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FM Spotlight Magazine June

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FM Spotlight Magazine June

  1. 1. JUNE  ‘11 FREE
  2. 2. FM EDITORIAL THE DEFINITION spot.light (noun) -‐ Publishing   -‐ public notice or attention   Spotlight  LLC T Editor   his word exactly defines this   Mike  Dragosavich magazine. A resource to raise Design   awareness of what is hot and     Jordan  Dusek Cover  Photography happening in Fargo-‐Moorhead. I   J.  Alan  Paul started a year ago with some key events Contributors and local band line-‐ups. Now, I have a    Max  Kurucar   Jenna  Aanden team dedicated to finding and providing you with the best pos-‐   Chris  Snyder sible leisure events out there! I will tell you what, it’s not an easy Marketing/Sales   task! There is so much this amazing area has to offer and we   Molly  Clemens  can hardly keep up! Some might think the summer dies down in   Brent  Tehven Fargo-‐Moorhead, I say rubbish! It’s the exact opposite. I hope Marketing  and  Advertising         you enjoy FM Spotlight’s continued growth with the magazine, mobile app, and website. We hit the grind each month to expand and improve, and it’s a blast! I want you all to know how much this resource has collected from the collaboration of many people 503  North  7th  Street  Ste  206 Fargo,  ND  58102 in this community. Cheers to you Fargo-‐Moorhead and sur-‐ Contact:  701  866  3907 rounding areas! Truly great people! Now get out and enjoy the weather, you deserve it! -­See you in the scene!   FM  Spotlight  Magazine  is  published  by  Spot-­ Mike  Dragosavich light  LLC.    Copyright  2011  FM  Spotlight  Maga-­ zine  &  FM    All  Rights  reserved.   No  parts  of  this  periodical  may  be  reproduced   without  written  permission  of  FM  Spotlight   Magazine  &  FM  FM  Spotlight   Magazine  &  FM  will  not  be  held   responsible  for  any  errors  or  omissions  found   in  the  magazine  or  FM     Spotlight  LLC  accepts  no  liability  for  the  accu-­ racy  of  statements  made  by  the  advertisers. MAY’s Issue4
  3. 3. HEADLINEs Next Issue1 . Entertainment GPS!          More  resources  in  print!  More  events,  music,  free       stuff,  patios,  lakes  events,  and  more! COVER Red River2 . Distribution Domination.    Now  on  seats  at  the  FM  Redhawks,   Hornbachers,  all  Radisson  rooms,  Hector  Airport,                                       Golf  Courses,  and  more! + FEATURES Valley Fair   Downtown Street Fair3 . Mobile Mayhem!        Last  month  the  FM  Spotlight  Mobile  App  had  1,000   downloads.    Guess  what?!  We  hit  7,000  this  month.     Keep  it  going  you  tech  savvy  people!   USA Wrestling Sara Bareilles at the Fargo Theatre   Travis Tritt at the Shooting Star Casino4 . Lakes Baby!      If  there  is  one  thing  we  know,  it’s  that  the  FM  area   loves  the  LAKES.  So,  we  are  distributing  there!    See   you  on  the  pontoon!   The NEW Zorbaz on DL. JT Cigarro’s Outdoor Event Center Recreational Sports5 . All aboard the PartnerSHIPs (Softball,  Disc  Golf,  Kite  Boarding,   Sand  Volleyball,  Bean  Bag  Tournaments)      FM  Spotlight  has  been  teaming  up  with  big  busi         nesses  in  Fargo-­Moorhead  to  bring  you  the  best  re-­ Cigars source  hands  down!    Look  out  for  some  great  exclusive   (Where  to  get  them,  where  to  smoke  them,   events,  giveaways,  and  a  new  promotional  team! and  what’s  the  best!) QR  (quick  response)  codes  are  becoming  popular.  To   scan  a  code,  download  a  QR  scanner  application  on   your  smart  phone,  then  use  the  application  to  scan  the   webpage. 5
  4. 4. FM EVENTS Tuff  Enuf  to   Classical  Mu-­ FARGO-­MOORHEAD Ride  Pink sic  Festival E V E N T S   -­   J U N E Three  Lyons  pub Trollwood  Park JUNE  5TH JUNE  5TH Community   7th  Annual   HERO  Bash Corks  &   Block  Party Canvas  Walk Village  West  Park Linn  Grove   Location Downtown  Fargo JUNE  8TH JUNE  9TH JUNE  9 TH FM  RedHawks   vs   YMCA  CHASE   Moorhead   Gary  Railcats RACE River  Arts Newman  Field YMCA  Fercho Memorial  Park JUNE  13-­15 JUNE  14 TH JUNE  14TH Great  Plains   Community   Young  Pro.   Block  Party Front  Fenders Summit Madison  Park The  Elks JUNE  15-­17 JUNE  15TH JUNE  16TH Midwest  Kid   Beach  Boys Saving  Abel Fest Shooting  Star The  Venue Island  Park Casino JUNE  16TH JUNE  17TH JUNE  17TH8
