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Wireless Video Architecture projects


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Wireless Video Architecture projects

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Wireless Video Architecture projects

  1. 1. Public SafetyBroadbandWireless VideoSurveillance Camerasystem catalog
  2. 2. PSB Wireless Video Surveillance Camera System catalog Compact easily repositionable design 4.9 Optional Removable 4 hr. UPS Camera, Wireless, NVR, & Power supply all Omni Under 10lbs integrated into one compact enclosure under 20lbs Antenna Quick Disconnect Water High-Flow Blower Cooling 20-122° F Tight connector for 24VDC battery Backup Input or AC Power Input Water Tight External Ethernet Port with POE power for AXIS Q1755 Fixed camera or External Wireless Routers (Cisco, Proxim, Motorola, or SkyPilot). Wireless AXIS Q1755 AXIS Q1755 4.9 GHz Wireless AP/Client 802.3af Power over Ethernet City Wide 4.9 wireless AP Evidence Quality Video Storage Evidence Quality Video Storage 2.3 days of storage 2.3 days of storage @ 12fps 1280x720 @ 12fps 1280x720
  3. 3. Available field upgradable options, integrated into camera enclosure High-Flow Blower Cooling 20-122° F Optional Removable 4 hr. UPS Under 10lbs Thermal Electric Cooling 20-150° F Optional AgentVI Video Analytics at the edge Optional Self-test with automatic reboot Optional POE for external equipment Optional AXIS 233D IP cameraOptional built In 5 Port Ethernet Switch Optional Bosch Encoder with hard drive Optional Analog Cameras Optional 2.4 or 4.9 WiFi AP/Client Optional Wireless CPEs Proxim AP4900 Mesh AP/Client Proxim MP11 Subscriber unit Optional Fiber Interface Optional 1 TB RAID Network Video Recorder Optional 32GB of Video Storage at the edge Optional Cellular Router Optional Device Serial Server Optional SNMP Alarm & Control module 8 Analog/Universal Alarm Inputs 2 Control outputs RS485/232 Serial Port Modbus RTU option  External Sensors  Motion detectors  Intrusion sensors  Door Alarms  Air Conditioning control  Hazardous gases sensors  Biological sensors  Traffic control sensors  Temperature sensors  Vehicle Detection sensors  1,000s of Modbus smart Wireless AXIS Q1755 AXIS Q1755 4.9 GHz Wireless AP/Client AC or 802.3af POE power sensors City Wide 4.9 Evidence Quality Video Storage Evidence Quality Video Storage Wireless AP 2.3 days of storage 2.3 days of storage @ 12fps 1280x720 @ 12fps 1280x720
  4. 4. Flexible Video Surveillance Configuration 1 PSB-WVSCS-PTZ Camera system Configuration 2 PSB-WVSCS-PTZ PSB-4.9-CPE-AP AXIS 7401 Encoder AXIS 7401 Encoder Analog Camera Analog Camera Configuration 7 4.9 WiFi AP/Client PSB-FIX-4.9-CPE-AP Fiber Drop Wireless AXIS Q1755 with built in 4.9 GHz Vendor X Wireless AXIS Q1755 Wireless AP/Client City Wide with built in 4.9 GHz 4.9 Wireless AP Wireless AP/Client Configuration 8 PSB-FIX-AC-802.3af Configuration 3 Configuration 4 PSB-WVSCS-PTZ PSB-WVSCS-PTZ PROXIM-AP4900 PSB-SWITCH-POE-3 Ethernet Switch AXIS 7401 Encoder AXIS 7401 Encoder AXIS Q1755 Analog Camera Analog Camera AC or 802.3af POE power Proxim AP4900 Vendor X POE Optional Vendor X POE to power collocated APs Fiber Drop Proxim City Wide Vendor X Wireless AXIS Q1755 City Wide 4.9 Wireless with built in 4.9 GHz Mesh AP 4.9 Wireless AP Wireless AXIS Q1755 Wireless AP/Client with built in 4.9 GHz Wireless AP/Client Configuration 5 Configuration 6 PSB-WVSCS-PTZ PSB-WVSCS-PTZ PSB-4.9-CPE-AP PSB-POE-3 PSB-SWITCH-POE-8 Ethernet Switch AXIS 7401 Encoder AXIS 7401 Encoder Analog Camera Optional 803.2af 803.2af POE POE to power Analog Camera 4.9 WiFi AP/Client collocated fixed cameras Vendor X POE Optional Vendor X POE can power collocated APs Vendor X Vendor X Wireless AXIS 802.3af Power Wireless AXIS Q1755 City Wide City Wide with built in 4.9 GHz Q1755 with built in over Ethernet4.9 Wireless AP AXIS Q1755 4.9 Wireless AP Wireless AP/Client 4.9 GHz Wireless AP/Client
  5. 5. Wireless Video Surveillance Camera system Wireless Network Topology City Wide 4.9 Wireless AP City Wide 4.9 Wireless AP Video can be stream to Police Vehicles in the area using low cost 4.9 card bus radios install in laptops Optional 802.3af Power over Ethernet AXIS Q1755 Optional POE Power supply and Ethernet switch built in, which can power collocated APs or CamerasOptional built in 4.9GHz AP, which canprovide a backupconnection to thefiber for other localwireless cameras, ifthe City Wirelessnetwork is out ofrange. Fiber Drop Optional Wireless AXIS Q1755 with built in 4.9 or 2.4 Wireless AP/Client, City Wide 4.9 Wireless AP Optional Portable Wireless Video Surveillance Camera system with built in 4.9 GHz & 5hr battery
