Crime scene


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Crime scene

  1. 1. Crime Scene Investigation<br />Yanely Rodriguez<br />Alessandra Morejon<br />Emmeline Echeverria<br />DannielaTrejos<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Who's at the Scene?<br /><ul><li>FirstOfficer at theScene:
  4. 4. Assess the crime scene
  5. 5. Detain the witness
  6. 6. Arrest the perpetrator
  7. 7. Protect the crime scene
  8. 8. Take notes</li></li></ul><li>MedicalExaminer’s:<br /><ul><li>Identifythedeceased
  9. 9. Establish the time and date of death.
  10. 10. Determine a medical cause of death--the injury or disease that resulted in thepersondying.
  11. 11. Determine the mechanism of death—the physiological reason that the persondied.
  12. 12. Classify the manner of death
  13. 13. Natural
  14. 14. Accidental
  15. 15. Suicide
  16. 16. Homicide
  17. 17. Undetermined</li></li></ul><li>Crime Scene Investigation<br />Afterthecrimescene has beendiscovered Andprotected, thecrimesceneinvestigationunitwillarrive.<br /><ul><li>The CSI unit, whichisusuallymade up of speciallytrainedpoliceofficers, takescharge of thecrimescene.
  18. 18. . Aftertheexamination of thescene has beenmade, searchingbegins.
  19. 19. . Photographingthesceneiscarriedout as early as possible. </li></li></ul><li>Chain of Custody<br />The chain of custody of evidence is a record of individuals who have had physical possession of the evidence<br /><ul><li>Vital for any type of evidence.
  20. 20. If evidence is contaminated, it is necessary to identify persons who have handled that evidence.
  21. 21. The fewer people handling the evidence the less chance of contamination and a shorter chain of custody for court admissibility hearings.</li></li></ul><li>Search Patterns<br />Detectives use a variety of means to collect crime scene evidence. When attempting to locate evidence, investigators must be methodical. One way to be certain they’ve combed every inch of a crime scene is to conduct structured, patterned searches, such as spiral or grid searches.<br /><ul><li>Spiral :circular from outside in or inside out. useful with:
  22. 22. Limited personnel at scene
  23. 23. wide open flat area
  24. 24. looking for large objects.</li></li></ul><li>Search Patterns<br /><ul><li>Grid :area is divided into north-south and east-west strips. This allows a secondary search of each area from a different direction. Useful with:
  25. 25. Teams
  26. 26. Large areas
  27. 27. Hard to find Evidence. </li></li></ul><li>Search Patterns<br /><ul><li>Strip or Line: Divided into north-south strips.
  28. 28. Team of 6+ people walk parallel to one another.
  29. 29. You're open to the possibilities of all kinds of evidence. </li></li></ul><li>Search Patterns<br /><ul><li>Zone : The area, usually a room, is divided into equal size zones, and each zone is assigned a searcher. useful if teams are available and trace evidence is your main concern. </li></li></ul><li>CrimeScenePhotography<br />Photography should be conducted before anything else is done to the crime scene.  All evidence is flagged or marked before being photographed. <br />
  30. 30. CrimeSceneSketches<br />Once the scene has been photographed, the investigator will need to sketch the crime scene.  <br /><ul><li>  Sketches contain measurements of the entire scene, and if there is a body, measurements are taken from two fixed points. 
  31. 31. Sketches also contain a legend matching up each piece of evidence with its flag or marker number.</li></li></ul><li>Mark Winger’s Case<br />M ark Winger's first wife Donnah was murdered in 1995 in the couple's home in Springfield, Illinois. One night Mark Winger called 911 and told the police that he found Roger Harrington beating his wife with a hammer so he had shot him. At first the police believed the story because Harrington had a history on psychological trauma and had violently assaulted his own wife before.<br />After more than three years, one of Donnah's friends came forward and told police that she had been dating Mark Winger when Donnah was murdered. She said that Mark wanted to leave Donnah and had talked about having her killed. <br />Crime Investigators reviewed the case and found evidence at the crime scene that untimely incriminated Mark Winger. It took 2 more years, but Mark Winger was finally tried and convicted of killing both Donnah and Roger Harrington. <br />
  32. 32. Jeffrey Macdonald’s Case<br />The crime was horrible: a young pregnant mother, Colette MacDonald, and her two young daughters, hacked and battered to death at their home North Carolina, on February 17, 1970. Immediately suspicion fell on the woman's husband, Captain Jeffrey MacDonald, a 26-year-old medical doctor. He told of being attacked by four hippie-type intruders. He sustained multiple stab wounds.<br />On May 1 the army announced that MacDonald was being charged with three counts of murder. The preliminary hearing began July 6 and soon revealed a seriously flawed investigation into the death of Colette MacDonald and her two daughters. So embarrassing were the disclosures of official negligence that, in October 1970, the army dismissed all charges against MacDonald. However, nine years later after a throughout examination of the evidence MacDonald was convicted of one count of first-degree murderin the death of his wife and two counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of his daughters.<br />
  33. 33. Quiz:<br />3-What is the job of the First Officer at the crime scene:<br />A)Bag Evidence<br />B) Assess the crime scene<br />C) Take Pictures<br />D) Sketch the Crime Scene<br />4- The fewer people handling the evidence the better:<br />True <br />False<br />5-Which one of these is the job of the First Officer at the Crime Scene:<br />A)Detain the witness<br />B) Arrest the perpetrator<br />C)Protect the crime scene<br />D) All of theAbove<br />1- A team of 6 CSIs has to investigate an outdoor crime scene. Which Search Pattern are they going to use:<br />A)Spiral<br />B)Line or Strip<br />C)Grid<br />D)Zone<br />2-List three manners of death:<br />- Natural, Accidental, Suicide, Homicide, Undetermined.<br />
  34. 34. The End<br />