  5. 5. The  Moody   RibFest Blues Park  It! Fargodome Bluestem  Center   for  the  Arts JUNE   JUNE  8-­12 JUNE  8TH 7,14,21,28 Community   Montgomery Busch  Light   Play  Day Gentry Softball   Rheault  Farm Fargodome Classic JUNE  9 TH JUNE  10TH JUNE  10-­12 4th  Annual   Golf  for   Kids’  Sake Races Patchouli Meadows  Golf   RRV  Speedway Plains  Art  Museum Course JUNE  15TH JUNE  15TH JUNE  14 TH 12th  Annual  FM  Redhawks Wine  vs  Sioux  Falls   Bill  Rancic   &  Roses  Fun-­ Pheasants Luncheon draiser Newman  Field Fargodome   FM  Community   JUNE  16TH TheatreJUNE  16-­19 TH JUNE  16TH ND  Tour   John  Fogerty de  Cure Dakota  Magic   Against  Me! Oak  Grove  Park Casino The  Venue JUNE  18 TH JUNE  18 TH JUNE  20TH 9
  6. 6. FM EVENTS THE  70’S   Disney’s   SHOW Community   Aladdin  Kids Hansen  Theatre   Block  Party Children’s  Studio   MSUM Rheault  Farm Theatre JUNE  21-­24TH JUNE  22ND JUNE  22-­26ND FM  RedHawks   Vs Sioux  City   Jack’sRelay  for  Life Explorers Oak  Grove  Park  Mannequin Newman  Field The  Venue JUNE  24TH JUNE  24-­26TH JUNE  25 TH Roger  Maris   Scandanvian   Celebrity   Movie  Night Hjemkomst Tournament Island  Park Festival Edgewood  Golf-­ JUNE  27TH Hjemkomst  Center Course JUNE  24-­25TH JUNE  26TH NDSU  Bison   Paul  Rodgers Arts  Gala Zombie  Prom &  Los  Lonely  NDSU’s  President’s   Gaede  Stage   Boys Residence MSUM Dakota  Magic  Casino-­ JUNE  28TH JUNE  28TH JULY  4 TH FOR  MORE  EVENTS  IN  THE  FARGO  MOORHEAD  AREA VISIT  FMSPOTLIGHT.COM10
  7. 7. FM BAND Band Members from left to right: Wayne,  Lee,  Rodger,  Paul,   Mike,  Joe,  John Started  in  1996 T he  Front  Fenders  are  a  party  ready  to  go  playing  everything  from  the   classics  of  the  50’s  and  60’s,  and  a  lot  of  80’s  and  90’s.  You.  Get.  Ev-­ erything.  No  matter  where  The  Front  Fenders  play,  they  are  always  ready to  have  fun!    If  you  are  out  to  see  the  band,  you  are  part  of  the  band,  you’re   7  members singing,  playing  cowbell  or  dancing.  Go  to  check  them  out  and  notice  they   Genre:  Everything! taking  a  conga  line  outside—you  are  part  of  the  show! upcoming  shows June  10th   June  11th   June  17th The  Pitt  611   Buggies   Hotel   9:00pm   &  Blues   Shoreham (Audubon) (Mandan,  ND) (Detroit  Lakes,  MN)14
  8. 8. Meet  the  Fenders  Q&A  With  Paul  BougieWhat’s  New? songs  that  not  only  showcase   expect?There  is  a  lot  new.    We  have   the  talents  of  every  member,   A  great  time  from  the  start  of  new  songs  for  a  busy  summer.     but  also  to  showcase  what  the   the  night  right  up  to  the  end.  Over  the  years  we  have  had   band  is.  There  is  also  another   Just  be  ready  to  be  part  of  the  special  guests  with  the  band— project  in  the  works.    One   show.  It  is  all  about  the  people  Elvis,  The  Blues  Brothers,   night,  some  people  said,  “I   who  come  see  us—that’s  what  King  Tut  and  Michael  Jackson   wish  I  could  see  this  kind  of   makes  The  Front  Fenders.have  all  made  appearances.     party  every  night.”  It  lead  to  We  are  working  on  new   conversations  and  we  a  DVD  guests  such  as  Prince,  Queen,   came  about—a  night  with  The   What  are  some  of  your  Meatloaf  and  Cee  Lo!    We  are   Front  Fenders.  This  live  DVD   favorite  songs  to  play?also  still  conducting  auditions   will  capture  the  fun  of  what  we   Some  of  the  favorite  songs  we  for  our  lead  cowbell  player. really  are. love  to  play  .  .  .  well  “every-­ thing.”    Every  song  we  play   seems  to  take  on  a  life  of  its   own  and  it’s  always  fun  for  us  Any  BIG  future  plans?We  have  listened  to  the    “It  will   to  see  how  people  will  react   each  night.    It’s  fun  to  have  a  people  and  we  are  going  to  make  a  CD!    We’re  working  on   scream   different  reaction  from  a  differ-­ ent  crowd  each  night. out  fun.” What  are  some  of  your   favorite  places  to  play? This  is  a  hard  question.    We   have  played  at  so  many  great   places  in  and  out  of  the  area.     As  long  as  there  are  people   who  want  to  have  fun,  it’s  our   favorite  place.   15
  9. 9. FM LIVE MUSIC LIVE MUSIC JUNE 4 JUNE 10&11 JUNE 16 Whodunit Allstars @ Windbreak Face for Radio @ Spirits Lounge Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers @ The Hodo Lounge Southern Route @ Dakota Magic Casino Sideline @ VFW West Fargo Front Fenders @ The Elks 24 Seven @ M&J Saloon JUNE 5 Saving Abel @The Venue Carmen the Cactus @ Windbreak Neptune Men @ Specks Doug Allen @ Dakota Magic Casino JUNE 17 JUNE 8 JUNE 11 Identity 5 @ JT Cigarro Seeds @ VFW – Downtown JUNE 9 The Ciro & Topher Show @ VFW - Downtown Anthony Chaput @ JT Cigarro Doug Allen @ Dakota Magic Casino Grant Hart of Husker Du @ The Aquarium JUNE 17&18 JUNE 10 San Haven Chuckle @ Spirits Lounge JUNE 12 Montgomery Gentry @ Fargodome 8th Hour @Windbreak Rock Paper Scissors @ M&J Saloon At the Emporium @ Windbreak JUNE 15 Patchouli @Great Plains Museum The Cave Singers @ The Aquarium Rhyme or Reason @ Windbreak Dirty White @ Specks Mental Floss @ The Aquarium h 8t 10 th 17 th The Moody Blues Montgomery Gentry Beach Boys16
