3 Cma Sept 2011


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Performance Measures for Communications Success

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3 Cma Sept 2011

  1. 1. Measuring Success in Communications 3CMA Fall Conference, 2011
  2. 2. Performance Management Methodology Goals or Priorities Objectives or Strategies Desired Evaluation Outcomes Measures
  3. 3. Management vs. Measurement Theory - What is measured is managed…  What is not monitored is not measured… Measures don’t manage Measures for measurement sake How do we demonstrate success… What information or measures assist in decision making…
  4. 4. Communications Measurement Inputs: Hours, $, staff, internally produced articles Outputs: # press releases, #/ frequency newsletters, website/Facebook presence Outcomes: Media placements, website/Facebook hits, coupons returned, repeat advertisers/ sponsors Impacts: citizen reaction, volunteerism, new initiatives, activism, change in tone of media reporting (positive and negative)
  5. 5. What to Measure Communications = Exchange of Information Traditional Measures = Quantity of outputs Success = Altered Behavior by Target Audience
  6. 6. Evolution of Measures Traditional approach:  # newsletters, # press releases Impact approach:  # instances of desired behavior  % of target population exhibiting desired impact
  7. 7. Evolution of Tools Paper and oral distribution of message (two-way directional communication) Newsprint, TV, and radio distribution of message (single directional communication) Social media, e-commerce/ WWW, silent tracking of inquiries (multi-layered communication)
  8. 8. Citizen Engagement Objective: Increase citizen involvement Outcome: More and diverse participants on boards and commissions Measures:  % new members on boards and commissions  % boards and commission with full membership  # New applications for boards and commissions  # Outreach activities and announcements
  9. 9. Citizen Engagement Objective: Increase citizen involvement Outcome: More and new participants in activities Measures:  % growth in class and event attractions  # fliers, announcements  # referrals notes  # coupons from outreach media/ increase in new participants
  10. 10. Marketing & Tourism Goal: Increase tourism awareness from out of town Objective: Increase interest and visits to community Outcome: increase revenues to local businesses Measures:  Hits on promotional website  From target IP addresses and areas  Registering for follow-up information and promotions  Inquiries regarding promotional events, specials  Return of promotional offer coupons  Reported revenue on key dates from local businesses
  11. 11. Media Relations Goal/ Objective: Improve relationships with local media Outcome: Better story placement; good news regarding locality Measures:  # positive stories by media source  % positive/ neutral of total stories  # surprise stories without prior discussion with media representatives  # individual meetings with media representatives (non- interview or press conference)
  12. 12. Questions? Melanie D. Purcell Assistant City Manager City of Norfolk, VAMelanie.purcell@norfolk.gov OR mdpcell@yahoo.com