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Flying on the cloud


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presented at phpXperts seminar 2011, United International University, Dhaka

Published in: Technology
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Flying on the cloud

  1. 1. phpXperts  2011   Md.  Imran  Hossain  Shaon     Nick:  mdshaonimran    
  2. 2. @DragonBe  Cloud  is  like  space  travel,  going  beyond  barriers  of  time  and  distance.  @Doughellman  working  with  data  you  own,  via  software  you  may,  on  hardware  you  don’t.     ….or  something  else?  
  3. 3. @jack_daniel  Cloud  Computing  is  like  sex  in  high  school:  Everyone  is  talking  about  it,  not  many  are  actually  doing  it,  and  none  are  doing  it  well.  
  4. 4. ¡  Service  Models   §  Infrastructure  as  a  Service   §  Platform  as  a  Service   §  Software  as  a  Service   ¡  Deployment  Models   §  Private  Cloud   §  Community  Cloud   §  Public  Cloud   §  Hybrid  Cloud  
  5. 5. Ø  If  the  app  is  running  on  multiple  servers,  how   would  you  manage?    Ø  Common  problems   Ø Session   Ø File  
  6. 6. Mogilefs  -­‐  distributed  file  storage    -­‐  Memcache  -­‐  distributed  caching,  session  clustering  -­‐­‐memcached   Developed  by  
  7. 7. ü  Scalable  ü  Low  or  No  Learning   ü  On  demand  service   ü  Almost  no  downtime  
  8. 8. •  Big  data?  •  Multitenancy?  •  User  DB  scaling?  •  Mad  Hadoopishness?  •  Universal  Social   Connectivity?    ü  Faster  development  ü  Cost  effective    
  9. 9.  q  q NETSUITE  
  10. 10. q  Amazon  EC2    q  Rackspace  Cloud  Server  q  GoGrid  q  Verizon  CaaS  
  11. 11. ¡  SLAs  ¡  Privacy  Statement    
  12. 12. Ø  Think  about  Cloud   Ø  In  couple  of  years,  we  all  be  using  it  Ø  Keep  your  architecture  cloud  ready    
  13. 13. ¡  ¡  ¡