  10. 10. LIVE MUSIC JUNE 18 JUNE 24 JUNE 27Strange Daze @ JT Cigarro Times New Viking @ The Aquarium Skyline @ WindbreakJohn Fogerty @ Dakota Magic Casino JUNE 28Meek Entertainment @ VFW – Downtown Pujol @ The Aquarium JUNE 24&25Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ The Aquarium 7 PM @ Spirits Lounge JULY 2&4 Wicked Antix @ M&J Saloon High Plains Festival JUNE 19Face for Radio @ Windbreak Northern Express @ VFW West Fargo JULY 4 Anthony Chaput @ VFW – Downtown Fourth Of July! JUNE 20 Indigenous @ Dakota Magic CasinoAgainst Me! @ The Venue Richie Scholl @ Dakota Magic Casino Paul Rodgers @ Dakota Magic Casino JUNE 22 JUNE 25Dirty Word @ JT Cigarro JULY 8-16Secret Cities @ The Aquarium Jack Mannequin @ The Venue Red River Valley Fair TO VIEW MORE CONCERTS JUNE 23-25 Jeez Loueez @ Windbreak GO TO FMSPOTLIGHT.COM th 23rd 18 20th John Fogerty Moondance Jammin’ Against Me! Country Fest 17
  11. 11.   “ I  use  Taxman   for  all  my  tax y   needs.  It’s  eas   and  saves  me money!” Three Convenient LocationsMike DragosavichFormer NDSU Football PlayerFounder of FM Spotlight LLC
  12. 12. Martini Specials Lunch Daily Sunday Brunch 11-‐2 Steak & Seafood Desserts Oysters (weekends) Dancing Coming Soon1/2 Priced Bottles of Wine Wednesday & Thursday (limited) John American Classics Restaurant & Martini Bar Alexander’s 315 Main Avenue South Moorhead 218.287.5802 Closed Mondays Tue. -‐ Sat. 11-‐10 Sunday 11-‐9
  13. 13. FM BARTENDER Bartenders know best TELL  US  A  FUNNY  BARTEND-­ WHAT’S  IN  THE  JUKEBOX  THIS  MONTH? ING  STORY  FROM  YOUR  PAST.   1.    Foo  Fighters-­  Rope    It  seems  Dave  Grohl   Years  ago,  our  bar-­back  Matt,  left   has  found  his  inner  Nirvana  roots  with  their   the  sink  water  running,  forcing  us   latest  CD. to  work  in  ankle  high  water  the  en-­            2.    Dorrough-­  Get  Big      It’s  a  little  older,   tire  night.  When  I  asked  Matt  about   but  its  got  a  club  banger  beat  that  makes   it,  he  glanced  up  with  this  priceless   people  dance  that  shouldn’t.....  which  is  great!!! stare  and  said  “Ugh  I  dropped  a              3.  My  Morning  Jacket-­  Holdin  on  to   bunch  of  glasses;;  they  all  broke   Black  Metal-­  New  MMJ  album  drops  May   31st.  It’s  gonna  be  real. RICHARD WHAT  ARE  PEOPLE  DRINKING   TOAST?   NOW  THAT  THEY  DIDN’T   Most  toasts  are  overused  and  boring.  We   DRINK  10  YEARS  AGO? skip  the  toast  and  get  down  to  business! Hometown:   Today,  the  bartending  world  is  all   Botsy,  ND  Baby! energy  drinks  and  booze  that  taste   FUNNY  SHOT  NAME?   Bartending   like  candy.  Beer  and  liquor  purists   Tennessee  Hooker!  It’s  Jack  Daniels  and   Experience:   are  few  and  far  between. Pickle  juice. 8  years. Sports  Bar,  Labby’s PICK  UP  LINE?   Maple  River, The  corny  lines  never  work.  Just  keep  it   Stars  and  Strikes  and   simple  and  bring  your  wallet! for  some  poor  sap that  hired  me  for  his   wedding  reception! Sports Bar Specials $3.75  Pitchers  7  to  10  Friday  and  Saturday $3  Jag  bombs  and  Chucks  7  to  10  Fri  and  Sat.   Big  crowds,  Big  laughs  and  Loud  music  every  weekend. DRINKS OF THE MONTH SHOTS  OF  THE  MONTH MIX  OF  THE  MONTH BEERS  OF  THE  MONTH WINE  OF  THE  MONTH My  regulars  will  kill  me  if  I   Shung  Thai Pitbull Guinness Anything  that  comes   don’t  include  -­ in  a  box  is  perfect!   Leprechaun  Piss.   Cruzan  Banana  Rum   2/3  Jack  Daniels  1/3   Always  tap...never   Haha They  order  it  every   dropped  in  Liquid   Kahlua  mixed  in  Coke   bottle. weekend. Ice  Energy  with  a   with  a  splash  of  cream   Jameson  and  Sour   splash  of  Pineapple.   “Summer  is  here......  Keep   Singletrack  Ale Apple  Pucker  dropped   in  Red  Bull  splash  7   “It  really  has  nothing  to  do   with  Asian  culture,  but  we   it  easy  and  keep  it  breezy” Sports Bar named  it  that  because  it  is   Brewed  by  Boulder   619  NP  Ave  N,   splash  OJ.  Recipe   Brewing!  (Nasty   fun  to  yell  the  name  kung   varies  at  every  bar,   foo  style  right  before  you   Good!) Fargo,  ND but  this  one  is  delight. slam  it.“ (701)  293-­208520