  6. 6. Axis H.264 Q7401 Video EncoderThe Public Safety Broadband Wireless Video Surveillance camera system (Model PSB-WVSCS-TEC) is equipment with an AXIS Q7401 VideoEncoder. AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder is a high performance, single channel solution that integrates an analog camera into an IP-based videosurveillance system. With outstanding video processing capabilities, AXIS Q7401 delivers superb video quality and significant savings in bandwidthand storage. The AXIS Q7401 offers the highly efficient H.264 video compression, which drastically reduces bandwidth and storage requirementswithout compromising image quality. The encoder can stream multiple H.264 streams. Motion JPEG is also supported for increased flexibility. AXISQ7401 can deliver multiple, individually configurable video streams simultaneously at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720x480 in NTSC,720x576 in PAL). This means that several video streams can be configured with different compression formats, resolutions and frame rates fordifferent needs. AXIS Q7401 includes intelligent capabilities such as enhanced video motion detection, active tampering alarm and audio detection.The encoder’s external inputs and outputs can be connected to devices such as sensors and relays, enabling the system to react to alarms and activatelights or open/close doors. 32GB of local Network video storage at the edgeThe PSB 32GB of local Network video storage at the edge allows you to store evidence quality video at the edge at 30fps, 4CIF, H.264 whilestreaming a second H.264 video stream at a much lower frame rate and resolution of 12fps, 2CIF over the wireless network, back to the NOC. Thisallows you to scale your camera network up to hundreds of camera without running out of bandwidth on your wireless network. The evidencequality video on the edge, can be uploaded at any time using FTP and then loaded into the Insight Video Net (CMS) Central Management System,which is a powerful software solution that manages critical digital evidence and automates video filing and storage across a wide area network. Theframe rate and resolution for the wireless video stream can be easily increased with a few key strokes, when needed to view a live incident at a higherframe rate and resolution.When the network connection from the Image Server to the camera is not operational, the Camera-Sub-System continually stores video at the edgefor up to 7 days at H.264, 30fps, 2CIF. When the network connection is back up, this stored video at the edged can be uploaded using FTP.See the chart below for the number of days of video storage for 32GB of video storage at the edge. The bandwidth required for 50 AXIS 233Dcameras configured for evidence quality video of MPEG-4, 30fps, 4CIF is 130 Mbits. When using local video storage you can configure the AXISQ7401 to stream video back to the server at H.264, 12fps, 2CIF, which requires a total bandwidth of 12 Mbits. The bandwidth is reduced by 118Mbits as compared to an AXIS 233D solution. The total Disk Storage for 30 days of video is reduced by 36 TB. Reduced bandwidth requirements for the AXIS Q7401 H.264 Video encoder as compared to the AXIS 233D Compress Bandwidth Disk space Storage Model Type fps Res. Comp Image scenario Bandwidth for 50 300 cameras Days level cameras for 30 days for 32GB AXIS 233D MPEG-4 12 2CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.67 Mbits 34 Mbits 9 TB AXIS 233D MPEG-4 12 4CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 1.3 Mbits 65 Mbits 20 TB AXIS 233D MPEG-4 30 2CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 1.3 Mbits 65 Mbits 20 TB AXIS 233D MPEG-4 30 4CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 2.6 Mbits 130 Mbits 39 TB AXIS Q7401 H.264 12 2CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.23 Mbits 12 Mbits 3 TB 14.0 days AXIS Q7401 H.264 12 4CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.46 Mbits 22 Mbits 9 TB 6.8 days AXIS Q7401 H.264 30 2CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.45 Mbits 23 Mbits 7 TB 7.0 days AXIS Q7401 H.264 30 4CIF 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.91 Mbits 46 Mbits 14 TB 3.4 days Samsung SCC-C6403 32X analog camera optionThe SCC-C6403 Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera from SAMSUNG Electronics is a perfect solution for your advanced surveillance needs at a competitivecost. The camera contains a 32X built-in optical lens and 10X digital zoom to offer up to 320X zoom capability. The dome includes 350° panningand is the perfect choice for pole mount, wall mount and corner mount applications. Other features include true Day/ Night Function with removablemechanical cut