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Summary Profile Wsound Dougados


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Marie-Jeanne Dougados summary profile

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Summary Profile Wsound Dougados

  1. 1. Summary ProfileMarketing Director EMEA & Southern EMEA <br />
  2. 2. Background <br /><ul><li>Marketing professional in the IT industry with a proven ability to develop and manage innovative marketing programs and with a track record of helping boost sales through strategic and tactical initiatives at local or international level.
  3. 3. Self sufficient and motivated high performance employee that is focused on exceeding expectations and delivering strong ROI on marketing campaigns targeted at strategic accounts and at the SMB and Enterprise market.
  4. 4. Seeking a challenging management position in the field of Marketing with a successful, dynamic, growth oriented organization</li></li></ul><li>Technology & Market Knowledge<br /><ul><li>Cloud Computing
  5. 5. Application Virtualization
  6. 6. Security and System Management
  7. 7. IT Service Management
  8. 8. Help Desk
  9. 9. Business Process Management
  10. 10. EAI , Middleware</li></li></ul><li>International & Regional Experience <br /><ul><li>14 years of Strategic & Operational Marketing
  11. 11. 11 years of Channel & Alliance Marketing
  12. 12. 7 years of Team Management</li></li></ul><li>Skills & Specialties<br /><ul><li>Regional strategic planning
  13. 13. Implementation and management of offline and online marketing programs
  14. 14. Lead generation and management
  15. 15. Channel and alliance marketing
  16. 16. PR and analyst relations
  17. 17. Customer retention, cross-sell, up-sell
  18. 18. Brand management and corporate communication
  19. 19. Events, IT and vertical conferences, user groups, seminars, tradeshows, EMEA and regional roadshows, partner days…
  20. 20. Budget and team management</li></li></ul><li>Previous employers & Results<br />DataSynapse : 06/2008 to 03/2009<br /><ul><li>Marketing Director EMEA
  21. 21. Software editor: Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Datacenter, Dynamic Applications Service Management</li></ul>Results <br /><ul><li>Grew sales opportunity / lead pipeline in EMEA region by 77% in 6 months
  22. 22. Grew PR coverage in EMEA by 127 % in 6 months
  23. 23. Participated/organized 16 events that generated more than 2000 leads in 6 months</li></li></ul><li>Previous employers & Results<br />LANDesk Software :04/2004 to 05/2008<br /><ul><li>Marketing Manager Southern Europe
  24. 24. Software editor: Security and Systems Management, Help Desk, Virtualization and BPM</li></ul>Results<br /><ul><li>Grew sales opportunity / lead pipeline in Southern region by 40% in 1 year
  25. 25. Delivered 11 200 A leads that drove $67,2M in revenue over 4 years
  26. 26. Grew PR coverage in SEMEA by 200% in 4 years
  27. 27. Increased lead to opportunity conversion ratio from 7% to 21%</li></li></ul><li>Previous employers & Results<br />TIBCO Software : 11/2000 to 07/2003<br /><ul><li>Marketing Manager Southern Europe
  28. 28. Software editor: EAI, BPM, Web Services, Portal, B2B, e-business </li></ul>Madge.Connect : 1998 to 10/2000<br /><ul><li>Marketing Manager Southern Europe
  29. 29. Hardware vendor: Token Ring, ATM & Video products </li></li></ul><li>Languages & Tools <br />Languages <br /><ul><li>French/English: Fluent
  30. 30. Spanish: Slight
  31. 31. Portuguese: Slight </li></ul>Tools <br /><ul><li>Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat,, Eloqua, SharePoint</li></li></ul><li>Education <br /><ul><li>2003 : Bachelor Degree : “Cadre à l’International” at Negocia/ICI , Paris
  32. 32. 1988 : High School Graduation Diploma at Encina High School , CA - USA</li></li></ul><li>Awards & Recommendations<br />Awards <br /><ul><li>LANDesk : Best EMEA Marketing Manager award 2007
  33. 33. LANDesk : Best EMEA Marketing Manager award 2008 </li></ul>“Marie-Jeanne is a high-energy, dedicated and thorough professional. As Director of our EMEA / APAC field marketing operation she consistently demonstrated a strong command of our sales priorities, go-to-market strategy and delivered with top notch execution in partnership with our direct sales teams and go-to-market partners. MJ is more than an ‘A’ player—she is a bona fide rock star (and is lot of fun to work with). I would not hesitate to work with her again – anytime, anywhere.”<br />Joseph Schwartz, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, DataSynapse,managedMarie-Jeanne atDataSynapse<br />
  34. 34. Recommendations<br />“Marie-Jeanne introduced a new era to the company, both in terms of marketing operations and team work. She brought us her business acumen and helped us understand how to make our partners sell our solutions successfully. She created the EMEA organization Marketing unit and made all countries naturally follow her steps based on the extraordinary results her region obtained. Even the USA adopted her methodology and good practices which proved very efficient there too. Marie-Jeanne also played a great part in making the sales staff really work close with her while her predecessors had failed doing so. She conducted excellent marketing campaigns that not only contributed to increase our revenue by 113% in less than a year but she also managed to create our company wide spread image in a record time. In addition she was very good at maintaining a tight link with our US colleagues to manage budgets and corporate decisions in a very efficient manner. She is perceived as an example and true leader and well regarded by all her colleagues.”<br />Philippe Ortodoro - VP Sales EMEA, LANDesk Softwaremanaged Marie-Jeanne indirectly at LANDesk Software, an Avocent company<br />
  35. 35. Contact Info <br /><ul><li>Email :
  36. 36. Cell : +</li></ul>Thank you for viewing my presentation !<br />