  14. 14. THE Q REVIEW WITH Q98’S SPARKS THE SUMMER IS HERE! FINALLY!!! LET’S DEDICATE THIS Q REVIEW TO COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS OF SUMMER ACTIVITIES. SUMMER   SUMMER   MISCONCEPTION  #1   MISCONCEPTION  #3“We  should  sleep  outside!” “Let’s  BBQ  in  the  Park!”This  is  totally  cool  if  you’re   Granted,  this  sounds  wonder-­camping  in  the  Serengeti,   ful,  but  after  trying  it  multiple  but  you’re  just  a  pseudo-­ times  it  always  results  in  a  homeless-­person  if  you  do   catastrophic  failure.    First,  this  within  city  limits.    Also,   you’re  going  to  sweat.    I  if  you  sleep  outside  without   mean  it’s  going  to  be  like  you  a  tent  or  shelter  of  some   changed  pants  with  a  swamp  kind,  you’re  going  to  get   creature  for  the  day.    Then,  West  Nile/Malaria/ALL  THE   you’re  going  to  be  stuck  buy-­DAMN  BLOOD  DRAINED   ing  all  the  food.    Dude,  your  FROM  YOUR  BODY  from   friends  are  cheap  asses,  trust  all  the  Mosquitoes.    You   SUMMER me.    Then  the  BEES!    They’re  wouldn’t  slap  yourself  with    MISCONCEPTION  #2 like  heat  seeking  missiles,  Salisbury  Steaks  before   but  instead  of  seeking  heat,  running  into  a  bear  pit,   “I’m  out  of  underwear…I’ll   they  seek;;  sugar,  butter,  BBQ  would  you?    So  don’t  do   just  wear  my  bathing  suit  all   sauce,  and  your  sanity!    All  this! the  time” of  which  will  be  in  full  supply   Now,  you  may  be  thinking   after  you  discover  they  have   that,  “my  trunks  look  like  real   a  giant  hive  50ft  from  your   shorts,”  but  let  me  tell  you   bocce  ball  game!     from  past  experience  –  this   Get  more  of  this  hilarity  and   leads  to  copious  amounts  of   grammatical  error  on  Sparks’   blog  at! Have a Q-­uestion? smelling  like  baby  powder  all   day.    You’ll  get  looks,  dude.     YOU’LL  GET  LOOKS! EMAIL: SPARKS@Q98.COM
  15. 15. FM BEER BEER RICK WILLIAMS of d-‐s Beverages GUY D oesn’t  beer  taste  the  best   at  about  5pm  on  a  nice   Cool Facts 1 Budweiser   was   introduced   in   1876  create   the   United   summer  day?  Well,  it’s  June  and   when   company   time  is  here  to  crack  open  some   founder   Adolphus   Busch   set   out   to   refreshments  like  a  nice  cold   beer.  Rick  Williams  from  D-­S   -­ 1876 Beverages,  the  local  Anheuser-­ versally   popular   and   transcend   regional   tastes.   Each   Busch  distributing  company  in   batch   of   Budweiser   follows   the   same   family   recipe   Moorhead,  is  all  about  beer  and   wants  to  show  you  what’s  hot   this  summer. 2 Select  ny  oither  bleer  option  currently  aorld  with  fPer  12-­ounce   than  a 55   s  the   ightest  beer  in  the  w vailable.   ewer  calories   serving,  Select  55  has  55  calories  and  1.9g  carbohydrates. Summer line Up   3 Meet  this  summer’s  all-­star  beers.  These   crafts  are  number  one  for  summer  fun.   Michelob  O riginal  L ager  i s  t he  o fficial  b eer  s ponsor  o f  t he  P GA   Just  be  careful;;  drinking  one  may  cause   TOUR,  t he  C hampions  Tour  a nd  P GA  T OUR  s tar  S ergio  G arcia. you  to  drink  another....and  another. BUD LIGHT CHelada Select 55 GOLDEN WHEAT Medium-­bodied  brew   Budweiser  &  Clamato   A  smooth,  light   which  is  slightly  sweet   Chelada  and  Bud  Light   golden  lager   &  Clamato  Chelada   with  55  calories   to  a  refreshingly  crisp,   are  beers  that  combine   and  the  crisp,   Budweiser  and  Bud   Light  with  the  refresh-­ of  Budweiser   ing  taste  of  Clamato,   Select. spices  and  a  hint  of   lime.26
  16. 16. This is a bud town!A  new  photo  promotion  comes  to  a  bar  near  you!The  Budweiser  promotional  group  will  be  traveling  around  the  community  to  gather  photos  of  Budweiser  faithfuls.  At  the  end  of  the  summer  the  photos  will  be  collected  and  combined  to  form  a  photo  collage.  The  photo  collage  will  reveal  a  large  image  surprise.  Submit  your  photos  on  for  a  chance  to  win  some  great  prizes. submit photos at Did you Know? WHAT’S  THE  DIFFERENCE  BETWEEN  ICE  AND  DRY? Anheuser-­Busch’s  exclusive  ice-­brewing  process  takes  the  beer  to  a  temperature  below   Ice  and  Bud  Ice  Light  their  rich,  smooth  taste. MiCHelob MiCHelob SHOCK TOP ULtra ULtra FRUIT  The  special   Subtle  fruit  and  citrus   choice  of  grains   aromas  complement   Belgian-­style   combined  with  the   this  light-­bodied  beer’s   wheat  ale,  this   extended  mash   smooth  and  refreshing   beer  is  naturally   process  produces   taste. cloudy  with  a   a  smooth,  refresh-­ light  golden   ing  beer  with   color. fewer  carbohy-­ drates. 27
  17. 17. FM COVER RedHawks GOING FOR THREE32
