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Business proposal


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Assignment for 'Written analysis & cases'
UWSB, Ahmedabad 12-14
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Business proposal

  1. 1. Proposal for improving the business and administrationSubmitted to,Mr. S.K.Bannerjee, General ManagerDivya Electronics Ltd.Industrial Area, Mumbai.Submitted by,Mr. M. Dohutia, DirectorFriends & Associates10 Gandhi Road, Surat 1
  2. 2. FRIENDS & ASSOCIATES, a consulting firm 10 Gandhi Road, SuratRef. No.2012/F/53 5th November, 2012Mr. S.K.BannerjeeGeneral ManagerDivya Electronics Ltd.Industrial Area, Mumbai.Dear Mr. Bannerjee,With reference to your telephonic discussion with Mr. B.P.Todiwala, our senior consultant on29 October, 2012, we submit our proposal. You brought into our notice some of theorganizational problems your firm is experiencing. This proposal is outlining our approach toyour problems with an estimate to time and expenses.If you require any further information, please contact us.Thanking you,Yours Sincerely,M. DohutiaDirectorFriends & AssociatesEncl: 6 (1+5)1: Our proposal, 5: Resumes of the members of consultants team.1 2 1
  3. 3. ABSTRACTThe whole project is based on the problems and the solutions of Divya Electronics Ltd. byFriends & Associates, A consulting company. The problems, solutions, estimated budget andestimated time are described in details (below).Divya electronics Ltd. has consulted our company i.e. Friends & Associates for theirproblems and our company has done a detailed study of their problems. Our study report saidthat the company is face various internal problems, like communication barriers inmanagement level, company’s objects are not visual, employees are not satisfied, employeesare not motivated etc. And these are very important problem to solve it for company’sdevelopment.The company is developing but not in a proper way. Company is establishing lot of newbusinesses to change their company small concern to big concern. For these company shouldsolve these internal problems and we can give solution to solve these internal problems.1 3 1
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents Page no. 1. Title page 1 2. Cover letter 2 3. Abstract 3 4. Contents 4 5. Company overview 5 6. Problems 6 7. Our approach to the problems 7 8. Estimated time 8 9. Cost 9 10. Benefits 10 11. Testimonials 11 12. Our team 121 4 1
  5. 5. Company OverviewWe have formed a clear vision of current situation of your firm. DIVYA ELECTRONICSLtd. was founded in 1952. The Company grew modesty till 1968 and confined its business tothe sale of common equipments to small companies.Mr. Ajay shah assumed its leadership in 1960 and began diversifying into office appliancesservice contracts and some international sales. By 1973, the company’s business reached 30crores annually. Three new branches had also been opened in Ahmedabad in 1980, Pune in1990 and Guwahati in 2005. Total numbers of employees has been increased by 70% in last30 years i.e. from1000 to 7000 including all the branches. Over the next 7 years the companycontinued to achieve steady growth. 5
  6. 6. Problem Facing Divya Electronics LtdHowever, the company has been facing some organizational problems along with itsdevelopment. The problems are as follows: 1) The communication system at management level and with supporting staff in deplorable. 2) The aims and objectives of the firm are not directly and clearly communicated within the organization. 3) There is no fine vision of sales and service departments. 4) There is considerable confusion about who is to service which customers. 5) The morale of the workers is also low. 6) Quality is also passive in some areas. 7) Employees are not satisfied with their salaries. 8) Technological problems. As far as we can see, the company is suffering from growing pains in making thetransition from a small concern to a medium sized firm with multinational connections.1 6 1
