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Pigeon A Wireless Two-Way Messaging System


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Published in: Mobile
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Pigeon A Wireless Two-Way Messaging System

  1. 1. A Wireless Two-Way Messaging System Pigeon:
  2. 2. Wireless communication is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of electrical conductors or wires. IS WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TYPES OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION
  3. 3. Packet Switching
  4. 4. Circuit Switched Data
  5. 5. Two Way Messaging System Data Network Public Switched Telephone Network Cellular Network Mobility Base Station Bidirectionality disconnection Asymmetry
  6. 6. USER AGENT R USER AGENT S Pigeon control fuctions Location tracking forwarding/filtering Address and message expansion message status query Originating message code Full text reply Full text reply Flexible message in message storage encoding
  7. 7. User Agent User AgentUser Agent Interworking Function Batch Server Batch Server Services Services Distribution Server Transaction Server Messaging Coordinator
  8. 8. One way paging and Two way paging Hello Call is made to the pager service Operator takes message and pager number Base station transmits message to the pager Pager receives message
  9. 9. Base transeiver Connects subsciber to cellular network Base Station
  10. 10. Care for lunch emphasize {now}? Sure I am busy McDonalds/ Taco Bell Choice component Reply component choices Wireless Media
  11. 11. User (Pager) User Agent Proxy Location Status User Agent doesn’t migrate as subscribers roam and is always
  12. 12. Addresses References To…. Modifiers uplink Eg: Lunch Dinner 5 0 0
  13. 13. Uplink /downlink data received correctly Tracking &Message status verifying New mail!!!! User to user communication Reliable Delivery
  14. 14. Group addressing Ad hoc group
  15. 15. Personalizable with the user agent Address Book Message List
  16. 16. New location of pager found Batch server
  17. 17. tt closed open Transaction Manager Recipient State Conversation Manager Recipient State Recipient State Recipient State Transaction Server received sent done replied
  18. 18. Distribution server Text to voice converter Else…
  19. 19. Applications of Pigeon Value added services User Agent …thus saves resources on air interface