  18. 18. FM  REDHAWKS  The  FM  RedHawks  are  back  and  ready  to   championship  ring,  demolish  attendance   records,  and  continue  to  grow  in  the  Fargo-­ Moorhead  area.  My  most  vivid  memories   learning  how  to  ride  a  bike,  and  going  to   baseball  games  with  my  family.  The  FM   RedHawks  may  not  teach  you  how  to   ride  a  bike,  but  they  provide  this  area   with  some  amazing  family  entertain-­ ment.  The  games  are  more  than  just   professional  baseball  competition,  but   packed  with  fun  promotions,  inter-­   active  fan  activities,  party  areas,   unique  food,  and  a  great  place  to   soak  in  the  ever  so  cherished  sun!   We  are  lucky  to  have  a  team  like   the  RedHawks.  And  look!  They   have  won  back-­to-­back  cham-­ pionships  in  the  last  two  years.   This  year,  they  need  us  more   than  ever  with  the  heightened   challenge  of  changing  leagues.   They  need  our  support  to  bring   home  the  third  ring  in  a  row!  If   you’re  anything  like  me,  when   it  comes  to  competition,  I  like   to  win.  Lets  get  together  and   help  them  succeed.  We  had  a   chance  to  chat  with  manager   Doug  Simunic  about  the  2011   season  and  had  a  great  time   in  a  fun  photo  shoot  with  the   team.  Enjoy!     -­Drago 33
  19. 19. FM COVER Casey Hoorelbeke Interview  with  FM   Relief Pitcher Redhawks  Manager Doug  Simunic On  FM  Area: D Fargo   reminds   me   of   where   I   grew   up   in   Michigan.   It   is   a   place   where   the   community   depends   on   each   other   and   works   together   as   a   team.   When   Mayor   Dennis   Wallaker   spoke  at  a  game  where  4,600   ovation,   it   brought   tears   to   my  eyes. Jake Laber On  Players  coming  to  FM: Starting Pitcher The   hardest   part   is   getting   the  players  to  come  to  Fargo.   The   easi-­ est   part   is   k e e p i n g   them  here.   to   be   special   and   experience   great  things  in  their  time  here.34
  20. 20.  On  Switching  Leagues: The  new  league  will  prove  to  be  a   great  challenge  and  a  fun  new  ex-­ perience.  It  brings  back  some  old   Jesse Hoorelbeke rivals  (St.  Paul  Saints)  and  some   1st Base fresh   teams.   This   means   more  Doug Simunic Manager in  game  day  preparation. Nic Jackson Center Field  On  the  2011  Season: We  are  excited  to  return  13  play-­ ers  from  last  year,  which  is  great   considering   we   won   the   cham-­ some   new   competition   to   bring   Carlo Cota the   community   of   Fargo-­   Moor-­ Second Base head   their   third   consecutive   championship  ring! On  your  dedication: I’m   not   your   typical   manager.   I   am  here  from  8:30am  to  10:30pm   regularly.  I  love  being  around  the   ball  park,  it  becomes  my  life. photos  by  Melody  Neer 35
  22. 22. REDHAWKS JUNE 2011 SCHEDULE6/3 vs Lincoln 7pm FIREWORKS! by State Farm Insurance6/4 vs Lincoln 6pm Redhawks Poster Night! by Forum Communications Printing6/5 vs Lincoln 1pm SUNMART SUNDAY! KIDS RUN BASES!6/13 vs Gary 7pm POTATO DAYS NIGHT by Barnesville Potato Days Myron Noodleman entertains by Stadium Vendors! www.myronnoodle-­6/14 vs Gary 7pm BUSINESS DAY GAME by Budweiser Grab Some “Buds” (Post concert6/15 vs Gary 12:3o by Carmen the Cactus) vs Sioux BACK TO THE FUTURE NIGHT by State Bank and Trust (First 1,000 fans6/16 Falls 7pm receive ‘80’s style sunglasses) vs Sioux CHAMPIONSHIP PRINT NIGHT (First 1,000 fans 18+ receive a 2010 RedHawks6/17 Falls 7pm Championship Print by The Hub) vs Sioux6/18 Falls 6pm SCHEELS NIGHT vs Sioux Father’s Day Brunch & Baseball! Brunch Buffet thanks to Joe Rents &6/19 Falls 1pm Contractor’s Supply vs Sioux6/24 City 7pm FIREWORKS! by Country Financial vs Sioux6/25 City 6pm vs Sioux6/26 City 1pm SUPERVALU DAY! KIDS RUN BASES! PBR NIGHT! First 1,00 fans 21+ will receive a can koozie thanks to7/7 vs Winnipeg 7pm Pabst Blue Ribbon7/8 vs Winnipeg 7pm FIREWORKS! by Minnesota School of Business CAP NIGHT! -­7/9 vs Winnipeg 6pm pedics & Sports Medicine First 1,000 fans get a free youth general admission ticket to the 2011 Min-­7/10 vs Winnipeg 1pm nesota Renaissance Festival. VIEW  THE  FULL  SCHEDULE  AT  FMREDHAWKS.COM 37
  23. 23. FM dining RIB FEST G The  2011  Happy  Harry’s  RibFest  is  cookin’  this   month  and  bringing  back  some  fan  favorite  rib  stands   along  with  some  great  entertainment.    FM  Spotlight  took   a  good  look  at  this  year’s  RibFest  and  listed  our  top  5   favorite  things  about  it.    Check  it  out  this  month  and  let   us  know  what  your  favorite  rib  station  and  live  music   event  was  at 1The  Music Fargo’s  RibFest  never  comes   short  with  their  music  line-­ups.   This  year,  the  calendar  promises   to  rock  your  socks  off!  The  week   starts  off  with  local  favorite  (And   past  FM  Spotlight  Cover  Band)   32  Below.  As  for  the  rest  of  the   weekend,  these  other  nationally   recognized  bands  will  be  sure   to  impress: Wed  -­  32  Below  Thur  -­  Rodney  Atkins              Fri-­  Post  Traumatic   Funk  Syndrome   Sat  –  Candlebox40