filter, motion detection and auto white balance. Minimum Scene Illumination: 0.005 Lux @ 15IRE, Sens-Up x128 , Color; 0º ~ 180ºTilting. Samsung SCC-C6407 32X analog camera optionThe SCC-C6407 is the ultimate speed dome with all the expected innovative features in most surveillance systems. This product contains a 32Xbuilt-in optical lens and 10X digital zoom to offer up to 320X zoom capability. The camera can detect an object at great distance with high clarity viathe auto focus function. The Day/Night function allows the camera to automatically switch from color mode to black and white mode according tothe light conditions to display the best picture quality. The camera also employs a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function that provides clear imageseven under severe backlight circumstances where illumination intensity can vary excessively. Key Features: 1/4 Inch Ex-View HAD CCD; MinimumScene Illumination: 0.0005 Lux Color/ 0.00005 Lux B/W @ 15IRE, Sens-Up x160; DSP (Digital Signal Processing); 360º Panning, 0º ~ 180º Tilting;8 Alarm Inputs, 3 Alarm Outputs Samsung SCC-C7478 36X analog camera optionThe SAMSUNG Electronics SCC-C7478 camera is a Power Zoom camera systems which excel in sharpness and high resolution. The SCC-C7478also uses the unique True Wide Dynamic Range to resolve clear images through both glare and shadow. This camera system features a 36x AutoFocus Optical lens and 12x digital zoom combining to provide 432x zoom. Key features: 1/4” 410K/470K Pixels ExView-HAD Progressive ScanCCD; Day/Night function (Moving Filter); 360° Endless PAN (Slip-ring), 0~180° Tilt Vector Driving (Pan/Tilt operationsimultaneously)
  7. 7. Pelco Spectra IV 35X Day/Night analog camera optionThe Spectra IV SE dome drive’s unique integrated optics package incorporates many advanced features that allow the system to produce highquality video in the most difficult environments. The Spectra IV feature LowLight™ technology allowing the cameras to compensate for sceneswhere minimal light is present. The 35X day/night camera features built-in motion detection and advanced 128X wide dynamic range that enablesthe system to compensate for scenes where dramatic contrasts in lighting are present. Electronic image stabilization digitally reduces blurring of thecamera image due to vibration caused by external sources such as wind and traffic. Spectra IV variable speed capabilities range from a smooth, fastpan motion of 400 degrees per second to a smooth “creep” speed of 0.1 degree per second. The system is capable of continuous 360 degrees rotationand has an “auto flip” feature that allows the dome to rotate 180 degrees and reposition itself for uninterrupted viewing of any subject that passesdirectly beneath the dome. Optional AXIS 233D 35X IP cameraAXIS 233D Network Dome Camera provides exceptional features such as progressive scan, 35x optical zoom, and fast and precise pan/tiltmechanics for superb performance and image quality. AXIS 233D is designed for use in demanding security installations such as airports, casinos,stadiums and ports.AXIS 233D’s powerful zoom capabilities (35x optical and 12x digital zoom) enable distant objects to be monitored in sharp detail. Its unique areazoom feature enables immediate zoom to any desired part of a scene.Other factors also contribute to the camera’s high image quality. They include progressive scan, which provides full resolution images of movingobjects without distortion; Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS), which reduces the effect of vibrations caused by traffic or wind; and 128x WideDynamic Range (WDR), which ensures high-quality video even in complex lighting conditions. AXIS Q1755 fixed wireless camera enclosure The AXIS Q1755 outdoor environmental housing comes with a wall or pole mounting bracket. The enclosure can also house several other fixed cameras. The unit can be equipped with either an AC to 12VDC power supply or powered by 802.3af POE when using an 802.3af compatible camera. Includes either a 2.4 or 4.9 wireless AP/Client built in module. This built in wireless Client can interface to several wireless platforms that have a standards base WiFi 802.11 Access Point built into their solution, including Cisco, Tropos, Proxim, Skypilot, BelAir Networks and others. The wireless module also has a built in 2.4 or 4.9 Access Point, which allows local wireless connection to the camera from Police Vehicles’ wireless clients. The wireless module uses a high power 400mW radio to extend its coverage. Includes integrated Omni antenna. The fixed camera enclosure is also available without the wireless module and with 802.3af POE connection, which allows