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  • Voice over: The adult learner in the virtual world charts new territory for themselves and their world. Many of the students in the virtual university have returned to school for promotion and to learn about the virtual world.
  • These questions will be asked in a voice over commentary.
  • Not quite, you see there are not any borders, brick or wood, in a virtual university. A virtual university is without wall, without anyone sitting next you, without seeing anyone in particular.
  • Nope, although they may be going to a school, even a virtual university, but these kids are to young to adult learners!! They are just out of high school.
  • Educ 8842 rough story board

    1. 1. Rough Story Board The Adult Learner in the Virtual University The beginning of the video will focus on the adults in their work place. The pictures may go on for about 20 seconds with a voice over saying: THE ADULT LEARNER IN THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY
    2. 2. Here are the questions that will be stated both to emphasize why the adult learners are returning, to school, their understanding of the a virtual school, and the success ration of online adult learners. The following slides will illustrate the questions. Questions What is a virtual university? Who is going back to school? Why are they going back to school? What makes them stay? What makes them leave? The questions will have visual representation of adults ithat represent the questions.
    3. 3. What is a virtual university? <ul><li>A virtual university is a place that is accessible via the internet into an online environment. </li></ul><ul><li>This will be a representation of the question. </li></ul>=
    4. 4. Who is going back to school? Why?
    5. 5. Who are the adult learners? The adult learner is someone who has different priorities than a student who has just graduated from high school The adult learner usually attends a virtual university because they do not have travel time or their schedule does not permit them to attend a class in a physical environment. There will visual to illustrate this slide. In addition there will be an interview of a n online learner and why they are using the internet to continue their education.
    6. 6. Traditional classroom <ul><li>A picture of a traditional classroom with adults and the pros and cons f this learning environment will be listed here with visuals. </li></ul>
    7. 7. Why are they going back to school? <ul><li>Promotion </li></ul><ul><li>Learning new skills </li></ul>The slide represents the visual s and voice over at this stage of the video.
    8. 8. Who uses distance education? Why? This will discuss the areas, corporation, universities, all the different aspect of distance learning for adults. This area will also discuss why this is preferred to a traditional environment.
    9. 9. What makes them stay in an uncomfortable environment? <ul><li>The research that illustrates that what makes an adult learner want to stay online and how universities can adjust to attract more online learners. In addition, why it would to the benefit of the university to attract online adult learners. In addition this areas will describe the reason why this uncomfortalbe and how to make it comfortable. </li></ul>
    10. 10. What makes them leave? Why?
    11. 11. The Future is Here <ul><li>This ending will review the information promoted in this storyboard. In addition it will end the video and reflect on what will thefuture hold. Why this is happening at this point of education, or training. Why is distance education developing in so many areas. How will and what will need to be done to encourage adult learners to use distance learning. </li></ul>