  24. 24. 3  Riblet  Fest The  kid’s  need  some   action  too!    The  Riblet   Fest  is  full  of  kid   friendly  events  like   face  painting,  touch-­ a-­truck,  mascots,  cool   gadgets  and  more.     Check  out  Penny   &  Pals  and  The   Wade  Henry  Show   performing  Saturday   afternoon.     4  The  Vendors The  fest  also  hosts  a  number   of  business  vendors  looking   to  showcase  their  latest  and   greatest  products.    This  is  a   great  way  to  get  your  hands   on  some  free  stuff!  2The  RibsSeven  Nation-­ally  renowned  rib/BBQ  cookers  will  set  up  shop  looking  to  compete  for  your  vote  to  be  the  best!    The  cookers  include:    Desperado’s  BBQ  and  Ribs,  Rasta  Joe’s  BBQ,  Porky  n  Beans,  Aussom   5  Extra  Saucy! This  year,  inside  the  Fargo-­Aussie’s  BBQ,  Willing-­ Dome,  on  Friday  June  10th,  hams  World  Champion   Montgomery  Gentry  will  be  BBQ,  Johnson’s  Bar-­ performing.    Live  Music  B-­Que,  and  Cowboy’s   OVERLOAD!Barbecue  and  Rib  Co.   41
  25. 25. FM patios SPORTS Buffalo Wild Wings 2201 2nd Avenue North, Moorhead 1501 42nd Street South 1515 19th Ave North FM PATIOS You don’t have to miss a game to enjoy the outdoors at Buffalo Wild Wings. All three locations have multiple outdoor TVs with quality audio. I t’s   that   time   of   year   when   just   saying   the   word   covered   table,   FM   Spotlight   has   the   area’s   favorite   pa-­ W Happy hour runs M-F from 3-6 with ‘ ‘MOJITO’   get’s   people   ex-­ cited.  Fargo-­Moorhead  has  a   great  selection  of  places  to  en-­ tios   listed   for   you   to   try.   Next   month   we   will   follow   up   with   another  list,  so  make  sure  you   free chips and salsa. joy  a  savory  meal  along  with  a   submit   your   patio   locations,   refreshing  beverage  outdoors!   drinks,   food   items,   and   other   Be  it  a  roof  in  the  heart  of  the   cool   facts   at city,  or  an  oversized  umbrella   OVER-­NIGHTER NIGHTLIFE ROOFTOP JT Cigarro/Skky Bar & Ultra Hotel Donaldson Doublewood Inn Lounge Lounge 101 Broadway 3333 13th Ave South 4554 7th Avenue South Sky Prairie on the Roof is a piece of North Dakota’s prairie juxtaposed in Happy hour M-F 2-7: ½ price apps, JT Cigarro’s patio has expanded all city lights. You may be downtown, $1 off drinks Saturday: 12pm-5pm the way around to the South side. but on top of the Hotel Donaldson Nightly drink specials, Tuesdays Play on one of the three sand vol- native prairie grasses surround starting at 5: ½ off bottles of wine leyball courts with leagues running diners. With a full service bar and Sunday-Thursday nights or one of special grill menu you can enjoy the ten bean bag lanes while having the rooftop Monday-Saturday from a drink at the outdoor bar. 5pm-11pm.44
  26. 26. GRILL MARGARITAS LARGE Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill Paradiso Mexican Restaurant Granite City Food & Brewery 2112 25th St South 1636 42nd Street South 801 38th Street South Take a little trip to Mexico withoutwhy they were rated best patio last year. the trip at Paradiso’s patio. This full sun all day. But, when the sun goesTheir sophisticated selection of food and service patio runs a free taco barwine brings the warm, aromatic qualities down, the heated patio and lighted Monday through Friday from 4-6. of inside dining, outdoors. outdoor water fountain keep this outdoor space . Enjoy a microbrew Happy hour specials from 4-6:30 Happy hour runs from 3-6, and while listening to good music on the every day. Join Bob 95.1 FM on 9-close. Starting 5pm Monday sound system. Daily specials and Wednesdays and 104.7 Popster FM nights enjoy ½ priced bottles of bottomless mimosa’s on Saturday on Thursdays from 4-6 for happy - and Sunday. hour and prize giveaways! day nights. VIEW PARTY ‘N PLAY DOWNTOWN Usher’s House Monk’s Pub O’Leary’s Pub 700 1st Ave North, Moorhead 808 30th Avenue South, Moorhead Fort Noks 715 13th Avenue East, West Fargo 52 BroadwayCheck out the riverside view from the patio of Usher’s House. Open Tuesdays during the month of June, Located in the heart of Downtowndaily from lunch to dinner. Enjoy a Fargo, Fort Noks’ patio is larger patio party with live grilling done - than most, provides live entertain- by the chef at 5pm and live music gether and take part in their monthly ment, and makes for great scenery starting at 6pm every Thursday bean bag tournaments on the patio night (weather permitting). Blue or stop in for a friendly competition. Happy hour M-F 4-7: $1 offwells, taps, domestic bottles patio this summer. Acoustic Music Wednesdays! 45
  27. 27. 46
  28. 28. 47