you to connect collocated Fix cameras directly to a PTZ camera enclosure. Bandwidth requirements for the AXIS Q7155 H.264 fixed camera Bandwidth Disk space Storage Compress Comp for 300 300 cameras Days Model Type fps Res. level Image scenario Bandwidth cameras for 30 days for 32GB AXIS Q1755 H.264 12 800x450 10 Intersection (daytime) 0.53 Mbits 159 Mbits 48 TB 5.90 days AXIS Q1755 H.264 12 1280x720 10 Intersection (daytime) 1.30 Mbits 390 Mbits 122 TB 2.30 days AXIS Q1755 H.264 12 1920x1080 10 Intersection (daytime) 3.0 Mbits 900 Mbits 276 TB 1.02 days AXIS Q1755 H.264 30 1280x720 10 Intersection (daytime) 2.7 Mbits 810 Mbits 245 TB 1.14 days AXIS Q1755 H.264 30 1920x1080 10 Intersection (daytime) 6.1 Mbits 1,830 Mbits 554 TB 0.50 days Optional Ground Test Remote Copper Theft MonitorVentev’s GTRM 100 is a small, easy-to-install monitoring device that connects to your site’s grounding system creating its own monitoring circuit.When the circuit is interrupted, an alert message will notify the NOC through an Ethernet or contact closure connection. The GTRM 100 wasspecifically designed to be a smart, simple, economical, and reliable monitoring solution to increase the site manager’s awareness of potentialatastrophic failures. Copper theft remains an operational threat and the GTRM 100 is an elegant solution to an expensive problem.Ground Test Remote Copper Theft Monitor  Email Alert Notification  SNMP Alert Notification  Ability to monitor five separate grounds  Clip-on toroid ground  Ability to monitor five ground location  IP addressable device which connections to camera enclosure external Ethernet connector  Web based interface to configure individual devices remotely or locally
  8. 8. Optional AgentVi Video Analytics at the edgeAgent Vi delivers the next generation in enterprise video analytics software solutions for improved security, business intelligence and operations.Agent Vi dramatically lowers installation and operational costs by minimizing hardware and network bandwidth requirements, delivering cost effective, next generationvideo analytics to customers facing a diverse set of surveillance and operational challenges.Agent Vi addresses public safety and operations, immediately reporting:  Person walking on rail/subway tracks or entering a tunnel  Vehicles blocking railroad crossings or parked in fire lanes  Vehicles stopped in time-sensitive or restricted zones  Lines that exceed thresholds at ticketing and check points  Slip-and-fall detection to identify potential pedestrian injuries, fraudulent claims and liability issues  Automatic PTZ tracking  Intrusion detection along perimeters and gates  Vehicles traveling in unauthorized directions  People or vehicles attempting to access restricted areas  Tailgating through secure access areas and parking garages  People loitering in an area of interest  Objects left unattended in or near sensitive areas  Alert to camera blocking
  9. 9. Optional Built in 2.4 or 4.9 Wireless AP/ClientThe PSB wireless camera systems have an optional built in 2.4 or 4.9 Wireless AP/Client. This built in wireless Client can interface to severalwireless platforms that have a standards base WiFi 802.11 Access Point built into their solution, including Cisco, Tropos, Proxim, Skypilot, BelAirNetworks and others. The wireless module also has a built in 2.4 or 4.9 Access Point, which allows local wireless connection to the camera fromPolice Vehicles’ wireless clients. Other Fixed or PTZ wireless cameras in the area can also connect wirelessly to the build in Access Point, to extenda Fiber connection. The wireless module uses a high power 400mW radio to extend its coverage. Includes integrated Omni antenna. Other optional wireless interfacesThe Public Safety Broadband Wireless Video Surveillance camera system has several optional built in Wireless Client interfaces to multipleindustry-leading wireless platforms including SkyPilot Networks, Firetide, InfiNet Wireless, BelAir Networks, Cisco, Mesh Dynamics, Tropos,Nortel, RoamAD, Meshcom, and Proxim. Integrated Wireless board options available for Proxim AP4900 Mesh AP/Client, Proxim MP11 Subscriberunit. Integrated optional POEs that support multiple industry-leading external wireless routers and IP cameras. Optional built in Self-Test with Automatic-Reboot moduleThe self-test with automatic-reboot module uses a heart-beat management program that resides on the server in Network Operation Center. Thisprogram provides the Camera-Sub-System a heart beat by sending commands to the Video-Encoder or IP-Camera output relay over the wirelessnetwork. The Encoder or Camera’s output relay provides a heart-beat to a failsafe device inside the camera