017 12 The oscillation between modes of knowledge through which the future becomes demystified Artefact Explicit: codified & articulated Experience Implicit: embodied & out-of-radar
  12. 12. 11/06/2017 13 Things to consider Documenting, dissemination and transparency Process as a whole vs. drama as plugin On-going debating and shaping futures Role and responsibility of foresight expert in guiding the process
  13. 13. | @mdufva |