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Architecture in BUET


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Presentation by Khalid

Published in: Education
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Architecture in BUET

  1. 1. Admission in Architecture (BUET)
  2. 2. What is Architecture?  Idea  Design  Aesthetic
  3. 3. Who can give it a go? Those who have a good hand in drawing Those are afraid of Physics, Chemistry and Math . . . :D But you have to understand priority
  4. 4. So . . . Know profoundly about Architecture And of course, asking seniors is always a good source of knowledge
  5. 5. Admission Procedure There are two exams : Subjective (Physics, Chemistry and Math) Free Hand Drawing
  6. 6. Marks Distribution Total Marks 1000 Subjective 600 Drawing 400
  7. 7. There will be questions from . . . Composition Exterior view Interior view Human figure Poster, Book Cover, Logo
  8. 8. Some other institutions with Architecture department
  9. 9. What to do now? Draw, paint as much as you can (Anything) Study Art Movements, Art Works and Artists Try to understand why people appreciate their Art Works Try to analyze them And most importantly, study Math, Physics and Chemistry as well
  10. 10. Thank You Welcome to BUET !!!
  11. 11. Questions