enclosure. If this heartbeat fails becauseof a Video-Encoder, IP camera, Ethernet-Switch, or Wireless-Router lockup, the failsafe device resets these components automatically to bring thecamera system back on line within seconds of a component lockup. Optional built in Camera System Alarm moduleThe alarm module monitors the temperature and humidity inside the camera enclosure to identify problems before there is a failure. With theoptional UPS, the AC power is also monitored. If the Temperature/Humidly threshold are exceeded or there is AC Power failure, a alarm is sent tothe Video Management system through either the Video Encoder or IP Camera alarm inputs. Optional 1-TB RAID Network Video Recorder computer moduleAllows local Video storage at the camera site. The optional 1-TB RAID Network Recorder module includes a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom computer thatsupports several Network Video Recording software. The 1-TB RAID Network Video Recorder can be install in a Dotworkz D2 or D2 enclosure.The computer module can support up to 4 cameras. The computer comes with XP-Pro loaded, and also supports Linux, Win CE and XPe. Thecomputer has two SATA 3/Gb/s 500GB hard drives mounted in a removable RAID case. The drives can be configured for several RAIDconfigurations including Mirror, which provides a complete backup of all stored video. When configured for Mirror, there is 500GB of videostorage available, which can store more than 30 days of video at H.264/30fps/4CIF. When configured for Span, there is 1TB of video storageavailable, which can store more than 60 days of video at H.264/30fps/4CIF. In the event of a wireless PTP link failure or power outage, the videostorage can be retrieved by removing the drive case from the camera enclosure. The video can also be retrieve at the camera site from the ground byaccessing the Camera-Sub-System’s optional built in 2.4 or 4.9 GHz router and downloading the video to your laptop. Genetec Omnicast-Standard pre-installed on 1-TB RAID Network Video RecorderGenetec Omnicast Standard remote Archiveer server pre-installed on the 1-TB RAID Network Video Recorder computer module, installed in cameraenclosure. IP Video Surveillance for fewer than 50 cameras. With Omnicast’s Standard video surveillance package, you get only what you reallyneed. You get a powerful and reliable video surveillance system that works off one server, with just the right features. You get a surveillancesystem that lets you easily upgrade from analog to IP, one camera at a time. You get an IP surveillance system that allows you to keep existinghardware and leverage your infrastructure. When your business grows beyond 50 cameras, your solution is future-proof. You will be able to simplychange your license for an Omnicast package that better meets your growing needs. Genetec Omnicast-Pro pre-installed on Dell PowerEdge T320 ServerYour video surveillance needs are not overly extensive. But you still want a reliable and flexible solution that will support your security cameracount. The Omnicast Pro package is designed for you. An Omnicast Pro video surveillance system offers you the very best video surveillancefeatures from Genetec, without the added scalability and redundancy features that you don’t need right now. Get a user-friendly solution thatsupports up to 100 cameras. If you want to move to an Omnicast Enterprise package later, it’s easy. No new software is installed, just a simplelicense change.Tower computer:  Dell PowerEdge T320 Server  Intel Xeon E5-2430 2.20GHz  8GB of RAM  Microsoft Small Business Server 2011  Raid controller  2 each 500GB hard drives  DVD ROM Drive
  10. 10. Optional SNMP Alarm Monitoring and Control modulePublic Safety Broadband has design an optional custom SNMP Remote Monitoring and Control solution integrated intothe camera enclosure, which can monitor components of the Camera sub-system or external sensors. - Failure notifications are via Email, SNMP traps or HTTP Get. - Web interface including user HTML wrapper & CGI processing - User programmable via Script Basic - Data Trending, Plotting - Template or rule based alarm processing with email notification and or I/O activation in response to events - Interfaces to multiple sensors: Hazardous gases sensors, Biological sensors, Traffic control sensors, Radar speed sensors, and Perimeter Violations sensors. - 8 inputs which accept analog input form thermistors or 0-10V sensors, or discrete inputs from dry contacts - 2 Discrete relay outputs - Interfaces to multiple sensors: Motion detectors, Intrusion sensors, Door Alarms, Hazardous gases sensors, Biological sensors, Traffic control sensors, Vehicle Detection