  7. 7. Our approach to the problemVery soon, Divya Electronics will be entering a new phase in its all-round development. Wehave assisted many business establishments in making the change from a small company to alarge concern. We are willing to offer our consulting service for reorganizing yourmanagement structure without structuring key individuals or disrupting the flow of business.These services include setting up new office systems, accounting procedures, and distributingnetworks for helping to manage business more effectively. We will impart training to supportstaff to involve them in the change that need to be brought about. We will help you to conceive forecasting and planning strategies that will define youraims and develop plan to achieve them. These will enable you to observe where you areheaded and what the greatest growth areas are likely to be. These new strategies along withyour new management set-up, will ensure that the aims and objectives of the companies areintimated clearly to all the members of the managerial body and the supporting staff. We shall appoint Mr. J. P. Lakdawala, our chief consultant, as officer-in-charge of thisproject. There will be a team of expert consultants from our corporate staff to assist Mr.Lakdawala. Mr. Lakdawala has worked with many companies with similar problems. Hisrecent assignment with Oil India Ltd. has been completed successfully to the greatsatisfaction of the owners of the said establishment. The other five members of the consultingteam are also experts in their fields. The resumes of the team members are enclosed with theproposal.1 7 1
  8. 8. Estimated TimeOn the basis of our past experience with companies like yours, we hope that the transitionalperiod will take about four months to be completed. At the end of this span of time you willbe able to overcome all the present problems.Sl. Particulars No. Of days Headed byNo.1 Personal Interaction 10 Mr. Lakdawala and team2 Training 30 Mr. Lakdawala and team3 Motivational workshop 10 Mr. S. Chakraborty Md. Salman4 Clear vision workshop 10 Mr. Todiwala Mr. Dohutia5 Technical issues 30 Mr. Saraf and teamN.B. Working days Monday to Friday.1 8 1
  9. 9. CostAs per our estimate the cost of the project will range from Rs.4,00,000 to Rs.4,50,000.Thisamount will include the implementation of recommended changes and follow-up visits of ourofficers once after three months and next after six months of the completion of the project.It will be our pleasure to assist your firm in its continued growth and we are confident youwill be satisfied our work after the completion of the project.Cost Item Projected Amount (approx.)Project costs (within current project scope) Retooling 15000.00 Project upgrades 15000.00 Office supplies 1000.00 Hardware 60000.00 Software 70000.00 Training 120000.00 Admin costs 10000.00 Travel and Entertainment 90000.00 Specialized equipment 3000.00 Food and beverage 30000.00 Other 1000.00Aggregate Projected Costs 415000.001 9 1
  10. 10. BenefitsAs you have seen above our strategy to overcome problems I can assure you that ourconsultancy programs are designed in such a way that a company can get surely recovered.We design the programs according to our experienced and expert professionals. You can seethe testimonials that enclosed with this project. This project is also a challenging project forus. We are pleased with this project as we like to take challenges. It will change the wholestructure of your organisation. With the motivational program I can assure you that youremployees will become highly motivated. They can develop their communication skills. Thiswhole program will affect in your brand. You can provide better service to your clients. Butall this benefits will be yours only if you bear with us. We have some terms and conditions inbudget or in programs. Hope that we can serve you better than our earlier records.1 1A 1
  11. 11. Testimonials“A great job...” - Mr. M. R. Pashrija, CMD, Oil India Ltd.“You are the reason to exist...” - Mrs. K. L. Desai, BDM, Voltas.“Excellent work...” - Mr. J. Patel, MD, Arman Finance Ltd.“Your team is amazing...” - Mr. J. M. White, DGM, Apollo Tech., USA.“Good Time” - Mr. B B Wadia, CEO, Titan Watch. ...& many more.1 11 1
  12. 12. OUR TEAMSl. Name Photo Qualification ExperienceNo1 Mr. M Dohutia, Director M. Com, 20+ Years in PGDM, DCM consulting2 Mr. B. P. Todiwala MBA, CS 16+ Years in consulting3 Mr. J. P. Lakdawala PGDM 16+ Years experience in corporate4 Mr. S Chakraborty PGDM 14+ Years in HR5 Mr. S. Saraf MBA 12+ years in MIS6 Mr. Salman Mohd. MBA 12+ years as analytics1 12 1