  29. 29. FM nightlife FM Monday HOTSPOTS BARS: Tuesday          Beer                        College  Night                    Restaurant               Wednesday Borrowed  Bucks  Roadhouse     The  Turf Big  D’s Birthday  Month  free  40  oz  birth-­ Ladies  Night  $1  Mug,  all  you   day  bucket  &  t-­shirt  with  your   can  drink  9pm-­midnight picture  on  it Borrowed  Bucks  Roadhouse Chubs  Pub   Doublewood  Inn  Lounge 50  cent  taps  8pm-­midnight,  $1   Big  Mug  Monday  $4.95  oz  mug   ½  priced  bottles  of  wine   Captain  Morgans  8-­midnight 5pm  –close Ground  Round Wow  94.7  The  Bar   Labby’s  Grill    &  Bar $2.79  long  island  teas  all  day,   Birthday  Party  Mondays!  Free   $1.79  long  island  teas  9pm-­ 32  oz  mug  on  birthday  month,   10pm from  8pm-­11pm Old  Broadway  Sports  Zone     JT  Cigarro 25  cent  wings  5pm-­10pm $5  Ladies  all  you  can  drink   7pm-­midnight  in  Skky  Ultra   Mug  Night  6pm-­close  $4  34oz   The  Bomb  Shelter Lounge,  $5  all  you  can  drink   College  ID  Night  $5  taps  and   9pm-­close  in  main  bar,  free   Captain  Morgan  drinks wells  free,  9-­midnight wine  bar  from  7pm-­9pm Speak  Easy   JC  Chumley’s   Old  Chicago $3.50  Martinis  7pm-­  Midnight 50  cent  taps  7pm-­9pm,  10-­11   World  Beer  Tour  Wednesday:   2-­4-­1’s  domestic  beer  bottles   WBT  members  night-­  B2G1  free   and  well  drinks (up  to  $5.50),  $2.75  Jag  shot ½  price  bottles  of  wine Three  Lyons  Pub Hooters Granite  City   Mug  Night  –  34oz  mug  $1.50,   $5.99  10  piece  boneless  wings    ½  price  mug  club  memberships &  fries FREE  STUFF  FOR  YOU ALIBI  LOUNGE O’KELLYS GROUND  ROUND WINDBREAK TAILGATORS Monday-­  Friday  Food   3pm-­veggies  and  dip   Free  Boneless  Wings   Free  Apps  every  night.   Monday-­  Friday  4-­6pm   Items  5pm  until  gone! 4pm-­Hot  wings  and  Baked   Wed-­Thur-­Fri  4-­6pm 4pm  till  gone Free  Wings;; potatoes  until  7pm Chips  &  Salsa;;  Pretzels   SPIRITS  LOUNGE DOUBLEWOOD DEMPSEY’S &  Ranch   PARADISO Free  apps  and  buffet  line   Daily  free  lunch  options   Thursday’s  4-­9pm  Free   Taco  bar  4-­6pm  at  the   5-­7pm  everyday! 11am-­2pm Hot  Dog Cantina  Monday-­  Friday48
  30. 30.                          Ladies  Night                    Drink  Specials                                  Live  Music                          Birthday  Special                        Wine                      Mug  Night     Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday The  Hub Dempsey’s  Irish  Pub Vic’s  Bar  &  Grill   Buffalo  Wild  Wings Ladies  Night  $5  cover   Free  live  music  10pm-­ $5  pitchers  all  day,  $3   College  ID  ½  off  any   and  ladies  enjoy  free   close short  bloody  mary’s,   food  item  9pm-­12am   taps  and  wells  from   bingo (limit  $10  discount  per   9pm-­midnight John  Alexander’s ID),  $2.50  tap  beers   Dinner  Date  special,   Big  D’s   and  1  shot  drinks   drinks  and  dinner  for   Ladies  Night  $5  mug   9pm-­12  am  (some   Mug  Night  $4.34  oz   2,  $50 all  you  can  drink  9-­11,   exclusions  apply) live  music Old  Broadway Duffy’s   $2.50  wells  6pm-­ The  date  of  the  month   Rooters  Bar   Server  Night  –   close is  the  price  for  tap   10am-­4pm  $2.50   Bartenders,  servers,   beers  7pm-­9pm,  $2   bloody  marys, military,  tattoo  artists,   O’Leary’s  Pub jag  bombs,  Chuck   9-­close  $2  tap  beers   &  cab  drivers  Buy  1   Norris,  ninja  turtles,   get  second  free domestic  mug,  $3.40   Captain  drinks,  and   Fort  Nok’s 20oz  beers  8pm-­ $3  Bacardi,  captain   O’Leary’s  Moorhead     $3  wells,  9pm-­close 11pm morgan,  and  Malibu   $5  domestic  pitchers   all  day all  day,  free  pool Chuckles  @  Holiday  Inn Sports  Bar Concoctions  Club   ½  Price  pitchers Old  Broadway Windbreak   4-­10pm $1.95  Bloody  Mary’s   Ladies  Night   Spirit  Lounge and  Ceasars,  50   free  wells  and  taps   Cork  ‘n    Cleaver Free  live  music  every   cent  long  island  teas   9pm-­midnight,  bump   Uncorked  Club,  5:30-­ weekend &  Captain  Morgan   it  for  a  buck 7:00  pm 7-­9pm,  $2  Jag   bombs,  Chuck  Norris,   Diva’s  &  Rockstars ninja  turtles,  Captain   $2.75  pounds drinks,  &  20  oz  beers   8-­11pm BORDERTOWN BORROWED  BUCKS   RICKS Tuesday-­  Meatballs Mon,  Tues,  Thurs,  Fri   ROADHOUSE Sunday  -­  Thursday  during   Wednesday-­  Wings 4-­6:30pm  Free  Taco  Bar Wednesdays-­  Pizza  Hut   Happy  Hour Thursday-­  Tacos BASIES pizzas  from  5:30-­7:30pm Sunday-­  Sandwiches,  Hot   4-­7pm  one  free  drink  and   Dogs,  Scalloped  Potatoes   free  appetizer  selections &  Ham Monday-­  Weiners 49
  31. 31. HOW DOES THIS WORK? QR CODE1 Download  a  “QR  Reader”  app  in                   your  smart  phone’s  marketplace.2   Capture  a  photo  of  the  code  using   the  app’s  camera.3 The  app  will  automatically  link  you   to  the  QR  code’s  destination  link,  mobile  app,  phone  number  or  text.