sensors, and many other sensors. - Optional RS-485/232 Serial Port Modbus RTU, which provides an interface to Power Meters, Flow Meters, Air Conditioning control or any other smart sensors that communicates with Modbus protocol.We also offer an optional SNMP network management solution, which is integrated with the SNMP Remote Monitoringand Control solution inside the camera enclosure. This SNMP network management solution can reside at the AreaStation control room or at the vendors location that is providing the management and maintenance of the LAPD network.In addition to monitoring the SNMP Remote Monitoring and Control solution inside the camera enclosure, this solutionalso provides the following features:  Advanced fault management which minimizes equipment downtime  Inventory Management provides configuration of each Camera Sub-system i.e.: License info, installed software, installed options  Tended Performance, Status, and Service monitoring  Built-in Reporting and Graphing  Application Monitoring Optional Network Device Serial Server - Enables network connectivity to access, monitor and control any City Wide equipment, which is equipped with a Serial-Port. - RS-232, RS422, RS-485 serial support - Configurable via internal web server or Telnet - In modem emulation mode, which replaces dial-up modems. - Windows COM Port Redirector software simplifies the integration process by extending the functionality of (serial) COM port-based Windows applications. Optional UPS moduleThe optional UPS module is integrated with the camera enclosure. The removable UPS module slips in behind thecamera and can be easily removed by disconnecting the quick discount connectors. The UPS module provides 4 hours ofbackup power for the Camera, Video Encoder, SNMP Monitor and Video Network Recorder. The 4 hour UPS moduleweigh less than 10 lbs. Optional Portable Wireless Video Surveillance Camera system The PSB light weight Camera System has an optional integrated 24VDC UPS which can power the camera in a portable deployment for up to 5 hours. The Camera-Sub-System can easily be mounted to a tripod. The Camera System also has an optional 3G Router for portable applications. Two fixed IP camera can also be installed on the tripod. The totally integrated wireless camera weights less then 20lbs. With the combination of the 4.9 GHz Wireless mesh router and the Network video recorder, the system provides a complete self-sustained video surveillance system with local access.
  11. 11. Optional built in 3rd party POE with Ethernet switchThe optional built in POE power supply with 5 port Ethernet switch, allows you to power collocated wireless CPEequipment or 802.3af fixed cameras from the PTZ camera enclosure. The camera mounting bracket also accommodatesthe mounting of Wireless proprietary CPEs from multiple industry-leading wireless platforms including SkyPilotNetworks, Firetide, BelAir Networks, Cisco, Tropos, Nortel, and Proxim. Other OptionsThe PSB wireless camera system also supports several other optional modules i.e.: Cellular Router module; Fiberinterface module; License Plate Reader option; Multiple Broadband Wireless interface for the industry-leading wirelessplatforms; GPS Module and Video analytics at the edge. The PSB wireless camera system is compatible with 99% of IPand analog PTZ camera including models from Axis, Sony, Bosch, Toshiba, Canon and many more. Integrated VideoEncoders form Verint, AXIS, Bosch, Mango & others. Optional Thermal-Electric active cooling to extend temperaturerange to 150 degrees F. Optional 12VDC Solar or Battery Power. Pubic Safety Broadband Wireless Camera system easy installationThe Public Safety Broadband wireless camera system is very easily mountable by a single person. The module designmakes it very easy to mount the camera. The system can be easily repositioned from one location to the next in minutes.You first mount the camera mounting bracket with the optional UPS slot. Then you slip in the UPS module into thecamera mounting bracket, which is less than 10lbs. Then slip on the camera, which is less than 15lbs. All the connectionsto the PSB camera and UPS are quick discount watertight connectors. The PSB UPS has a wide range input and accepts90-280 AC and can be moved between 120VAC and 220VAC Streetlights. Second step Slip in Optional UPS Module First step Mount camera/UPS mounting bracket to pole Camera mounting bolts Third Step Slip camera on bottom mounting bolts and then install top bolts Attached Photocell power tap With Optional UPS Attached 24VDC UPS power to quick connect connector Without Optional UPS The Photocell AC power cord is connected directly to the camera enclosure connector