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Air Mass Guides


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Air Mass Guides

  1. 1. Project Grade
  2. 2. Directions Fold Your Paper into 4 parts 1. 2. You should have 4 boxes and one big one the back 3. Make sure you write your name and period in the top right hand corner on the front of your paper 4. You will fo1low the next slide of directions to make a guide of the five main air masses
  3. 3. EACH Box Must Include: Title: Creatively Written Full Name of Air Mass 1. 2. Abbreviation of Air Mass in a box 3. Average Temperature and Average Moisture Content ex. Warm and Humid or Cool and Dry 4. Source Region (Name and label on a mini-map) 1. Maritime Polar 5. Characteristics and of Air Mass 2. Maritime Tropical 3. Continental Polar 1. Maritime 4. Continental Tropical 6. U.S. Location (example) 5. Arctic 7. Creative picture/symbol that you can associate with air mass