  32. 32. Be Scenefargo Marathon
  33. 33. BUD TOWNPHOTO PROMO At O’Kelly’s
  34. 34. FM NEW + upgrade COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT Customer-­focused  design  that  allows  guests   to  be  more  comfortable  and  productive   during  their  stay  or  meeting. fun   drinking   and   dining   experi-­ T he   Courtyard   by   Marriott   has   been   a   staple   hotel   and   con-­ vention   center   in   Moorhead   for   ence   making   the   Courtyard   more   than   just   a   hotel   but   a   fun   place   to   hang   out!   Their   convention   years.     This   year   they   decided   to   center   called   “The   Moorhead   take   the   design,   functionality,   and   Convention   Center”   has   over   1080  28th  Ave. 119  rooms   experience  to  the  next  level.  When   10,000   square   feet   that   can   be   South  Moorhead,MN   7  suites 56560  USA you  walk  into  this  newly  redesigned   -­ 11  meeting  rooms hotel   off   I-­94   in   Moorhead,   you   tions,   dimensions   and   criterias. New  Lobby immediately   feel   the   New   York   or   High-­speed  Internet Chicago   style   contemporary   at-­ mosphere.   The   front   desks   are   situated   as   pods   to   allow   an   inter-­ active   experience   with   the   staff.   And,   if   that’s   not   enough,   guests   can   interact   on   their   touchscreen   TV   monitors   that   act   as   a   tech-­ nology   driven   concierge   service. The   added   “Bistro!”   food   and   bev-­ erage   area   brings   a   delightful   and  54
  35. 35. cocktails,   and   a   more   contemporary   en  ready  to  prepare  your  event  with   lobby   designed   to   be   a   more   inter-­ a   great   dining   experience   as   well.   active   and   welcoming   comfort   area. Our   10,000   square   feet   of   space   can  be  arranged  into  small  meeting   Tell  us  about  ‘The  Bistro!’ rooms  or  large  banquet  style  rooms.   The  Bistro!  is  open  for  breakfast  and   dinner.   We   serve   quick   and   healthy   you   when   organizing   your   event. meals   along   with   Starbucks   coffee   and   cocktails   in   the   evening.   The   Bistro!  has  an  inviting  and  contempo-­ rary  feeling  where  people  can  gather  General   manager,   Barry   Kuhnke,   for   a   great   experience.   Happy   Hour  informed   FM   Spotlight   more   about   is   from   5-­7pm,   Monday   -­   Friday!what   is   behind   the   big   upgrade! The  Convention  Center?Tell  us  about  the  Hotel: We   love   to   cater   to   those   looking   to  We  have:  126  completely  remodeled   host   events   like   weddings,   business  rooms,  10,000  square  feet  of  banquet   meetings,  concerts,  expos,  and  much  space  arrangeable  into  many  different   more!   Or,   if   you   have   an   idea,   the   staff  here  is  able  to  help  you  make  it  serving  healthy  food,  Starbucks,  and   happen.  We  have  an  in-­house  kitch-­ 55
  36. 36. FM He Said She Said QUESTION Get  your  questions  answered   at  and  www.froggyweb.com58
  37. 37. HE SAID Dave from 107.9 The Fox      Yup,  comin’  off  as  kinda  shallow  there’s  usually  us  men  that  get  the  bad  rap  for  that...refreshing  to  see  that  you  people  are  right  up  there  too.  For  ONCE,  I  agree  with  Amanda,  if  you’re  not  serious  about  this  cat  move  on  and  spare  his  dignity.  If  you’re  into  him,  rid  the  house  of  junk  food  and  talk  about  making  a  com-­mitment  TOGETHER  for  better  health!  It’s  easy  to  let  that  “Freshman  20”  segue  into  a  more  serious  problem  with  weight  management.  We  dudes,  although  incredibly  righteous  beings,  CAN  let  ourselves  go  without  realizing  it..including  yours  truly,  Jabba  the  Hut,  Fat  Bastard  and  Brando.  Except  me,  I  make  it  look  GOOD.  Dangle  some  rewards  in  front  of  him  for  good  behavior,  and  in  turn,  he  can  dangle  HIS  goods  in  front  of  you.  Everybody  wins.  Good  luck,  and  for  God’s  gentle.  We  are  special  creatures,  and  you  would  wither  and  die  without  us.SHE SAID AMANDA FROM FROGGY 99.9      You’re  right  that  does  sounds  terrible,  but  I  will  give  you  brownie  points  for  being  hon-­ est.    Couple  of  things  if  this  guy  isn’t  THE  ONE  and  you  just  want  some  EYE  CANDY  for   the  summer  then  make  up  a  good  excuse  and  ditch  him.    I  know  that  sounds  harsh,  but   you’re  wasting  both  his  time  and  yours.      If  you  really  like  him,  then  you  need  to  have  the   LET’S  GET  HEALTHY  TALK!  Put  it  on  you.    I’m   getting  chunky,  I  need  to  eat  better....let’s  do  this   together.  Sorry  darling  but,  either  way  you  will   have  to  be  happy!                                                                  GOOD  LUCK! 59
  38. 38. Moler Barber College of Hairstyling All Hair Cuts $Walk ins Welcome 701-‐232-‐6773 M-‐F 9-‐5 8 16 South 8th St. Fargo, ND 58103
  39. 39. Buy any regular priced beer or drink and get one FREE!!Excludes  pitchers  and  discounted  drinks  or  specials.  One  drink  per  person,  per  day. Expires:  7/1/11