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Transit-Protect presentation 2014


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Transit-Protect presentation 2014

  1. 1. Server-less solution with edge recording Panasonic cameras &Transit-Protect™ onboard Alarm/Tracking unit
  2. 2. Transit-Protect™ key features • Enterprise Alarm/Tracking/Fleet/Video management solutions, supports up to 10,000 cameras • Threat analytics correlation real-time; Take appropriate action real-time; Prevents problems in real-time • Tracks Alarms and Location of Buses/Trains and First Responders on dynamic map • Model after Home-Land-Security Real Time Solutions • Full vehicle Maintenance management • Supports over 500 onboard Sensors/Event Triggers • Partial list of sensors and Event Triggers: Bus Crash Engine diagnostic Excessive Idle Excess speed Excess braking Over-due-maintenance Fuel Battery Hi-Temp Overheating brakes Panic Alarm Late departures Heating/AC Door open while in motion Modbus sensors Can J1939 interface • Man down pendant alarm, helps protect your lone worker • Identifies risky driving behaviors • Google’s worldwide Maps API, Updated automatically, Street views, Address of events • Supports I-Button® and HID® proximity badge readers to positivity identify driver • Driver cell phone detector sensor. Notifies management within seconds. • Railway Certifications: EN50155, EN50121, IP66 • Transit-Protect Server-less/Edge recording camera solution is the lowest cost onboard Video Surveillance solution on the market (No expensive onboard DVR required).
  3. 3. Cost comparisons between Server-less Transit-Protect™ solution with past projects using onboard DVR Customer Project # of Vehicles # of Cameras Total Sales Status Washington MATA 240 1,200 $4.8M Partner IBM bid project with our standard DVR solution. Detroit Bus 346 1,000+ $7M+ Transit-Protect™ solution $1M less than the winning bid Massachusetts 200 1,600 $5.8M Worked with Kratos and JCI on project Boston MBTA Standard DVR bid Kratos-$6.2M & JCI-$7.2M; Winning bid Minuteman $5.8M. Transit-Protect™ solution $1M less then winning bid LA Metro onboard Video 275 1,650 $3M System Integrator partners (HBE/Kratos, IBM, and JCI) bid standard DVR Transit-Protect™ solution $1M less then winning bid SF Bart 300 1,200 $5M+ Transit-Protect solution $7,000 less then winning bid per Railcar Addition phases New York City MTA Bus Project 6,000 48,000 $70M+ Future RFP project RFI response with Bus-Protect™ solution submitted by 8 of our System Integrator Partners: HBE/Kratos, IBM Global Technology, North American Video, Johnson Controls, Secure Watch24, Siemens, Stanley, & Tyco High probability of 6-bus evaluation/showcase Bus-Protect™ system. LMR Partner PowerTrunk will propose 1-Bus LMR low bandwidth solution, 6/14 Grand Total 8,517 63,430 $117M+
  4. 4. Transit-Protect™ Transportation System Integrator Partners
  5. 5. Transit-Protect™ Company History 22 years experience in Physical Security & Access Control 1992 Acquired Physical Sec./A&C division of General Signal 1997 Started development on SiteAppliance IP-base Remote Monitoring System SiteAppliance sales 2000 to 2005 totaled over $100 Million 2002 Sold SiteAppliance and legacies product lines and entered into Wireless Video Surveillance market 2013 Sold Broadband Wireless Video Surveillance product lines and refocused company into SkunkWorks development of the Transit-Protect™ Onboard Server-Less IP Video Surveillance with Alarm/Tracking/Fleet Manager solutions for the onboard Transit markets 2013 Developed Transportation partnership including several System Integrator Partners with Transit expertise. Technology Partners: Panasonic, OnSSI, Milestone, PowerTrunk (LMR manufactory) & several others 2014 Continued development of Transit-Protect™ solutions and partners