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IHC Soft Launch Feb 2013


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Published in: Investor Relations
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IHC Soft Launch Feb 2013

  3. 3. AHC INTRODUCTION Provost & Faculty Dr. Mark Leon Mathematics and Philosophy Director of Quality Assurance PhD University of Texas, Austin Dr. Hamid Elhag Environmental Science and Biology Faculty Coordinator for Sciences PhD Dr. Hans Mattingly English Library Coordinator PhD Pittsburgh University Dr. Katherine Green Psychology and Counseling Dean of Student Services PhD Dr. Douglas Treadway Provost PhD Northwestern University
  4. 4. AHC INTRODUCTION Management Gagan Lilwani Director of Finance RHT Partners & KPMG (Dubai) Suzanne Ryan Director of Marketing Susquehanna (Pennsylvania) Michigan State University (Dubai) Arsalan Yunus Manager of Advancement City Schools System (Islamabad) Oussama Benrekia Director of Admin. and HR Taaleem / Edison Learning JV (Dubai) Jalilah Al Jubreen Management Program Trainee Honors Program American University of Sharjah
  5. 5. AHC INTRODUCTION 3 Sustainability: Facilities, Technologies and Curriculum Paperless Environment IHC’s use of technology promotes a paperless environment by requiring students and faculty to submit work electronically and supporting them with the services that make this possible. Digital Library Supports student and faculty research. Curricular Integration Through research and community service, students learn that sustainability extends far beyond the IHC campus
  6. 6. AHC INTRODUCTION Walkthrough: Facilities that Support Collaboration Institutional Spaces IHC’s model allows students to leverage technology and the physical layout of its facilities -- including Smart Projectors, Ideapaint, Node Chairs and Collaboration Rooms, to constantly learn and collaborate. Personal Devices WiFi Network in Library, Student Lounge, Collaboration Rooms supporting connectivity from Apple MacBooks, Google Tablets and Samsung Smartphones. In addition to college- provided devices, students and faculty and bring their own devices and connect.
  7. 7. AHC INTRODUCTION The Global Classroom What is the Global Classroom? •Technology to link remote sites via high definition video •Up to 25% of our classes can be delivered through MSJC on-line and some of those classes have hybrid components and/or video conferencing in the Global Classroom. •The 75% of the curriculum taught by IHC is at this time all face-to- face and make use of the Global Classroom to engage in "real, live and synchronous" interactions with subject matter experts from outside the classroom.
  9. 9. AHC ACADEMICMODEL Welcoming Our Students
  10. 10. AHC ACADEMICMODEL 2 + 2 - Pathway to Elite US & Regional Universities
  11. 11. AHC ACADEMICMODEL American Curriculum: 2+2 Honors Program Dubai to America First two years in Dubai, followed by final two years at a top ranked American university. Student Counseling Through the development of individualized academic plans, our students plan for transfer with Junior status to their target American institution. Academic Partnerships Partnerships with other institutions (Rutgers, UVM, etc.)
  12. 12. AHC ACADEMICMODEL American Curriculum: AA in Liberal Arts AA Degree Based on Curriculum of the California State System With Collaborative Pedagogy 4 Academic Areas of Emphasis: •Arts and Humanities •Social Sciences •Business •Math and Science Substantive Change In Support of Pre-Professional Pathways: Expansion of Curriculum, Faculty and Facilities to Enable IHC to Offer Chemistry and Physics Further Localization of
  13. 13. AHC ACADEMICMODEL •College Success •Philosophy •Environmental Science •English Comp (co-taught online with MSJC) Faculty comments: “Students are engaged and excited.” “What a great bunch of students we have.” “These students are very bright.” The first few weeks launched with great success. Four courses started with four onsite students and one offsite in Morocco. Launching the Model
  14. 14. AHC ACADEMICMODEL • Students are excited about the technology. • They “grabbed” the Nexus 7 and Macbooks with enthusiasm and are exploring them and teaching each other (and faculty) imagined and unimagined ways to use them for courses. • They are brainstorming how to continue using the tools and software to increase knowledge and connections. • They are becoming highly competent and excited about Google docs and the sharing process. Technology Use by Students
  15. 15. AHC ACADEMICMODEL Electronic Textbooks on Tablets and Laptops