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Transit-Protect presentation 2014


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Transit-Protect presentation 2014

  1. 1. Server-less solution with edge recording Panasonic cameras &Transit-Protect™ onboard Alarm/Tracking unit
  2. 2. Transit-Protect™ key features •Enterprise Alarm/Tracking/Fleet/Video management solutions, supports up to 10,000 cameras •Threat analytics correlation real-time;Take appropriate action real-time; Prevents problems in real-time •Tracks Alarms and Location of Buses/Trains and First Responders on dynamic map •Model after Home-Land-Security Real Time Solutions •Full vehicle Maintenance management •Supports over 500 onboard Sensors/Event Triggers •Partial list of sensors and Event Triggers: Bus CrashEngine diagnosticExcessive Idle Excess speedExcess brakingOver-due-maintenance Fuel Battery Hi-TempOverheating brakesPanic AlarmLate departuresHeating/ACDoor open while in motionModbus sensorsCan J1939 interface •Man down pendant alarm, helps protect your lone worker •Identifies risky driving behaviors •Google’s worldwide Maps API, Updated automatically, Street views, Address of events •Supports I-Button® and HID® proximity badge readers to positivity identify driver •Driver cell phone detector sensor. Notifies management within seconds. •Railway Certifications: EN50155, EN50121, IP66 •Transit-Protect Server-less/Edge recording camera solution is the lowest cost onboard Video Surveillance solution on the market (No expensive onboard DVR required).
  3. 3. Cost comparisons between Server-less Transit-Protect™ solution with past projects using onboard DVR Customer Project # of Vehicles # of Cameras Total Sales Status Washington MATA 240 1,200 $4.8M Partner IBM bid project with our standard DVR solution. Detroit Bus 346 1,000+ $7M+ Transit-Protect™ solution $1M lessthan the winning bid Massachusetts Boston MBTA 200 1,600 $5.8M Worked with Kratosand JCI on project Standard DVR bid Kratos-$6.2M & JCI-$7.2M; Winning bid Minuteman $5.8M. Transit-Protect™ solution $1M less then winning bid LA Metro onboard Video 275 1,650 $3M System Integrator partners (HBE/Kratos, IBM, and JCI) bid standard DVR Transit-Protect™ solution $1M less then winning bid SF Bart 300 1,200 $5M+ Transit-Protect solution $7,000 less thenwinning bid per Railcar Addition phases New York City MTA Bus Project 6,000 48,000 $70M+ Future RFP project RFI response with Bus-Protect™ solution submitted by 8 of our System Integrator Partners: HBE/Kratos, IBM Global Technology, North American Video, Johnson Controls, Secure Watch24, Siemens, Stanley, & Tyco High probability of 6-bus evaluation/showcase Bus-Protect™ system. LMRPartner PowerTrunk will propose 1-Bus LMR low bandwidth solution, 6/14 Grand Total 8,517 63,430 $117M+
  4. 4. Transit-Protect™ Transportation System Integrator Partners
  5. 5. Transit-Protect™ Company History22 years experience in Physical Security & Access Control 1992Acquired Physical Sec./A&C division of General Signal 1997Started development onSiteApplianceIP-base Remote Monitoring System SiteAppliancesales 2000 to 2005 totaled over $100 Million 2002 Sold SiteApplianceand legacies product lines and entered into Wireless Video Surveillance market 2013 Sold Broadband Wireless Video Surveillance product lines and refocused company into SkunkWorksdevelopment of the Transit-Protect™ Onboard Server-Less IP Video Surveillance with Alarm/Tracking/Fleet Manager solutions for the onboard Transit markets 2013 Developed Transportation partnership including several System Integrator Partners with Transit expertise. Technology Partners: Panasonic, OnSSI, Milestone, PowerTrunk(LMR manufactory) & several others 2014 Continued development of Transit-Protect™ solutions and partners