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  2. 2. WHAT IS STEALTH TECHNOLOGY?Stealth means secrecy.This deals with making things Incapable of beingovercome or defeated; unconquerable.
  3. 3. Used mainly in the military.This was developed to fight against RADARS.The aim of this technology is to make the planes or ships or soldiers invisible as much as possible.Earlier camouflage concept was used to them invisible.
  4. 4. This was developed in the late 1930’s & during WWII. This was mainly developed to make the planes undetec- table by radars.This was later extended to ships & submarines also. Horten Ho 229
  5. 5. HOW A RADAR DETECTS ENEMY?The radar stations leaves radar waves from the antenna.When these are reflected by the enemy are absorbed by the antennas.
  6. 6. • Airframe shaped for Low Radar Cross Section(RCS)•Use of Radar Absorbent Material (RAM)•Minimized engine noise•Reduced infrared signature•Reduced visual signature•Non-metallic frame
  7. 7. Low Radar Cross SectionThe planes are so built that they reflect the maximum of the radar waves that fall on it in some other direction.This would just work as a mirror placed at some angle torays incident on it.For this reason the planes are made to bend at some angle.The missiles are placed inside the plane.
  8. 8. Most conventional aircraft have a rounded shape. This shape makes themaerodynamic, but it also creates a very efficient radar reflector. The roundshape means that no matter where the radar signal hits the plane, some ofthe signal gets reflected back:
  9. 9. A stealth aircraft, on the other hand, is made up of completelyflat surfaces and very sharp edges. When a radar signal hits astealth plane, the signal reflects away at an angle, like this:
  10. 10. Radar Absorbent MaterialThe material that is used to coat the planes can be made of some special materials like carbon powder in the glue or silicon based inorganic compound that could absorb the radar waves that fall on the plane.Actually the material that was used is kept as a secret by the military forces. F-117 Nighthawk B-2 Spirit
  11. 11. The material used in the construction of planes is Non-Metallic. Dielectric materials are used as they are transparent to the radar waves .Composites of ferrite are used to optimize dielectric & magnetic properties. F-22 Raptor
  12. 12. Minimized Engine NoiseThe engines of the planes are so made that the noise are made by them should be less as much as possible.Even the engines are placed deep inside the planes .Earlier slow turning propellers were used. F-117
  13. 13. Reduced Infrared SignatureThis deals about the plane detection by the heat generated by them.For this purpose mostly engines are placed deep inside the plane.The IR scanning is done mainly on the bottom of the planes so the heat generated by them is let out from the top surface of the plane.
  14. 14. The hot regions are cooled by coolants.The gases exhausted are absorbed by the atmospheric.Some planes(F-117) uses this IR to confuse enemy.
  15. 15. Reduced Visual SignatureThe shape of the planes is made to have the appearance of insects to RADARS.They use YEHUDI lights or gray color in the day time.The colors used at the night are like matte paint or dark colors. Avro-vulcon
  16. 16. DISADVANTAGESCarries less number of bombs.Less speed.Losses stealth property when bay doors open.Very high cost.Has to be repainted regularly.Cant make sharp curves. F-35 LighitiningElectromagnatic emmisions.The shape does not support Aero-dynamics.Cost of maintainance.
  17. 17. STEALTH PASSENGER PLANESMainly developed, to be undetectable by terrorists. Boeing 797 Air force 1
  18. 18. STEALTH SHIPSThis is the stealth technology concept of aircrafts.Because of their more bending edge they have lesser radar detection.
  19. 19. FOR REDUCING RADAR DETECTIONThe sea water is used to make the ships less detected as they are good reflectors.DDG-67
  20. 20. ANTI-STEALTH TECHNOLOGYLow frequency radar.Multi-transmitters.Airborne method.Surface based method.Satellite based method.
  21. 21. Low Frequency RadarLow frequency radars are used.They are well reflected back.Lack of sources.Very low frequencies fails.
  22. 22. MULTI TRANSMITERSThis is based on the RCS.A large no of antennas are placed at distant places.Single or multi transmitters are used.
  23. 23. AIRBORNE METHODPlanes are made to fly high up in the air .They are furnished with SLAR & FLIR.Very useful to detect the enemy in 3-D.They use LIDAR.
  24. 24. SATELLITE BASED METHODThe satellites use radar sensors.They cover a wide area.They are more reliable and safe.
  25. 25. SURFACE BASED METHODRadars of high sensitivity are used, like Radio Telescopes.They work good at all weather conditions.They use the concept of Radio-Astronomy.Requires heavy installations.The speed & trajectory of the enemy can be easily detected.Can detect he difference between hostile & Stealth crafts.Destroy the enemy with out their notice.Do not release radio signals.They are well comouflaged.
  27. 27. CONCLUSIONThis the present worlds one of thebest advancedtechnology to make things invisible as far aspossible and it is developing to be applied tothe real life appliances as to a common man .Let us hope that it will develop to the more betterWay in the future.