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MotionCare360 is a healthcare rehab data technology company. Our systems improve patient outcomes and reduce therapy costs by quantifying movement data. Using motion capture technology and sensorimotor treatment algorithms, our patient assessment and game-based exercise therapy solutions digitally enable the rehabilitation process for both physical and occupational therapy at hospitals, clinics and for patient home use. We provide data analytic solutions for payers, physicians and ACO/MCO's.

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  1. 1. Mark Dorn, PresidentPhone 978.729.7539Motion Care 360Boston, MA | Ann Arbor, MI WWW.MOTIONCARE360.COM|IMPROVING HEALTHCARE REHAB OUTCOMESConfidential Data
  2. 2. MC360 TechnologyOur MC360 Platform improves patient rehab therapy by objectivelycollecting accurate patient assessment and movement data, that isotherwise subjectively recorded.Our data is directly related to measuring quality outcomes using common standards forhealthcare assessment in PT & OT.The MC360 program is designed to improve functional outcomes for Patients of Stroke,Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, MS and other chronic neurologic conditions.
  3. 3. Designed For Anywhere Rehab Services Are NeededMC360@Hospital@ Clinic@ HomeData ModelPC Uses Motion SensorsLike LEAP Motion & MS Kinect.Collect Patient Assessment AndProgress Data Via The Web.
  4. 4. MC360-ULTRA TechnologyGame Software ConceptsWe create a Gaming Platform for improving patient rehab therapy resultsthat uses motion sensors like MS Kinect and LEAP Motion.We connect patient therapy exercise movements to fun game movements.
  5. 5. Example: Patient Plays Movement GameLinked To Clinical Therapy Exercises For RehabTherapist defines target movements related to impairment goalsTherapist maps target movement & cognitive needsData provided for patient reward, clinical feedback and patient progress
  6. 6. MC360 Helps Patients OfStroke, TBI , Parkinson’s, MS, & OthersU.S.INTL.Stroke MarketNew 795,000 15MExisting 4M•Stroke Costs Estimated At 73.7B Involving 2.9% US Population•Disability Costs Per Stroke Survivor Are 140KTBI Market – Including Concussions Sports/SeniorsNew 1.4M+Existing 5.3M•Approx. TBI Cost 60B/yr., 2% Of US Pop. Live With TBI DisabilitiesParkinsons, MS, CP & OtherNew 3.75M+Existing 1.8M
  7. 7. The Burning ProblemWe Solve.70% Of Patients Don’t Do Their HomeTherapy Exercises After Their Rehab Session.When Patients Leave RehabThere is No Ongoing Data LinkTBI Outpatient rehabilitationmay last for weeks, months oryears, and the costs range from$600 to $1,000 a day, saysConnors, of the Brain InjuryAssociation of America.
  8. 8. MC360 Helps Physical And OccupationalTherapists Treat Patients Throughout TheHealthcare IndustryAcute Care HospitalsAccountable Care Organizations (ACO’s)Occupational And Physical TherapistsTBI Residential CentersSkilled Nursing FacilitiesResidential Home-Based PatientsU.S. – 330,000 Licensed OT’s, PT’s, andNeurologists
  9. 9. MC360 ProgramsOur game provides continuousmonitoringof patient improvement.Clinician can customized treatment.Patient has exercise recognition torecord their exercises.Dynamic assessmentfor improving outcomes.Operates safely on a home PC.Provides a long term game therapy solutionfor chronic rehab that is not limited byreimbursement or therapist location.