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Ui05 Brief


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Ui05 Brief

  1. 1. u.i interfacing with the user product design & marketing
  2. 2. “user interface” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia < > the user interface is the part of a system exposed to a user. The user interacts with a system through its user interface. the design of the user interface is relevant for the user’s understanding of the system and thus for the system’s usability or user-friendliness. 2
  3. 3. U.I. is a product design & marketing agency creating innovativ" u.i hardware & so#war" solutions providing value-added sales & marketing services for the Test &Measuremen% industry 3 about us
  4. 4. about you U.I. helps you to : learn more about your customers u.i build strong relationships with your customers make your customers successful 4
  5. 5. U.I.’ s mission is to help you stay in touch with your customers “interfacing with the user” u.i is our motto ! 5
  6. 6. what we do for you identify new product or service opportunities define the product plan for your u.i forthcoming products or services train & support your channels to ensure the visibility, awareness & recognition of your products in the market 6
  7. 7. make your customers successful by providing their u.i end-users with innovative & (iendly solutions what you do 7 with us
  8. 8. hardware design software exploration u.i design & 8 innovation
  9. 9. Strategic Marketing Channels set-up & training New product introduction Marcom planning product u.i marketing 9 services
  10. 10. ca) : 0033 681 330 960 skype me : miniotdr 10