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Frankentek Steps Up


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Frankentek Steps Up

  1. 1. YachtAid Global “Changing The World Without Changing Course” A Charitable Organization A Case Study – Frankentek Steps Up The Idea Hatches January , 2008. Captain Mark Drewelow, Founder and Executive Director of YachtAid Global, hatches the idea. A large yacht client of C2C inc will be departing Seattle soon bound for Costa Rica. That yacht should have school supplies aboard for a target school in Costa Rica. The Vehicle This is not the first involvement by Ice Bear with YachtAid Global. The 167 foot Feadship frequents remote areas of Central America during the winter months. She is the ideal vehicle to integrate with YachtAid Global objectives.
  2. 2. YachtAid Global “Changing The World Without Changing Course” A Charitable Organization First Course of Action Goods ordered from Costco Business Online at 1400 hr on Feb 24th. The next day the goods are delivered to Ice Bear and stored away deep in the hull for the long passage south to Costa Rica. Thanks Costco for quick work. Frankentek The Sponsor February 24th . Frankentek comes aboard as the first corporate sponsor of YachtAid Global efforts, taking financial responsibility for the entire school supply order. The company owner, Marc Franken, initially found YachtAid Global by pure chance. Marc is a visionary within the Superyacht industry and he quickly realized the potential of the efforts being made by YachtAid Global. Thanks for the support Marc.
  3. 3. YachtAid Global “Changing The World Without Changing Course” A Charitable Organization Sea Legs Cy Butler is the long standing Captain of Ice Bear. Even though YachtAid Global operations are setup to be non invasive on the yacht operation, it takes a Captain like Cy to rise up and engage, directing his crew to absorb the tasks necessary to host our efforts. A big round of thanks to Cy and his entire crew. Boots on the Ground Enersto Andrade is our yacht agent partner with offices in Puntarenas Costa Rica and Los Suenos Marina. Ernesto handles most if not all of the large yachts that visit his area to which he provides goods and services such as fuel, dockage, formal entry and exit paperwork, provisions, parts and supplies and much more. Beginning in 2006, Ernesto has worked hard to find fitting schools for YachtAid Global to work with. Ernesto and his staff are key players in our boots on the ground task force. Thanks team Ernesto.
  4. 4. YachtAid Global “Changing The World Without Changing Course” A Charitable Organization The Target The village of La Islita is a boat ride through the mangrove lined waterways from Puntarenas Costa Rica. The school at La Islita needs every sort of school supply that can be imagined. Superyachts are visiting the Puntarenas area on a regular basis, with the trend being more traffic with every passing year. The Channel The Landing The School The Kids The school at La Islita has 10-14 kids of various ages. As with most schools in Central America, the kids somehow are always neatly dressed. The smartness of the kids is in stark contrast with the sparse school which has a roof, floor but no walls and few teaching aids or supplies. We are reaching out to the kids, they are the future. The Future The school at La Islita is typical of the facilities that YachtAid Global works with: rural costal communities that are off the radar. With the growing number of large yachts visiting those same areas, we have key elements in place to effect change. The humble efforts of YachtAid Global will continue to have a positive impact on the kids in the communities we work with. Captain Mark Drewelow Founder and Executive Director YachtAid Global