Benefits of year round school


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Benefits of year round school

  1. 1. By: Melissa Douglas *
  2. 2. * *Students go to school year round *Multiple intermissions given throughout year
  3. 3. * *The traditional school calendar was made for past economic times not for educational purposes. The summer break was made so kids can help parents out in their farms.
  4. 4. * *Continuous learning *Fix school problem of overpopulation *Intermissions offered give multiple benefits *Parents do not have to pay for daycare *Gives teachers year-round work
  5. 5. * *Students learn year-round *Shorter breaks for students so they don't forget what they learned *Eliminates “summer learning loss” *Teachers can spend less time reviewing and more time teaching new material.
  6. 6. * allows for beneficial breaks throughout the year for students and teachers *Helps reduce stress and burnout for students and teachers *Allows families to go on vacation throughout the year that are cheaper *During intermissions students can come and get extra help if they are falling behind and need tutoring
  7. 7. * *Overpopulation within schools can be fixed with YRS since not all kids are there *Schools don’t have to spend millions building new schools YRS breaks students and teachers into equal groups, and one group is always on vacation
  8. 8. * *Parents will have year-round day care for their kids. *No longer high payments to day- care *Schools allow students to go to school during intermission and supplies them activities.
  9. 9. * *Students lose summer experiences *Administers can get more stressed out *Cost on the school district
  10. 10. * *No more summer camp *No Summer jobs *No more long summer trips to countries
  11. 11. * *Administers tend to get more stress if they have no time to have vacation with school always in session *Hard for them to take breaks
  12. 12. * *Pay for year-round electricity *Pay for air-conditioning in summer *Year-round pay for food for students
  13. 13. * *Although YRS has some disadvantages, it seems to be the better choice for schools. It is time for us to use a school calendar that is beneficial to education and not past economic times
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