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Hist1301 Week 10


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Hist1301 Week 10

  1. 1. The Spread of Slavery and The Crisis of Southern Society 1836–1848
  2. 2. HIST 1301 Mini-Lectures on YouTube Click Here for the Wk 10 Mini-Lecture Playlist
  3. 3. The Consolidation of Planters’ Power
  4. 4. Household Discord and Challenges from Below "The Mulattoes one sees in every family exactly resemble the white children - and every lady tells you who is the father of all the Mulatto children in everybody's household, but those in her own she seems to think drop from the sky or pretends so to think." - The Diary of Mary Boykin Chesnut
  5. 5. The Ties That Bind?: Religion and Slavery
  6. 6. Native and African American Resistance on the Frontier
  7. 7. Seminole Wars as Wars in Defense of Slavery
  8. 8. Alliance Black and White from Gangs of New York
  9. 9. Free Blacks Threaten Planters’ Control
  10. 10. New Frontiers and New Challenges for Southern Slavery
  11. 11. Southern Whites Move Westward and Demand Rights
  12. 12. Ravages of the Internal Slave Trade
  13. 13. The Proslavery Movement's Ideological Defense of Slavery
  14. 14. Resistance to Industrialization and the Limits of Economic Diversification
  15. 15. Extending the Empire for Slavery
  16. 16. The Lure of New Territories to the South and West
  17. 17. The War with Mexico
  18. 18. Nation Divided Over War with Mexico
  19. 19. Nation Divided Over War with Mexico
  20. 20. Manifest Destiny and the Conflict over Slavery in the New Territories
  21. 21. Territorial Expansion and Political Turmoil